Why are missiles so complex

Space travel Why is it so difficult to fly to the moon?

Reason 3: We need to vacuum on the moon

We have dust on earth too. However, moondust turns out to be a bigger problem that cannot be easily eliminated. There is no wind or rain on the moon to smooth out the fine particles of the lunar soil. The dust is fine like icing sugar and sharp like glass. Since the moon dust is deposited on the spacesuits and the devices, it gets inside the spaceship. The particles are 50 times finer than a human hair and can stay in our lungs for months.

All twelve space travelers who have set foot on the moon complain about the so-called moon hay fever. Symptoms ranged from sneezing to nasal congestion. If you inhale the moon dust over a long period of time, even lung and brain cells can be destroyed. To this day, the question of to what extent moon dust harms us has not yet been fully clarified.

Reason 4: We need a lot to survive in space

The moon is almost 1,000 times farther from Earth than the ISS. In order to survive there, we need water and air treatment systems and devices for generating electricity. So we have to take everything with us, or for longer missions, for example, develop food that grows back. This is not only important for lunar exploration itself, but also as a stepping stone for deeper exploration of space. "Moon to Mars" is the name of the project. The moon and its orbit with its own space station form the basis for this.