How is Norway seen in your country?

Up in the north Norway enchants its visitors with breathtaking landscapes, pretty fishing villages and a unique nature. In hardly any other country can you find such untouched areas next to ultra-modern cities. The rough, pristine nature invites you to extensive discovery tours and exudes a special charm. At the same time, Norwegian culture is one of the most progressive in Europe and creates an exciting contrast. Find out mine five reasons for Norwaywhy the country is so diverse and why you will definitely never forget a trip there!

5 reasons to travel to Norway

1. Nature | 2. Cities | 3. Northern lights

4. Lifestyle | 5. Culinary

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1. Fjords, glaciers, moose & Co.

Norway has one breathtaking nature. Numerous fjords meander along the entire coastal region, creating a unique panorama with their deep, blue water and the steep mountains. The large glaciers with their turquoise mountain lakes invite you to long hikes and the wide plains and forests are home to some of the most beautiful campsites in the world. Wherever you look you can see small ones Rivers, lakes and waterfalls discover which provide fertile soil and exciting vegetation.

Norway offers a habitat for many animals: especially moose, reindeer and birds of prey live in the vast forests and often cross the paths of hikers and walkers. You can also go whale watching all year round in Norway. From the north of the country you can experience orcas, humpback and sperm whales in their wilderness. A Whale watching tour you can book with the numerous providers on site. Even in northern Norway, many hundreds of kilometers above the Arctic Circle, the temperatures remain mild even in winter due to the Gulf Stream and the habitat for animals and nature is preserved. Explore the numerous glaciers, hike through the vast landscape and admire them Phenomena from Mother Nature!

2. Exciting cities and modern culture

As former Home of the Vikings Norway is still shaped by its past today. Fishing and seafaring defined life in the cities and are still an important part of Norwegian culture. You can see this particularly well in Bergen, for example. Picturesquely lined up by seven mountains, the former fishing village is located directly on the sea and retains its charm. In the Hanseviertel Bryggen The pretty colorful wooden houses line up and invite you to take a leisurely stroll or a short coffee break. Also in Oslo If you take a closer look, you will find numerous small wooden houses from earlier times, but the Norwegian capital today mainly impresses with its progressive architecture and numerous cultural institutions. Visit Oslo's old town Gamlebyen, admire the futuristic opera house directly at the harbor or stroll through the numerous museums. In my listing the most beautiful Oslo sightseeing you will learn more.

3. Experience the aurora borealis in Norway

Once in a lifetime the Northern lights Having seen it is arguably one of the most popular destinations for many travel enthusiasts. You have the opportunity to do so in Norway! Of September to March you can watch the fascinating natural spectacle in the northern regions. With a bit of luck and good weather, you can see the colorful northern lights dancing in the sky.

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Download a Northern Lights app so you don't miss out on the natural spectacle!

There are numerous offers and guided tours on site that give you a very special experience. For example, you can watch the Northern Lights from the deck of a ship, during a quad tour or even from the back of a horse. Those who prefer to travel alone are by no means at a disadvantage: If a northern light appears in the sky, it can be seen within a radius of many hundreds of kilometers. If you've always wanted to see this extraordinary natural phenomenon, you should include Norway holidays in your next travel planning!

4. People and lifestyle

Norwegians are generally considered to be hospitable and polite, especially when one appreciates their beautiful nature. They too know about the beauty of their country and are happy when it is valued. In order to protect nature, the Norwegians have pioneered the integration of electric cars for many years and strive to live together in an environmentally friendly way. They love their nature and want to share it with you. That is why that also applies there Everyone's right ("Allemannsretten"). That means you can camp freely in Norway and enjoy the fascinating landscape. Private land and cultivated land are excluded.

Experience the people and the culture of Norway

In addition, you shouldn't leave any garbage or other objects behind and leave nature as you found it. Also a active lifestyle belongs in Norway and is looked after by young and old. Hikes of several hours to the mountain peaks in the surrounding countryside are part of the normal Sunday program. Dog, child and grandmother are of course included. Many Norwegians rent rooms in their cozy, large country houses. So you have the opportunity to meet the people and the Norwegian culture up close to experience.

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5. Culinary delicacies

In Norway you can enjoy fresh fish almost everywhere. When the fishing boats come in during the night, the caught fish are offered early in the morning at the regional fish markets - it doesn't get fresher! In order to protect the natural stock, the Fishing in Norway strict laws and environmental regulations. This not only protects the natural stock, but also protects the environment. So you can feast without a guilty conscience and let yourself be pampered by Norwegian seafood. If you're a little braver and want to try a true local specialty, you can do this too typical stockfish try.

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The stockfish are also wonderfully suitable as a culinary souvenir!

Mainly cod, saithe and haddock are hung up on large wooden racks to dry and thus preserved for several months. This specialty is particularly widespread and a real one in the north of the country tradition. Got hungry?

Off to Norway!

Norway is one of the most impressive countries in the world. Its wild, rough landscape is lined up next to peaceful reindeer herds and Caribbean-like beaches in the same panorama as the modern cities and shapes the diverse, unmistakable charm of the country. Norway definitely has something for everyone, you won't regret a trip to the versatile north!

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