Men shave their pubic hair

This is why men should shave their pubic hair

Always this double standard: women should be perfectly shaved at the bottom, but what about men? Without a guilty conscience they strut around with their bush. That will soon be a thing of the past, because we reveal 4 convincing reasons to finally make men know that they are downstairs shave.

1. Hair between teeth

Weh! You want to give a blow job to your loved one and you have a hair between your teeth. No wonder if he doesn't shave around the bottom! So dear men: With a shaved genital area, he does Blowjob a lot more fun!

2. Hygiene is the be-all and end-all

Men who like the jungle look don't seem to have understood that it can be quite unsanitary. Because in the depths of the pubic hair forest, some bacteria can collect ... Especially if you do not attach importance to hygiene in general, such as showering. Just disgusting!

3. From mini to maxi

A big advantage of a shaved genital area is that the good gem comes out and looks even bigger. So dear boys: With the razor you can get a much bigger penis in two minutes!

4. No more pikings

Hair can be really annoying when making love. Especially if they have reached a certain length from shaving in the past and look like small needles. So the fun of sex falls by the wayside, because the only thing you can think of is: AUA!

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