What is a bard in Dragon Age

Dragon Age

Bards follow an Orlesian tradition. They act as assassins, spies and saboteurs and other mysterious occupations, sometimes as petty criminals, as well as in battles between them and the nobility. Bards honed minstrels' skills and are skilled artists and masters of manipulation; through their songs and stories they can inspire their allies or discourage their enemies.

Specialization bonuses: +2 willpower, +1 cleverness

A bard is a rarity even in the Orlais courts, where intrigue is as common as silk. Musicians and troubardours who, as spies, abuse their access to the powerful aristocracy in order to collect secrets for their clients, who are usually nameless even to the bard. The nobility welcomes such entertainers, although they know that any one of them could be a bard; the thrill of outsmarting a spy is something the Orlesian aristocracy finds hard to resist. Unfortunately, it is often too late by the time they find out that there is a master bard among them. Bards use music to soothe hearts and cloud the senses; In combat, her ability to inspire fellow campaigners and distract enemies is legendary. In addition to their music, they are masters of dirty fighting, stealth and theft.

In other parts of the world, bards are less well known, but no less dangerous. Bards travel wherever secrets have a value: in Ferelden they once played at trade fairs and adorned the courts of Banns and Arls, and listened to secrets that could be used to influence the wildly independent nobility. Outside Orlais, most traveling entertainers today are mostly simple musicians, but that only makes the spies among them harder to spot.

Talent tree:

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