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Work 4.0 Why you should work in a coworking space

Whether blogger, freelancer, home office worker or even employee in a large company: The coworking space is there for everyone who wants to work flexibly, needs professional office equipment and likes to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

The Coworking space has replaced the classic office community. More and more modern network oases are springing up like mushrooms. Even with us in Switzerland, for example in Zurich, Bern and Basel. No wonder, after all, coworking has many advantages and even more flexibility. But how exactly does a coworking space actually work? The most important questions and answers.

This leads directly to our favorite addresses for coworking in Switzerland:

What is coworking?

A coworking space is usually a very openly designed office in which freelancers, home workers, bloggers and everyone else who is otherwise interested in a flexible workplace meet to pursue their own projects, but also to exchange ideas and develop new ideas.

Coworking spaces work very differently. Some workplaces can be used by the day or by the hour; There are also models in which permanent, fixed use is possible. In a coworking space you have extensive office infrastructure with WiFi, printers, scanners, projectors and nicely furnished lounges and conference rooms. Mostly there is also a kitchen or cafeteria.

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How does coworking work?

Coworking is very easy. You look for a coworking space and book a workplace for the individually desired period of time. Many coworking spaces can be booked online and paid for in advance. Now you just have to go to the coworking space, log into the WLAN and you can start your creative work and networking.

A little tip: There are numerous online sites such as PopupOffice, which collect the addresses of various coworking spaces and offer the opportunity to book a workplace directly from here.

What does a coworking space bring?

A coworking space has the advantage of flexibility and community. You have the opportunity to use a professionally equipped office without buying your own office furniture and equipment or having to enter into a permanent rental agreement.

In addition, a coworking space is a place for networking; This is where creative people from a wide variety of industries meet and talk to each other. In addition to acquaintances and friendships, new business contacts and exciting collaborations can be created. Or just a nice chat. That is exactly the principle of coworking: anything is possible. Fix is ​​nothing!

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Coworking in numbers: all the facts about Work 4.0

  • 85% of coworkers have been more motivated since moving to a coworking space
  • 57% of coworkers work in teams more often than before
  • 60% of coworkers have been able to relax more at home since using a coworking space
  • 58% of coworkers can organize their daily work better in a coworking space
  • 42% of coworkers earn a higher income

Source: Survey by the coworking magazine Deskmag.com with almost 2000 participants

Who is coworking for?

Classically, freelancers, bloggers and start-ups benefit from such a flexible and inexpensive workplace. But a coworking space is also a great option for people who generally like to work in the home office, but now and again long for a change and a communicative exchange.

Even more and more large companies are discovering the coworking space for themselves. Renting a coworking space can be particularly useful for employees who have to commute far to work or who only work in one place for a certain period of time.

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Why do coworking spaces work so well?

The concept of the coworking space is probably so popular because it fits into the age of modern forms of work. More and more people work locally and still do not want to do without professional office equipment. In addition, the exchange is a real asset for many. A big bonus point of many coworking spaces is that they offer a wide range of training courses, lectures and various other exciting events. By the way, there are now coworking spaces only for women.

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The coolest coworking spaces in Switzerland

Coworking space Zurich

Birdhaus Social

A coworking space just for women: The Birdhaus in Zurich is a club with limited members, where women meet to work, take part in the weekly yoga class, drink coffee or just have an aperitif that is held every Friday chat and network; each as she likes it.

Address: Brandschenkestrasse 150, 8002 Zurich

Price: Day tickets are available from CHF 20, permanent memberships start from CHF 225



WeSpace in Zurich is also an address only for women and not just a coworking space, but also a community space that supports women's groups throughout Switzerland. The project is currently still in the pilot phase and offers its members not only jobs but also monthly happenings such as workshops or lectures.

Address: 25hours Hotel Zurich Langstrasse, Langstrasse 150, 8004 Zurich (fixed location will open in September 2018)

Price: Regular prices will only be determined after the pilot project has been completed in September


Coworking space Bern

Impact Hub

The Impact Hub in Bern has not only set itself the goal of creative work, but also wants to be a platform for socially and ecologically valuable togetherness. The opening times are between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the week. However, the premises can also be rented outside of these times.

Address: Spitalgasse 28, 3011 Bern

Price: Membership from CHF 35 per month



In addition to the usual highlights such as fast internet, (free) coffee, a great terrace and conference rooms, this coworking space in the middle of Bern also offers the option of having your business mail sent to this address.

Address: Kramgasse 58, 3011 Bern

Price: From CHF 250 per month


Coworking space Basel

Small port

In the Kleinhafen you can not only meet nice people, but also make yourself a bit more at home. If you like, you don't just book a workplace, but a fixed desk with a filing cabinet and postal address.

Address: Südquaistrasse 14, 4056 Basel

Prices: From CHF 350 per month



Work-life balance is a top priority in the coworking space Lifehub. In addition to nicely designed workspaces, networking events, free printing and bookable conference rooms, there is also a gym that members can use. You can also come here for a trial day for free.

Address: Gempenstrasse 62, 4053 Basel

Price: From 20 francs per month


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