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Lining cake pans. I've seen the tragedy of a cake that doesn't come out of a pan and, my friends, it's not pretty. Save yourself the heartache. While lubricating your cake pans, slide a round piece of parchment onto the bottom. I'll still grease the bottom of the pan, even with a round or square parchment, as the parchment has a tendency to curve again after you've cut it from a roll, and the butter or oil acts like a glue of sorts. You can even buy rounds of parchment with tabs that hang over the sides of the pan for easy lifting. Likewise, a parchment sling makes it easy to lift a coffee cake or batch of brownies out of a rectangular or square pan for neat cutting and plating. Use two sheets of parchment paper perpendicular to each other, leaving enough overhang to act as handles when it is time to remove the food. To roll.

This is one case where parchment and wax paper work equally well. If you need to roll a log of cookie dough or compound butter, spread it in a line near but not along the edge of the paper (usually the long side). Fold the paper over the food and keep rolling to form a cylinder. Finish by twisting the ends to close it. Parchment paper is one of the most useful, practical items you can have on hand in your kitchen. Thanks to a silicone coating, it is grease and moisture resistant, flexible enough to fold, but robust enough not to tear. Parchment paper is also quite heat resistant, able to hold up to 450 degrees up to 450 degrees. (Any hotter and it has a tendency to get dark and brittle.) This heat tolerance is not the case with wax paper, so they are not always interchangeable.

You can buy parchment paper in rolls or as pre-cut sheets and rounds to fit your pans with less waste. Depending on what you are using it for, a sheet of parchment can be reused multiple times. All products come with our 3-year warranty, so you can shop with confidence. You can get the perfect bake every time you use this super-effective textured parchment paper to refine your baking pans and trays. Embossed into the surface with a 3-dimensional texture, this ultra-non-stick roll is diced everywhere with a honeycomb pattern; The food is removed from the surface of the brown paper just enough to allow hot air to circulate around your baking in the oven, which means it's easy to make crunchy pastries and crusty breads every time.