How is canned soup made

How good is canned chicken soup?

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Fresh chicken soup is considered a home remedy for colds. However, the usually elaborate preparation means that many people reach for canned chicken soup. The manufacturers heat the contents of the can to more than 100 degrees and thus preserve it for several years. In a sample, TV chef Tarik Rose compared five canned chicken soups (price per 800 milliliter can):

  • Aldi Pottkieker chicken stew with mussel noodles for 85 cents
  • Lidl Coquette chicken noodle pot for 85 cents
  • Sonnen Bassermann chicken noodle stew for 1.95 euros
  • Erasco chicken noodle pot for 2.29 euros
  • Alnatura chicken noodle stew for 1.95 euros per 400 milliliter can

Ingredients: flavorings, salt, thickener

According to the list of ingredients, the chicken soups contain little chicken and vegetables, but a lot of noodles. Only in the soup from Alnatura there are slightly more vegetables than in the other products, the proportion of pasta is slightly lower. The added aromas and salt provide the flavor. For all of the chicken soups in the sample, one bowl of soup contains four grams of salt. The daily amount recommended by the World Health Organization is six grams of salt per day. All soups contain a thickening agent, for example starch or guacer flour.

The TV chef doesn't like chicken soup

No chicken soup convinced TV chef Tarik Rose in the sample. The chicken and noodle stew from Alnatura tastes least artificial, but a bit slack.

This is what manufacturers and dealers say

Sonnen Bassermann for the use of flavors

"Our Sonnen Bassermann chicken noodle stew contains flavors to ensure a round, full-bodied taste of the product beyond the best before date of three years."

Sonnen Bassermann on the use of thickeners

"Strictly speaking, the thickeners are natural potato starches that are only used from a technological point of view. During the production process, the soup must be easy to fill. For this, all ingredients must be homogeneously distributed in a mixture, which is why they have a certain consistency (viscosity) must have. "

Lidl on the use of flavors

"To round off the taste, we use Chicken Flavor in our Coquette Chicken Noodle Pot. No broth from cooked chicken is used for the product."

Lidl on the use of thickeners

"The use of a thickener is necessary so that the components of the stew such as chicken, noodles and vegetables are evenly distributed in the broth and not settle."

Erasco on the use of thickeners

This has "only reasons for filling technology".



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