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Postal code - From 6460 to 6463: Bürglen municipality launches survey to change postal address

From 6460 to 6463: Bürglen municipality launches survey to change postal address

Bürgler Boden, but Altdorf postal address: The Bürglen municipal council invites the population to take part in a survey and wants to know what the residents think about changing the postcode in the municipality.

(zf / RIN) Those who live in the lower part of the municipality of Bürglen live on Bürgler Boden, but have a postal address that is 6460 Altdorf. This has been the case since the postcode was introduced in 1964. After Germany (1941) and the United States of America (1963), Switzerland was the third country to take this step. The special solution for Bürglen made sense for a long time, because the lower part of Bürglen was served by the post office from Altdorf.

Some citizens are dissatisfied with this solution that their post does not match the municipality of residence, but are still dissatisfied to this day.

From the point of view of the municipal council, there are various arguments in favor of an adjustment (we reported). “In too many cases the address does not match the community of residence and location. That leads to mix-ups and misunderstandings over and over again, ”said the municipality of Bürglen in a statement. The address is an important identification factor for belonging to the community where you live and where you live. “The communal sense of community in political and cultural matters is improved. Newcomers often believe that this area belongs to Altdorf ”, the message continues.

Report a change of address to insurance companies and banks

The Bürglen City Council is now starting a population survey via the Internet and a questionnaire. This is to find out how great the need is to change the postcode. All residents and businesses in the municipality are expected to be informed about this in a letter at the end of the week. After evaluating the survey, the result and the next steps will be announced.

A vote at the community assembly or at the ballot box is not required for a new postcode, it said. For those affected, the effort would remain to notify the change of address to insurance companies, banks, employers and others as with a normal change of residence and location. A report to the municipality (residents' registration office) and the cantonal offices (tax office, district command, etc.) would, however, be superfluous, since this change could be carried out entirely by the municipal administration. In addition, changes in the commercial register could be initiated by the municipal council free of charge.

«State is unique»

«A significant proportion of the population and businesses in the municipality of Bürglen are now affected by the 6460 postal code. This state of affairs is strange, but sometimes also misleading, if not even disruptive, ”said the mayor, Luzia Gisler. “The legislative requirements, but also the practice, would allow the postcode 6460 to be adjusted to 6463 today without any problems. It is therefore essential for the Bürglen municipal council to take up this extraordinary topic again in the Bürglen municipality. "