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The 21 best tools for online survey software and questionnaires 2021

The first Tools for online survey software and questionnaires came out in the late 1990s. They were more traditional tools, with a long list of questions and anonymized survey participants, and were only accessible from a PC. However, since the feedback for websites began, online tools have evolved and are therefore still popular among online marketers. Online surveys are an easy way to connect with your target audience and get feedback.

This article was updated in April 2021.

What can we expect from tools for online survey software and questionnaires? There are several reasons why companies send out online surveys, such as:

  • Identify feedback and feedback on products
  • Conduct market research
  • Gather customer service feedback
  • Measure customer and employee satisfaction

In addition to the above, you can obviously conduct a survey of your website users and get feedback about your website. The surveys are easy to create and in some cases they also offer the possibility of analyzing quantitative data.

Choosing the right tool for online survey software or questionnaires

Choosing the right online survey tools for your business can be tricky, especially when you consider that many of these tools tend to have the same characteristics. There are also some differences between what you get for a paid version and what you get for a free version. You must therefore pay attention to the following.

Typically, paid versions of tools provide additional capabilities, such as:

  • Survey logic - Paid tools often offer the option to add a follow-up question. This is based on the answer you gave in the previous question.
  • Data export - There are several tools that do not allow you to export your survey data - unless you are using the paid version.
  • Customer logo - Are you looking for a way to remove the survey tool logo and use your own? You can do this with most paid versions.
  • More question types - While free survey tools offer a ton of survey types, including multiple selections, ratings, selection boxes, and buttons, paid versions usually offer a lot more.

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In this blog we are going to review some of the most popular Tools for online survey software and questionnaires to make the selection process a little easier for you.

Let's just start ...

1. Mopinion

Mopinion is an analysis tool for user feedback that not only uses online surveys, but also goes one step deeper and offers its users extensive analysis options. Real-time data visualization on customizable dashboards and tables enables users to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Our all-in-one user feedback software offers:

    • Feedback forms (passive and active)
    • Visual feedback
    • More complex surveys that involve question control
    • Detailed analyzes, sentiment analyzes, intelligent labeling
    • Advanced data visualization with filtering in the tables and customizable instrument panels
    • Action management

2. Feedier:

Source: Feedier

Feedier is an accessible feedback platform that gives teams instant clarity about their users' experiences and future needs. Create playful feedback forms that can be automated and triggered at the most important contact points of your users. Feedier's dashboard allows you to group individual feedback into live journeys. Review key decisions with easy-to-share visual reports linked to your existing workflows. Integrate your feedback forms into your website or app by generating embedded code or by sharing it with your audience with an email / SMS campaign. Feedier turns people into feedback lovers.

3. HubSpot

Source: HubSpot

HubSpot's out-of-the-box feedback tools make it easy to collect qualitative and quantitative feedback to better understand your customers. HubSpot lets you create and deliver surveys via email and on your website. The tool will also help you choose the right format for your survey and keep track of your surveys so you can improve your Customer Experience (CX) over time.

Use a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to measure customer loyalty over time, send out CES (Customer Effort Score) surveys to understand how easy it is for customers to get the support they need, or Distribute CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys to understand how satisfied customers are at different points in the customer journey. Plus, keep track of all of your customer feedback in a single dashboard so your entire team can monitor changes in customer satisfaction over time.

4. SoGoSurvey

Source: SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is an enterprise-grade survey software that is very easy to use. Users can choose from a wide variety of survey templates or ‘survey banks’ as they refer to them. You can also manipulate the type of questions you want to ask based on Net Promoter Score (NPS), demographics and text. Survey invites can be distributed and tracked via email or social media too.

5. Alchemer

Source: Alchemer

Alchemer is similar to SurveyMonkey in terms of the ability to invite respondents and make customizations. What makes this online survey software different, however, is that it is more appealing in terms of the look and feel of the survey. It also offers nearly 100 different survey types, all of which can be customized. In addition, users can easily and simply configure their own surveys.

6. Crowdsignal

Source: Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal, formerly PollDaddy, is online survey software that allows users to conduct surveys in two different ways: by embedding surveys on their website, or by inviting respondents via email. Once the data is collected, you can create filters to analyze the data and share it in reports. This is done via the raw data export with programs such as Excel, PDF, CSV, Google Docs and XML. The results of these surveys can all be viewed in real time.

7. Qualtrics

Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an online survey software and questionnaire tool that, in a way, shakes the foundations of traditional surveys. It offers almost 100+ question types, several ready-made survey templates, as well as features such as display logic, email notification and logic branching. Integrated into its real-time web reports, users can choose from over 30 different diagram types and export the results in CSV or SPSS.

8. Google Forms

Source: Google Forms

Google Forms is a free tool for online survey software and questionnaires that allows its users to quickly and easily compile surveys using a "drag and drop" user interface. The surveys can be completely customized to the respective design. The tool provides you with real-time response information and real-time tables. This data can also be linked to other Google products.

9. GetFeedback

Source: GetFeedback

With GetFeedback, users can easily create branded surveys using drag and drop and a number of different personalization features. The tool is flexible as it adapts to almost any platform on which it distributes surveys. You can also combine this tool with SalesForce, which will result in the results of the survey also being visible on your SalesForce dashboard.

10. QuestionPro

Source: QuestionPro

QuestionPro is a web-based survey application for small and medium-sized businesses. With this survey software, companies can easily create online surveys and surveys. They offer multiple survey templates and over 30 different question types. In terms of deployment, surveys can be sent to respondents via email or to visitors via built-in popups.

11. SurveyMonkey

Source: SurveyMonkey

As one of the more popular online survey software and questionnaire tools, SurveyMonkey is used by millions of companies around the world. It offers its users 15 different question types within the survey (including multiple choices, open comments and Likert scale). This tool is very suitable for one-off surveys, but it makes this less suitable in terms of general satisfaction or a repeated survey of customers after a certain period of time.

12. Qualaroo

Source: Qualaroo

Qualaroo is an online survey software that allows users to create simple and accessible surveys. These surveys usually appear in a graphic object at the bottom of your screen. You can easily conduct opinion polls on your visitors and ask short and simple questions. It also includes a library of questions that can be used to base your questions on during the survey.

13. Pulse Insights

Source: Pulse Insights

Pulse Insights is comparable to other online survey software and questionnaire tools such as Qualaroo and Survicate. Using a micro-survey platform, Pulse Insights collects data from your visitors in a very simple way. This tool is also able to integrate survey responses with other tools such as web analytics, A / B investigation, CRM and DMP.

14. Survicate

Source: Survicate

With Survicate, users can trigger targeted surveys in different locations on their website. Users can also send email questionnaires to different customers. In terms of creating these surveys, Survicate offers a library of predefined surveys for the user to choose from. This survey tool also includes dashboarding functions, NPS analysis, and CSV and XLS export options.

15. AskNicely

Source: AskNicely

AskNicely is an online survey software that collects feedback on a daily basis using one-time surveys. This software can be integrated with your own CRM so you can do regular spot checks or quick surveys and respond directly from your CRM. However, this tool mainly focuses on NPS.

16. Retently

Source: Retently

Retently is Net Promoter Score® survey software designed for businesses of all sizes. This online survey software has many great features like audience segmentation, custom survey creation, and multi-channel survey collection. Retently also allows users to automate their campaigns by setting up their survey and programming when the program should send the survey to their target audience.

17. Responster

Source: Responster

Responster is a questionnaire tool aimed primarily at mobile app users as it adapts to the screen size. This easy-to-use tool is free and allows users to create branded surveys with their own logo, background and colors. The question formats are limited, but you can make use of the logic properties of the questions, which gives deeper insight into the questions asked.

18. Confirmit

Source: Confirmit

Confirmit is an online survey software that was created specifically for market research agencies and other research personnel. Users can easily customize their surveys, export data and analyze results in tables and charts. You can also program the study, integrate all sorts of additional tools, collect data, prepare quick reports, and even translate links in an easy to use Confirmit Translator module. The only setback with this tool is that it's a bit dated (i.e. lacks UI updates).

19. KwikSurveys

Source: KwikSurveys

KwikSurveys offers 30+ survey templates, but these cannot be customized to suit your brand. The KwikSurveys dashboard is particularly easy to use and surveys can be created using the simple drag and drop editor. You can't ask open-ended questions. However, the results can be exported through various file types.

20. Survey nuts

Source: Survey Nuts

With Survey Nuts, users are initially presented with three empty question fields that can be filled in and customized before adding more if necessary. All of this can be done before an account is created with Survey Nuts. Once you are done creating your survey, you will paste your email address at the bottom and Survey Nuts will save the survey, create an account and send you the link to your survey.

21. Survey Planet

Source: Survey Planet

Survey Planet is a questionnaire tool that incorporates custom topics, prescribed questions (which can be combined with your own), and a responsive layout. In addition, users can make use of branching questions and different languages. While a survey is being created, you can preview a live copy of your survey on the same page. Survey Planet offers a free and paid version.

Which online survey software tool will you choose?

There are hundreds of different tools for online survey software and questionnaires on the market today. Each of these tools is suited to different types of businesses in its own way. That is why it is important to be aware of the options.

We hope this blog was a help ...


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