Chicago has a good bus system

Public transportation in Chicago

Chicago's local transit network is one of the largest in the world And with almost three million users per day, it is also one of the most popular. Chicago has more than 150 bus routes with more than 12,000 stops. So you shouldn't have any problem getting to your destination. The sheer number of lines alone can be confusing.

Recommended for visitors Day passes the CTA, which is available from $ 10. They can be purchased for one, three, seven and 30 days. Single tickets, on the other hand, cost two US dollars.


In addition to the CTA traffic system, there is also the Metra, which operates via the freight and rail network Chicago suburbs connects. It can be compared with the regional trains known here.

A single trip for the Metra costs US $ 2.75. For other options, like one Block of 10 tickets, it is best to contact the staff in the counters in the wards.


If you think of American cities, you will most likely think of the taxis, the so-called "Yellow cabs" a. The company was founded in Chicago and to this day, as in all cities in the country, they continue to transport passengers through the city. They can be stopped right on the street.

In addition to the famous Yellow Cabs, there is also the Checker Cab company. Both are trustworthy and have accurate Price listing. You can see these on the websites of the companies, for example.


It is used less often Shipping network over the Chicago River. When the weather is nice, this alternative is also worth considering.