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saleDealing with aggressive customers

Companies should develop a common thread for complaint discussions. Most of the time, anger has built up when a customer complains. It is then important that the customer can let out some air first. Let him speak and listen carefully. Ask and repeat his allegations in your own words: First, you can be sure that you have understood him correctly. Second, the customer should also be able to say what annoys him.

As the recipient of the complaint, you take responsibility, even if you did not cause it. Don't just refer to colleagues who have screwed up something. As the seller, you represent your company at the moment of the conflict. You should therefore take care of a solution to the problem immediately.

Put yourself in the customer's position and develop an understanding of their situation in order not to leave them alone with the problem. Keep calm and don't blame the customer. In order not to let the situation escalate further, show the customer that you want to sort out the problem, not the question of guilt.

If the product is clearly flawed or your company has made a mistake, then we apologize. If the customer wants to speak to the seller who sold him the defective product, do not deny your colleague and call him in. The same applies if the customer wants to speak to a manager because he thinks he cannot get through with his complaint. The important thing is to show the customer that you and your company are interested in a solution that is mutually acceptable.