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Route Planner - Your free route planning

Calculate your route to your destination quickly and free of charge with our route planner.

The WEB.DE route planner takes you to your destination via the best, fastest or most beautiful routes. Our route planner enables perfect travel planning in cooperation with ViaMichelin, Falk and other partners.

Find out here online the information you need for your trip by car, motorcycle, bicycle or even on foot in order to get to your desired destination throughout Europe. With our free route planning, you not only receive an overview, but also precise directions, alternative routes and you can also track your route individually on a map. Let not only calculate your kilometers, but also show the distance and duration on an interactive map. With everything that goes with it: exact route description, kilometers, travel time, change of direction, name of the street, street signs and much more. In this way, you can find out the remaining distance to your travel destination on the route, get the latest traffic information and, if necessary, change your route. In the event of traffic jams and disabilities, you can easily find alternative routes with the WEB.DE route planner and thus take the fastest route.

At your desired destination or on holiday, you can have a city map drawn up so that you can find all the sights quickly and easily and thus plan your stay optimally. The way back to your hotel is also child's play. With the area search you can get tips on nearby restaurants or other tourist attractions on a map

Using our free route planner is very easy. First enter the starting address and your destination. Usually several routes are suggested to you. On the map displayed, you can then select the optimal route for your planning and click on it. We also offer you a selection of several providers through our partners, such as Michelin or Falk, to enable you to perfectly plan your vacation, another country or even within a city.