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Text puzzles (Part 3)

1. The dissimilar sisters

On a fine spring afternoon, two sisters decided to tidy up their old garden shed and clean everything up nicely. When they finished their work, one sister's face was dirty, but the other's face was clean. Then the sister washed herself, whose face was clean but the other one wasn't. I wonder why?

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2. What might that be?

What is greater than God
and more vicious than the devil?
The poor have it!
The lucky ones need it!
And when you eat it, you'll die!

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3. The island of liars

Exactly 100 people live on a small island, some of whom are always telling the truth and the other part are always lying. A researcher comes to the island and asks each resident how many liars are. The first says: "There is a liar on the island", the second says: "There are two liars", etc., up to the last one who declares: "There are 100 liars".

How many liars live on the island?

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4. Want it or not want it?

What does everyone want to become but not be?

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5. The apple basket

In one room there are six girls and a basket with six apples. Each of the girls grabs an apple and leaves the room with it. Nevertheless, there is still an apple in the basket. How is that possible?

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6. Seemingly useless?

When you need it
throw it away!
if you don't need it
get it back!

What's this?

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7. Date wanted

02/02/2000 is a date that only contains even digits.

When was that the last time before?

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8. The question

Lügenhausen and Wahrheim are two places next to each other. The residents of Lügenhausen all lie and those of Wahrheim always tell the truth. You are the only tourist in the area, got lost and want to know whether you are in Lügenhausen or Wahrheim.

What question do you have to ask anyone on the street?

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9. Funny thing?

It has two wings
and still can't fly
It has a back
and yet cannot lie.
It wears glasses
and yet can not see.
It has a leg
and yet cannot stand.
It can work
but don't go.

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10. The joke

Paul heard a good joke from Katja and would like to tell Elke about it. After the first two sentences, Elke says that she already knows the joke. "Then Katja already told you about it?" asks Paul. "No," says Elke. "I've never heard the joke before or read it anywhere."

How is that possible?

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11. Strange word

Which word ends with "run"?

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