Do you like the new Pixies EP

... the difference to before:

The biggest difference between our first phase in the 80s and early 90s and now is that we now have a past to relate to. With all the information and experience, we simply know more quickly today what works and what doesn't.

... the feeling of gratitude:

That the Pixies are still around after all these years fills me with great gratitude - and I like that very much. It feels very good to be in the band right now. The other day someone told me they saw our name on a billboard on the side of the road: The announcement of our show with The Cure in Pasadena. A billboard! I never thought that would happen to us!

... about the pitfalls of perfectionism:

I'm a perfectionist and that's pretty sad because of course I know that perfection is out of reach. Not even the Garden of Eden was an ideal place! I'm always a bundle of nerves in the studio - that's always been the case. I'm trying to have fun, but I just won't be able to. I think it was Prince who once said, "If you're not having fun in the studio, you're doing something wrong", but I don't think that's true!

... about the limiting effect of the legendary status of the pixies:

Of course I am able to come up with pixie-like parts, but after a while I think to myself: I have to refrain from it! However, sometimes the obvious parts are the only ones that make sense! Then I torture myself with the question of why I am not allowed to use it, but of course that is nonsense! Of course I can, but then subconsciously I think: Oh man, the same shit again, people have to stick it to their ears!

... the strangest place the pixies showed up:

At baseball, Fenway Park in Boston! I was in the stadium once and when the opposing team changed pitcher, they played "Monkey Gone To Heaven". That was incredibly cool! They always choose the songs carefully, and here the message was: The pitcher is the monkey - out with you!