Why do the French hate Americans

"Emily in Paris"
That's why the French hate the Netflix series

The new Netflix series “Emily in Paris” with Lily Collins has been running for a few days. Some prejudices are being played with. So the question arises: what do real French people think of the series?

The series "Emily in Paris" started on Netflix in early October, by and with Lily Collins. She was announced as the new “Sex and the City” and “Gossip Girl”. Reason: It's about love, fashion and friendship among women. Emily is a young American who works for a Chicago marketing firm. When her company buys a small company in France and her boss cannot travel there, Emily is sent. With an always positive attitude, great outfits and beautiful pictures of Paris, the Feel Good series is perfect for on the side. However, not all viewers got this good feeling. Because even in France the series was broadcast with meanwhile torn apart. The reason for this is the representation of the French in the series. Because the image that Americans seem to have of France and its inhabitants, they do not agree at all. In the media there is talk of an outdated, caricatured representation and operation based on clichés. But what exactly is your problem with “Emily in Paris”?

This is what the French really think of the Netflix series

French film critics and magazines have now explained why “Emily in Paris” was an almost insulting series for them: “In“ Emily in Paris ”we learned that the French are 'all bad' (yes, yes), that they are lazy [...] that they like to flirt but are not loyal, that they are sexist and backward [...]. Yes, there was no cliché, not even the weakest ”. One magazine wrote that “Emily in Paris” was an “embarrassing series” and that Paris was portrayed as if it were all about “fashion, romances and croissants”. Another author took it even more personally: He wrote that in “Emily in Paris” the French were portrayed as “arrogant, dirty, lazy, mean, bitter” and the whole country apparently needed a young American woman to explain to them how to build a beautiful life. He even questioned the integrity of the French actors on the Netflix series by asking how they could be part of it in good conscience.