Who is Satoshi Nakamoto

On the trail of the Bitcoin inventor: Experts analyze spelling

Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto remains a phantom.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is breaking all records these days. The rate for the virtual tender rose more than $ 20,000 in just a few weeks. It is all the more astonishing that to this day it is not known who exactly is behind the invention of cyber money. Apart from the name Satoshi Nakamoto, next to nothing is known about the originator of Bitcoin. Accordingly, there are many myths surrounding his person. According to a media report, experts have now taken on numerous documents written by Nakamoto and tried to draw conclusions about Nakamoto's origin based on the spelling - with dubious success.

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Does Nakamoto have a weak spelling?

Apart from the official Bitcoin whitepaper, the noses scrutinized e-mails and blog posts and found a total of 108 clues that could be used to identify Satoshi Nakamoto. Accordingly, the authors of the study discovered 21 misspellings. You also noticed that Nakamoto kept switching between British and US English - sometimes within the same document. They found words in American spelling 52 times and in British spelling 32 times. The Bitcoin inventor only uses American English for programming. What can be deduced from this knowledge?

Bitcoin inventor remains a mystery

The sobering answer: not much. More precisely, Nakamoto's spelling habits invite further speculation. The researchers speculate, for example, that Nakamoto could be Canadian, because the British and US spelling is often mixed up in the Norwegian country. However, the large number of spelling errors suggests that English may not be Nakamoto's mother tongue, even if the authors of the study do not assume it. But it is also conceivable that the Bitcoin inventor deliberately mixed up the spellings in order to consciously conceal his existence. The theory that has been circulating for a long time that Nakamoto could be a whole collective of people could be fueled by the irregularities of the spelling. And so, despite all efforts, the riddle remains unsolved.

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