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Carolina Herrera: The red carpet is overrated

Designer Carolina Herrera believes that too much emphasis is placed on red carpet robes.

Carolina Herrera (72) thinks that too much attention is paid to outfits on the red carpets of this world.

Over the course of her career, the fashion designer has dressed a number of stars such as Renée Zellweger (43, 'Bridget Jones - On the Edge of Madness') and Cameron Diaz (40, 'Bad Teacher'). Although she likes to see beautiful women in her creations, Herrera is of the opinion that, overall, people make too much fuss about extravagant evening dresses. "I think the red carpet is being taken too seriously - it only takes a second! But the stars I dress have to look particularly good. They can't help it if they don't look good. It's my fault - the designer's mistake, "she said in an interview on 'Vogue.co.uk'.

Born in Venezuela, she is proud to still play an important role in the fashion world. In 1980 she founded her fashion house and has witnessed many changes since then. Despite her age, she is confident that she can keep up with the latest trends. "Everything develops, fashion develops - you have to develop with it. In order to create something for a woman, you have to feel alive," she mused.

For Herrera, however, that doesn't mean constantly showing off new, extravagant looks. In her opinion, simplicity is the key to a stylish appearance - that is also the reason why she is a big fan of the simple white T-shirt: "This is my favorite piece. It is fresh and seductive at the same time - every woman looks in a white one T-shirt always looks good, "said Carolina Herrera.