Why do some people have supernatural powers

INDEED's superheroes

What's the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a superhero? Someone with a cloak who has superpowers like flies, to be invisible, becomes a conflagration out of nowhere or is "gifted" with some other supernatural power. However, when we ask about the definition of a superhero, we find out that it is only a fictional character who possesses superhuman powers and / or extraordinary talents.

What if we base ourselves on this definition and claim that each of us has "supernatural" abilities? For example, some people are great listeners or have incredible ability to connect with other people. While others are born with the gift of technological understanding or are able to create codes and logarithms never seen before. Does that make us superheroes then?

At Indeed we like to see our team as a "superhero league"

We may not wear capes to work, but we are definitely faced with extraordinary missions on a daily basis aimed at making this world a better place. At Indeed we like to see our team as a "superhero league". So we used manpower to identify the following superpowers within our team:

The Prophets:

The super power to be able to visualize our future - even 50 years before our time.

These people have the super power to predict the future by simply closing their eyes and translating their futuristic ideas into millions of post-its. Sometimes their visions are difficult to understand, but they are able to come up with those concepts that sound quite surreal at first, but which over the years become a fundamental part of our daily business.

The Rescuers:

Limitless power to solve problems.

They are known to be the most persistent, patient, dedicated, and organized. You seem to have limitless power to solve problems and get things done. Without them, the team just wouldn't function as they care so much about the details that everything around them is running flawlessly.

The Builders:

Supernatural ability to bring innovative and visionary concepts to life.

They are known for being inhuman when it comes to technology. You have a supernatural analytical ability to see patterns no one else can see and to build things from scratch. Through the trial and error method. This super powerful group is able to bring the above innovative and visionary concepts to life.

Mr. & Mrs. Sunshine:

Shine at combating daily frustrations

No matter what, this group of people is characterized by their powerful optimism. They are the ones who feed the team with their positive feedback on a daily basis and motivate them to do their best. They are fundamental on a team as their active strength helps fight daily frustrations.

The Spotless:

Super powerful in meeting customer needs.

You have the gift of meticulousness and discipline. You are obsessed with lists, mood boards, schedules, and tables. Your eye is always focused on delivering flawlessly. At the same time, they don't make a mistake. They are the ones who have the superpower to complete projects in such a way that they always meet customer needs.

The Multilingual:

Speaks the language that is currently needed.

This talented group of people has the gift of switching from one language to another without breaking a sweat. There are no limits for you ... no matter where in the world you are, you have the super power to speak the language you need. In fact, we can say that we speak 12 different languages ​​within the company. From German to Chinese ..... you name it!

The Avant-gardist:

Tremendous knowledge of trends

These people are always one step ahead. They are the ones who are on the cutting edge of technology and know the "hot releases" that are coming in the next few years. They are characterized by the fact that they do not lose momentum despite their love of technology.

The Innovator:

Super power of seeing an opportunity where others fit.

You have the super power to see a chance where others won't pinch or hesitate. They tend to invent something new, something that people didn't know they wanted. And when you see the result of their work you wonder how you could ever live without it.

And suddenly…
... we are no longer office workers, but a league of exceptionally talented superheroes.

Because these are just some of the superpowers that we are proud of at INDEED. And we believe that when people work with their superpower, they are empowered and inspired. Suddenly we are no longer employees, but a league of superheroes who band together, perhaps not to turn the world off its hinges right away, but nevertheless some things.