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Are you looking for an answer to your question? Here you will find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) to the VRT.

The FAQ for the individual tickets can be found in the Tickets menu for the respective ticket type.

You can find questions about the VRT-HandyTicket here.

Tickets in general

1. Can I also buy my ticket on the bus or train?

Tickets can be bought on all buses in the VRT. Exceptions are the SchülerMobilTicket Jahr, the SchülerFreizeitTicket, the MobilTicket Jahr, the VRT SparKarte and the JobTicket.

Tickets cannot be bought on Deutsche Bahn trains. Traveling without a valid ticket is not permitted, except when boarding at a train station without a ticket machine, or if it is defective. Please note that tickets bought at the DB machine are valid immediately. By the way, the tickets can also be purchased in advance.

2. What happens if I drive without a valid ticket?

Anyone traveling by bus or train in the VRT area without a valid ticket must expect a fine of 60 euros. The fine is to be paid to the respective transport company. Caution: dodging is a criminal offense and will be punished by the police in the event of repeated offenses.

3. Can I laminate my ticket?

Tickets may not be shrink-wrapped, laminated or covered with other foils. The original must be preserved, as this is the only way to check the authenticity.

4. My child needs a stroller, is it transported free of charge?

If the nature of the vehicle allows, strollers can be taken along. The decision on whether or not to take it with you lies with the operating staff; transport is free of charge.

5. Up to what age can my children travel free of charge by bus and train in the VRT?

Children under 6 years of age travel for free when accompanied by an adult (accompanying person must be at least 6 years old and have a valid ticket). From 6 to 14 years of age, you need a reduced-price single ticket. From the age of 15, children are considered adults and must therefore buy a normal ticket.

6. I have lost something, who can I contact and how do I get my lost property?

Regardless of whether your ticket, rucksack, stick or hat is left on the bus or train, contact the transport company you were traveling with. Name the bus line you took or the route. And preferably also the time at which you got on or off. In this way, the transport companies can ask their drivers directly whether something has been found. You can find the contact details here.

7. What exactly is the VRT-KombiTicket?

The VRT-KombiTicket combines your ticket to a specific event with a bus and train ticket to the event. You can come to the event and back free of charge. You can tell whether your admission ticket is a KombiTicket from the KombiTicket symbol printed on it. The VRT-KombiTicket is valid in the entire VRT area. Simply show your admission ticket when you start your journey. The VRT-KombiTicket is valid for the day of the event until the end of operations. If you bought your ticket at the box office, you can use it for your return journey.

8. Where can I get the TrierCard and what does it cost?

The TrierCard can be obtained from the Tourist Information Trier. It allows you free travel on the inner-city bus routes (zone 1-4) and grants you numerous discounts during your stay. The card is valid from the first day of validity on three consecutive days. You can find the prices here.

9. How can I cancel my (student) MobilTicket year?

To cancel a MobilTicket / SchülerMobilTicket Jahr, you must contact the relevant transport company with which you have signed your contract directly. Like the VRT, the contractual partner is noted on the ticket. You can find the contact details of the respective transport companies here or on the back of your order form, on which the contractual provisions are listed again in detail.

Tickets DB

1. Is my VRT ticket also valid with Deutsche Bahn?

Yes, Deutsche Bahn Regio AG is one of the transport companies in the VRT. Your VRT ticket is therefore also valid in the VRT on all local trains operated by Deutsche Bahn.

2. I have a BahnCard 25/50/100 / Jugend BahnCard 25. Which discounts do I get at VRT?

In the VRT there is a discount of up to 25% on the single ticket for all BahnCard offers.

3. The ticket machine at my boarding station is defective, what can I do?

Make a note of the machine number and the place where the defective machine is and speak to the control or service staff on the train without delay. The train attendant will then check your details against the machine number and issue a regular ticket to your destination.

4. Is my Rhineland-Palatinate ticket valid on all buses and trains in the VRT?

Yes, the Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket is valid on all buses and trains in the VRT and can be used for an entire day for any number of journeys in Rhineland-Palatinate (exception: in the VRN only on rail lines) and in Saarland. The ticket can therefore also be bought in buses in the VRT or in all other transport associations involved in the Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket. Further information on the Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket and prices are available here and in all DB travel centers. The Rhineland-Palatinate ticket costs € 24 for one person (or € 26 for staff-operated sales in the DB travel center), each additional person pays € 5 (max. 5 people).

5. What additional benefits does the Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket + Lux offer me?

For the Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket + Lux, the same provisions apply as for the Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket, but you can also use all local trains in Luxembourg. The Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket + Lux costs € 24 for one person (or € 26 in staff-operated sales in the DB travel center), each additional person pays € 5 (max. 5 people). Please note that the ticket is not sold on the buses in the VRT! Further information on the Rhineland-Palatinate Ticket + Lux and prices are available here and in all DB travel centers.

6. What is the City Ticket and where is it valid?

If you are the owner of a Bahncard 25, 50 or 100, you can use local public transport from your place of residence to the start and destination stations free of charge. The prerequisite is a long-distance ticket with a BahnCard discount and a distance of over 100 km between the start and destination stations. There is no extra charge for the City Ticket and the City Ticket is automatically entered on the DB ticket for the participating cities. The authorization can be recognized by the addition "+ City" after the station name. More information is available here.
In the VRT area, the city of Trier is one of the participating cities with zones 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9.

Tickets outside the VRT area

1. I live in the VRT area and work in Luxembourg - what is the best way to get to my job every morning?

Traveling by bus and train in Luxembourg is free of charge. The VRT offers numerous opportunities to travel from the network area across the border to Luxembourg at a low rate. You can find our offers and further information here.
In addition to our offers, there are other Deutsche Bahn offers for cross-border rail transport:

"OekoCard": The “OekoCard” is valid on the rail route from Wittlich via Schweich and Trier to Igel and to all train stations throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In Luxembourg, the ticket is also valid on all buses.

"Luxembourg Special": Travel cheaply with the local train between Trier and Luxembourg and back. The Luxembourg Special ticket is valid for one day.

Please note that with the “OekoCard” and the “Luxemburg Special” no buses may be used in the VRT area. However, owners of an “OekoCard” are entitled to use public transport (AVL, CFL, RGTR, TICE) throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Further information is available at Some bus companies from Luxembourg also offer trips from the border region to Luxembourg. You can find more information on this at

2. Can I also buy tickets for Saarland or other associations in the VRT?

Tickets for Saarland can only be purchased on the R200 route in the direction of Türkismühle, as there is a transitional tariff here. No tickets can be bought for the rest of Saarland or for trips to other transport associations (exception: Quer-durch-Land-Ticket and Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket of Deutsche Bahn). You can find detailed information in our tariff and transport regulations.

3. I am severely disabled and have a token. Can my companion and I continue to travel to Luxembourg free of charge?

Yes, it is allowed. You and your companion can drive free of charge in the VRT and across the border to Luxembourg. You and your companion can also travel free of charge in Luxembourg.

Tickets for groups

1. Which tariff is suitable if I am traveling with a group?

There is one for groups Day ticket group at. Here, up to 5 people, regardless of age, can travel on a certain route for a whole day - as often as they want - on all buses and local trains within the area of ​​validity of their ticket. The group day ticket is valid Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. - on weekends and public holidays it is valid for an unlimited period of time. A day ticket group of price level 10 is valid in the entire VRT network area (network ticket). The offer also applies to school classes.

If the students are between 6 and 14 years old, the group wants to be on the road before 9 a.m. or the group only drives one route, a single ticket group could also be worthwhile, further information can be found here
Please note that for groups of 10 or more people, it is necessary to register in advance with the transport company.

2. We are a daycare group, what is the cheapest ticket for us?

Children of daycare groups who are not yet of school age, accompanied by their authorized supervisors, are entitled to travel with a total of 15 people in a day ticket group (only if there is sufficient space available). Each child counts as one person. The number of supervisors is limited to 5. The daycare group must register with the transport company at least 1 day before the start of the journey.

3. What do the more-in-Thursdays bring me?

All Thursdays during the holidays in Rhineland-Palatinate automatically become more-in-Thursdays. On these days, the TagesTicket single is valid as a day ticket group for up to 5 people or for 4 people and a dog. You can buy the TagesTicket Single as a VRT-HandyTicket in the VRT Timetable app, at the ticket machine or directly from the bus driver. With this ticket you can use all buses and trains in the respective tariff zone as often as you like for a whole day from the start of operations to the end of operations on the respective days.

Tickets for people with reduced mobility

1. I have a severely disabled person's pass with a valid token. On which routes can I travel for free in the VRT?

With a valid Merkzeichen (G, aG, H, Gl or Bl) severely handicapped ID and a valid token, you can use all local public transport buses and trains in the entire VRT network area. In addition, you can travel across the network in the 2nd class on all local trains of Deutsche Bahn (RB, RE, IRE, S-Bahn) nationwide without an additional ticket.
If a “B” is also entered in your ID, you can take an accompanying person and a dog with you free of charge. Please note that these regulations do not apply to the citizens' buses in the VRT area.

2. I have a wheelchair, can I use all buses and trains with it?

If the nature of the means of transport allows it, the drivers should, if possible, ensure that wheelchairs are taken along. However, the decision on whether to take it with you is up to the operating staff in any case.

There is a lot of information on the subject in the Deutsche Bahn brochure “Mobile despite handicap”. Both the brochure and further information are available either from the DB travel centers or here.

3. Do I need a ticket for my guide dog?

Guide dogs are always permitted for transport and travel free of charge.

Questions about bikes and dogs

1. I would like to go on a trip with one of the RadBuses. Where can I book a space for myself and my bike?

In all RadBussen, a bike card costs € 3 per trip for an adult's bike and € 2 per trip for a child up to and including 14 years of age. You pay the ticket price for the person directly to the bus driver.

Bicycle parking spaces can be reserved up to 2 hours (lines R200 and 222 4 hours) before departure at for only € 2 for up to 5 people each or alternatively for € 5 for up to 5 people at 0 18 05 / 72 32 87 or 0 18 05 / RADBUS (each 14 ct / min. From the German landline network, tariff for mobile communications max. 42 ct / min.) Possible.

2. Can I transport my bike for free?

Bicycles can be taken along for free from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. and all day on weekends and on public holidays. Before 9 a.m., a single ticket for a bicycle in the corresponding price category is required, with the exception of folding bicycles. There is no entitlement to transport; transport is at the discretion of the driver or operating staff. Special requirements apply to folding bicycles (folding bicycles). These are treated like one piece of luggage. It is only possible to take them along if there is space available. In the RadBusses, special conditions and tariffs apply within the VRT. A single bike ticket is not required before 9 a.m. More information can be found here.

3. Can I transport my dog ​​for free?

For dogs that are not accommodated in a suitable transport box, a single ticket is reduced, a day ticket single, a MobilTicket week, a MobilTicket month or a MobilTicket year in the corresponding price category. Dogs are not allowed to be transported on the seats.

Guide dogs are always permitted for transport and travel free of charge.