How old is Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake: An opponent for Trump like from earlier times

It is not entirely certain that Jeff Flake understands the rules of the game in his profession. The Senator from Arizona sometimes looks as if he had just "landed with us from a time when people still wore elegant suits and politely disagreed over politely," writes "The Atlantic". And it may be that Flake himself has this feeling.

In any case, he no longer understands the politics of his Republican Party, as he showed in front of the Senate on Tuesday. Then he declared in a sensational speech that he would not run in the next election in 2018 because he could not campaign with Donald Trump's politics. He criticized the president in words that Republicans have hardly elected so far.

Flake knows another party: those Republicans who are at the interface between politics and religion. The 54-year-old's uncle, Jake Flake, was a long-time MP in Arizona's Senate. The entire family has a long history with Arizona's Mormons. The place Snowflake, where the ranch of the Flakes is located, was once named with a view to the family name.

Farmer child and missionary

Childhood in this environment also influenced many of the attitudes that made Flake different from his colleagues: the senator justified his opposition to the construction of the wall on Mexico's border by saying that as a child he met many immigrants who had worked on his parents' farm. "I could never see these people as part of a criminal class," he says. His view of the world was shaped by years as a missionary in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Which does not mean that Flake is not a conservative, on the contrary: He voted in the House of Representatives in 2002 for the war in Iraq and, after his rise to the Senate in 2013, against stricter gun laws. He rejects the right to abortion. And Flake is also considered to be one of the creators of the law that allows Internet providers to sell data on their users' search history.

And yet: To belittle his protest against Trump because polls predicted he would be defeated for the 2018 election does not go far enough. Flake, who voted not for Trump in 2016, but for his competitor Evan McMullin, declared months ago in the book The Conscience of a Conservative that he wants to be able to justify his actions to his wife and five children even in later years. (Manuel Escher, October 26, 2017)