How does a vehicle spy tool work

Locating the car with the mobile phone - simply explained

Whether you are one of those drivers who simply do often forget where to park the vehicle again has, or to those who have their beloved bikes protect against car thieves would like: Car tracking devices are a technical achievement of our time. But how can you locate the car with the mobile phone?

In order to be able to locate the car with the cell phone, a location system must first be installed in the car. The device then uses GPS to determine the location of the vehicle. The location is sent directly to the car owner's cell phone or via a location service to the owner's receiving device.

In our post we just explain how that Locating the car with the cell phone is what else you have to pay attention to with direction finders and why you from As a spy device, it is essential to hold your fingers over GPS trackers should!

This is how car location systems work

First of all, we want to explain to you how positioning systems work. By satellites orbiting the earth, will Signals to a GPS-enabled device sent and the Location determined. The determined position must then be determined by means of a Sender forwarded to a recipient become.

So you need at least two devices to locate the car with the mobile phone, on the one hand a navigation system, smartphone or GPS tracker for GPS reception and another device to which the location can then be forwarded and viewed.

Usually this requires GPS receiver a valid SIM card so that the location can be located. This usually has to be purchased separately and is not included in the scope of delivery.

Transmission of the location

You can then either go through the location of your car Call or SMS on your mobile phone send or through a location provider send. The provider will send you the location of the vehicle by message or make it available for retrieval on its online portal. Many trackers are also connected to an APP.

Both services are chargeable, whereby the SMS receipt only incurs costs per query, that is, the more often you look for your car, the higher the costs. With most location providers you have to expect ongoing monthly fees. The amount depends on the provider and additional services that are used.

For example, you can watch the entire route data of the vehicle, that is, save and transmit movement and rest times. However, this is more intended for professional use, for example if you want to track truck loads or plan routes more efficiently.

Should you choose one current location providers decide to use them to locate the car with the mobile phone, get yourself enough offers and compare them with each other. Unfortunately, there is often a romp here many dubious providers around.

You should also take a closer look at the Privacy Policy and Powers throw the respective provider. Nobody wants every kilometer covered by a car to be visible to everyone in the world.

Differences in car tracking devices

Anyone who has been looking for GPS tracking devices will have noticed that there are some differences. Many devices have extensive additional functions. It depends on personal expectations and needs which device is the right one.

In terms of price, you can get a cheap device, for example from 20 euros. If you want a little more, device prices are up to 300 euros also possible.

Battery operated or from the car battery

A big difference can also be seen in the power supply. There are car tracking devices on the market that have to be permanently mounted in the car and some that have a magnet be liable.

The advantage of permanently installed devices is that they are often connected to the Connected car battery and therefore do not have to be charged continuously. In the event of a power failure, however, the transmitter may also fail. However, many transmitters of this type come with one Emergency battery equippedso that the location works for a few hours.

Devices that are equipped with a Magnets to be assembled, are mostly battery operated. Usually they are too waterproof and very robust, they can also be attached to the underside of the car, for example. Manufacturers promise, depending on the device, one Battery life of up to 120 days. However, this also depends on how often and how long the transmitter is in use.

Nowadays, modern devices, whether battery-powered or powered, have a Battery warning system. The locator notifies the owner when the power supply has been cut or when the battery is low.

Additional functions and ease of use

In addition to the battery life, possible additional functions and user-friendliness are other important criteria.

No matter how extensive and sophisticated a system is, if the user is overwhelmed with its installation. Tip: Read and compare testimonials or have a professional explain the application briefly in specialist shops.

Features like the Geofence for theft protection or the Speed ‚Äč‚Äčalarm and the History recording, are further useful additional options. If necessary, these should be integrated in the devices.

How accurate are location systems?

Basically, a standard device should be in the open air and without any other disruptive factors Reproduce position exactly and without delay. Differences between the devices can not only be determined in terms of price, but also in the accuracy of the position query.

For example, if a vehicle is parked in the underground car park, where the radio link is often poor, then the Determination of the location deviate from the actual location by a few meters. Or the car can no longer be located with the mobile phone.

This should still be manageable in a manageable parking garage. But if it is a stolen vehicle is about to be found again, even a small deviation can make a big difference.

Locating devices as theft protection?

But are car tracking devices even suitable as protection against theft? This depends on the model and the functions included. You should make some preliminary considerations here.

who wants to locate the car with the mobile phoneafter it has been stolen, it falls back on devices that share the exact location even in garages, halls or in trucks with aluminum covers (to disrupt the connection).

GPS trackers are either rechargeable or connected directly to the car battery. The advantage is that you don't have to worry about an empty battery and constantly think about charging, as this draws its power from the car battery.

However, if the If the car battery is disconnected, the GPS transmitter will also fail, as long as it does not have an emergency battery. The tracker can no longer be reached and the car cannot be located with the mobile phone. Therefore you should pay attention to this point before buying or buy additional batteries if necessary.

Geofence function

For the Avoiding car theft certain alarm functions can be very helpful. One of these functions is, for example, the "Geofence". With the geofence, the GPS transmitter reports to the Receiver automatically if the vehicle moves within a certain radius. You will find out immediately if someone has tampered with your vehicle without authorization.

By the way: In the event of theft, the police can theoretically search for the vehicle using the navigation device, which also has GPS. In practice, however, this turns out to be difficult because this requires a judicial decision, which can take up to two weeks.

Additional tips against theft with cell phone tracking

  • Size of the transmitter: Small transmitters are more suitable for theft protection because they are not so easy to find in the car. Most of all they should be easy to apply and adhere well.
  • Position of the tracker: It is best to place the transmitter where car thieves would not suspect it. The imagination knows no limits! You should avoid areas such as the trunk, side compartments or glove compartment, since there is usually searched first.
  • Use of dummies: You can also attach a dummy transmitter, which distracts the thieves from finding the actual tracker.
  • GPS modules: Some car manufacturers can retrofit the vehicle with transmitters that are built into the car. However, these are mostly expensive and also do not provide a 100 percent guarantee against car theft.

Alternative theft protection

If you want to protect your car from being stolen, there are other options besides GPS trackers. These are for example Alarm systems for the car, immobilizers or parking and steering wheel claws.

Electronic immobilizers must be mandatory for all from 1998 newly registered cars are available. If you don't own a classic car, you can assume that your car has an immobilizer. This car theft protection is hardly noticeable in daily use, as it is deactivated as soon as the key is inserted into the vehicle.

Since crooks naturally also become more creative and keep finding new ways to bypass the electronic immobilizer, this device can hold off thieves for longer, but you shouldn't feel like you are in a false sense of security. Because still about 19,000 vehicles disappear annually alone in Germany.

As a further protection you can get one Steering wheel claw gain. These Restricts turning movements of the steering wheel, and subsequently the ability to move the vehicle. There are steering wheel claws with simple locks or combination locks. Good steering wheel locks are also available cheaply.

Good to know: Is it allowed to locate a car with a cell phone?

This question can be answered with a resounding YES, as long as you are your Own vehicle equipped with a location system.

Do you want the location of your Partners, relatives or friends determine by means of a location system, these must be their express permission add. Everything else is illegal and one can be held accountable. Even if you are suspected of having an affair, for example during a marital dispute, you must not simply bug your partner's car.