What happened to Cristiano Ronaldo's free kick abilities?

Real Madrid - VfL Wolfsburg: And again, Ronaldo is annoying

What was the result?

Real Madrid - VfL Wolfsburg 3: 0 (2: 0)
Goals: 1-0 Ronaldo (16th), 2-0 Ronaldo (17th), 3-0 Ronaldo (77th)
The summary in the ZDF media library:

What happened?

VfL Wolfsburg were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Against Real Madrid. A week ago this message would have been saved in the categories water is wet and VW exhaust fumes stink. After the 2-0 win in the first leg, it wasn't just the dozen of German Wolfsburg fans who thought that the sensation could turn out to be something. But nothing came of it. After 16 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal, a minute later he headed the second, the lead was gone and there was still a lot of time. After that, the completely scared VfL caught a little, especially Lucky Punch the Wolfsburg would have extremely complicated the matter for Real. But Real didn't have to sweat excessively in their royal jerseys, there were chances. In the end, a Ronaldo free kick decided, which will be written about below. Wolfsburg then tried something again, but not only one of the most pathetic stoppage times in Champions League history, in which not even a high desperation ball reached the Real penalty area, showed: VfL would have lost nothing in the semifinals - despite a passable international season .

A little consolation for Dieter Hecking: You can't win Formula 1 with the Lupo.

- Oliver Fritsch (@OliFritsch) April 12, 2016

Was it the away game?

Yes. Scientists discovered ages ago that home team players pour out more testosterone to defend their territory. Natural doping, so to speak - in addition to the travel strain of the guest and referees, who tend to whistle for the home team, all part of the so-called home advantage. When it comes to VfL, home teams also seem particularly motivated. VfL Wolfsburg is the second worst away team in the Bundesliga. And there they just have to go to the Böllenfalltor, in the Audi Sportpark or in the BayArena. But now the Bernabéu: the steep grandstands, the many people and who has already played there! The groundhoppers from Lower Saxony, who were short-tempered, seemed to have been satisfied with being proud that the Madrilenians celebrated a victory over VfL much more enthusiastically than they would have thought before the draw. At least they can say for the rest of their careers: "We were only missing one goal to knock Real Madrid out."

Was Ronaldo Really That Good?

Ronaldo scored goals number 14, 15 and 16 this Champions League season. The whole of Wolfsburg only made 15. The Portuguese is rightly the second best kicker in the world, but he was also annoying again. Actually you should have got used to it a long time ago, but this fuss and waving, this indignant look after a foul (and also after a non-foul), this faxing of free kicks, the monkey celebration of less beautiful and / or less important goals. If he would just play football, he can do it. The real proof of how far he has come: Even chance gates are interpreted as strokes of genius for him. In the decisive free kick to 3-0, Ronaldo was cheered as if he had created a work of art. But the goal was sheer luck, because Naldo and Guilavogui opened a gap in the Wolfsburg Wall through which the ball squeezed. Ronaldo certainly did not shoot through this gap on purpose, as the Sky commentator claimed, because the gap did not even exist when the shot was fired. If Naldo and Guilavogui had done their job, the free kick would have hit the wall cheaply, like in school football. As is very often the case with Ronaldo's free kicks, by the way. Oh, we would have made Ronaldo's first goal. The second, a nice header, probably not.

What else was there?

Julian Draxler, next to goalkeeper Benaglio the only Wolfsburg who could also play at Real Madrid, had to go out injured after half an hour. A change that did not exactly give the Wolfsburgers counted confidence. Max Kruse came for him, Twitter exploded.

You can no longer tweet carelessly at #Kruse that he is now taking matters into his own hands. #RMAWOB

- Gianni Costa (@_giannicosta) April 12, 2016

Speaking of the bottom: Real's coach Zinédine Zidane tore his pants when cheering after the 3-0. He has now joined the ranks of the really big ones.

What about the other game?

Manchester City won 1-0 against Paris St. Germain, making it to the semi-finals for the first time. A former player without whom VfL Wolfsburg might not even play in the Champions League provided the decisive goal: Kevin de Bruyne. So Manchester City is really getting ready to win the Champions League. Then Pep Guardiola can calmly retire in the semifinals with City in the coming years.