What is the future of the industry

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In 2015, the tripartite alliance with a focus on industrial policy came together. The common goal was to make Germany as an industrial location sustainably modern and to strengthen industrial competitiveness. To this end, the alliance developed joint industrial policy guidelines, recommendations for action and measures in working groups.

The network "Future of Industry" was founded at the beginning of June 2015 to provide operational support for the work of the alliance. The management of the association has equal representation (BDI and IG Metall). The BMWi has guest status "can be found at www.n3tzwerk.org.

The coalition agreement for the 2018-2021 legislative period between the CDU / CSU and the SPD provides for the alliance's work to be continued: “We want to continue the“ Future of Industry ”alliance and the industry dialogues in order to deal with key industrial policy issues in the future with the participation of social partners and science and society to discuss and vote. "(coalition agreement, page 57)

The intensive exchange of opinions and ideas between politics, business and trade unions is of central importance for the success of industrial policy. The alliance shows ways in which the competitiveness of industry in Germany can be sustainably strengthened. A major success of the alliance is the creation of networks across previously existing boundaries between employer and employee camps. The alliance acts as an umbrella for various initiatives (e.g. industry dialogues / discussions, platforms, forums) that are already in place by politics, business associations and the trade unions.

As a format for the political exchange between the alliance partners, there are regular meetings between the board members of the association and the BMWi.