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Full of gratitude and tenderness I merge with the light of my source, the expression of which I especially love and adore in the form of my Divine Parents Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) and Baba (Sri Sathya Sai Baba). They live and proclaim the unity of All That Is and the omnipresence of Divine Love.

Through them I adore all beings who have accompanied me in the most varied of roles and forms through my previous life. Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings in all worlds be happy!

It is with great joy that I bow in particular to my rediscovered friend Daniel.
May your way to your goal be light and loving!
(Om Kleem Krishnayai Namaha, dear Daniel, and Om Shanti Om!)
I was born in the year of peace in Wattenwil, my current domicile, and grew up in privileged circumstances with my sister Vera, who is six years older than me. Before I was born, our family lived in Boncourt, at the extreme point of what was then the Bernese Jura. Mimi, as my sister was called, greeted General Guisan, who was visiting the border, with the words "Salut, mon général!", And this pretty, obviously impressive, photographically documented episode from that time has gone down indelibly in our family saga ... Mimi always had a supportive effect on my development, and in our childhood we performed real acrobatics together (Santa Lucia, dear Mimi, and OM Shanti Om!) As a child I dreamed of a circus and / or veterinary career, because besides reading it was my favorite leisure and holiday activity, my dad at his work t to assist as a district veterinarian. We covered countless kilometers through our little world together in the VW Beetle, and at that time I knew all the farms in the area, so to speak. Papa, (with the double name Paul-Albert, which can be pronounced in French) was a great role model for me, not least because he was loving and polite with people and animals. (Om Sri Matre Namaha, dear papa, and Om Shanti Om!) Speaking of which: As a consummate gentleman and 'bilingual', he was Madame de Meuron's preferred 'farm veterinarian' in Rümligen. I have fond memories of our contacts with the patrician of the century before last, who are considered rather eccentric, be it in the stables or sometimes in the rotting castle. So with a certain pride I still keep letters and cards from her ... (Om Shanti Om, chère Madame de Meuron!)

In the upper apartment of our two-family chalet lived our French Grand'maman, Papa's mother, who gave me a lot of warmth and a love of the French language. Thanks to her maternal British descent, she also brought an Anglo-Saxon, even Victorian touch to our lives. (Om Shanti Om, chère grand'maman!)

To my mom, a former teacher and also a veterinarian's daughter from the Upper Gürbetal - the Steiger grandparents lived in their own house until the mid-seventies, a few steps away from us (Om Namah Shivaya, dear mom, dear grandmother and dear grandpa, and Om Shanti Om!) - I had an intense and intimate relationship, but partly overshadowed by my 'neurotic' separation fears: Without any external reason, I constantly feared that Mom might suddenly die, which aroused terrible fear of being lost in me. In my teenage years, the problem secretly assumed metaphysical dimensions. Hardly anyone except of course 'my' dear God knew about it, because luckily there was also Peter Kraus, Conny and Elvis Presley, in large format, piece by piece from the then still quite civilized magazine BRAVO, glued together and on the wall resplendent next to the school desk, to the horror or amusement of our teachers ... (My admiration, dear Mr. Liechti, tendres souvenirs, dear Paul Howald, and Om Shanti Om!)

Without any previous knowledge of feminism, my three classmates from Wattenwil and I joined the "League against aggressive boys", the B.G.A.J. (With a wink, dear Urseli, dear Monika and dear Erika, and Om Shanti OM!). By the way: I was never a militant feminist. I soon realized that my life wasn't about competing with men. What for? About their power struggles, their 'ego trips' and ego games ?! I understood, at first unconsciously, then more and more consciously, that emancipation for me means the liberation from spiritual ignorance and the realization of the true Essential Self (Paramartha Ishtartha Moksha Pradattam, Baba Vibhutim Idam Ashrayami ...). May every day bring me closer to this goal!

When I was fifteen I bought a Goldmann paperback on yoga and taught myself some relaxation exercises as well as asanas, and when I was eighteen I suffered an agonizing detachment from traditional church beliefs, so that I subsequently referred to myself as an agnostic. I dealt intensively with philosophy and psychology and lost myself for many years in the 'ocean of samsara', but when looking back I was always looking for my 'home in the light' (cf. Daskalos, the 'Magus of Strovolos'). I was always surrounded by dear friends. (In doing so, I think of you with great love, dear Vreni. May our friendship bring you happiness! Dear thoughts for you too, Ursula and Ton, and Om Shanti Om!)

I finished my school days at the municipal literary school in Bern-Neufeld. (I look forward to seeing you again in autumn, dear Op b -ler, Om Shanti OM!) It was probably the spirituality of Goethe, Hölderlin and Rilke, which prompted me to enter the often rather unholy halls of various universities. Sometimes I almost broke in the cold without understanding 'what was going on' ...

Of course, these experiences were also important for my development. I quote Baba from the book "Sai Baba speaks to the west", Govinda Sai Verlag, January 6th: "Give the difficulties the meaning that is appropriate: They are stumbling blocks the way to Me, who teach you to walk more and more safely. "

In 1975, shortly after Papa's death, the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung opened the door to inner wealth for me. In 1977 I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation, and for two years I regularly and happily embarked on this journey inward in my quiet room. Through contact with the spiritual wisdom of the Vedas, I finally began to sense the essence of the teaching of Jesus, the Christ. (Om Christave Namaha!)
At the end of the seventies, one year after Mama's death, I met my current partner, Hans Bruno Walti, in the Basel region. At that time I was teaching French at the Basellandschaftliche Gymnasium Oberwil, he was active as a spiritual healer, healed my headaches and brought me more into contact with my inner abilities. Thanks to him, I also came into contact with Paramahansa Yogananda and his master line.

(In this context I would like to mention Babaji in particular, who blessed the world with his physical presence as Babaji von Haidakhan from 1970 to 1984. For example, under his leadership, the 'Center of Unity' was created on the Schweibenalp above Lake Brienz I recently read the book published by KOHA Verlag in 1999 with enthusiasm: "Babaji, In Truth It Is Simply Love." Through this book I also got to know the German version of the extremely versatile spiritual magazine ELRAANIS by Jasmuheen, a real treasure trove for information about spiritual events in the current turning point. It is also Babaji from Haidakhan who inspired Nina Hagen to write the wonderful CD "Om Namah Shivaya".)

Already at the beginning of our acquaintance, 'Juanito' (or 'Don Juan', based on the 'brujo' Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda) encouraged me to learn to read the energetic language of the universe. (This is a 'poetic' description I have just formed for the term for the once sacred astrology, which was so decrepit in our 'Iron' Age.) After initial skepticism about another 'top-heavy' area, I immersed myself with passion in the extremely diverse matter , at first autodidactically and more or less 'chaotic', then systematically with Roland Jakubowitz in Bern at the end of the eighties. (Thank you, dear Roland. The stars bow in front of you, and Om Shanti OM!). Lately I've come into contact with the Vedic system of astrology, which is at least as fascinating to me, the Jyotish (= doctrine of light), read one or two books, but the subject is very complex and there is not enough time for everything. ..

Hans was and still is a good teacher for me, sometimes fine-tuning my ego. In the first ten years of our relationship, we spent a lot of time in Unterentfelden, Aargau, with his mother and brother Max. Both have died a long time ago. (Om Shanti Om, dear 'Butschli' and dear Max!)

I am friends with Beatrice, Hans’s daughter, who is almost the same age as me. A few years ago, Beatrice made me very happy by giving me one of the two gold-trimmed pictures of Sai Baba that she and her then partner Paul had received from Dina Rees. (Who Dina is can be read in the book by Maruschi Magyarosy 'Sai Baba, Message of Love', Sphinx-Verlag). Paul left us a year ago after a long illness. Beatrice cared for him self-sacrificingly at home, with Rolf being a great spiritual support to her. (Jai Sai Ram, dear Beatrice, dear Paul and dear Rolf, and Om Shanti OM!)

Hans has been 'retired' for a long time now and as a former pilot, aircraft acrobat (!) And world champion in parachuting, besides his beautiful plants and orchids (green thumb!), He is mainly committed to model aircraft sports. I am very grateful for the twenty rich years that we have been able to experience together so far. At the beginning of 1993 and the end of 1997 he had a serious accident, once at his long-term former residence on Tenerife, when he fell five meters into the depths, the second time in Blumenstein, when he slipped on the thawing ground and the rotor of his model helicopter was still turning Lower leg penetrated. Both times he grazed physical death, had to spend long months in the hospital and endured great pain. (Om Namah Shivaya, Hans-Schätzeli, and Om Shanti Om!)

In addition to the two of us, our small family consists of our talkative Triton Kakadu Alba and four Devon Rex cats with the elegant-sounding names Orella von Frontenstein, Raschan vom Balmberg, Dark Moon de Guermantes and Tilly von den Blue Hills. Tilly comes from our own (long abandoned) breed and I named her Ottilie in honor of my mother. Orella and Dark Moon have not been with us physically for two or a year, respectively, but they receive their caresses from me every day in my mind (Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu, my dear little ones, and Om Shanti Om!). We have been juggling time and space since the beginning of the nineties, soon sitting in Grand'maman's former apartment (in view of the Stockhorn chain and the Gurnigel, i.e.the 'Blue Hills'), soon in our French 'Résidence secondaire' on the banks of the Ain (the 'Green River'), now all together, now 'fragmented', depending on the situation, if possible without much to and fro for the small'. Sometimes I take on the role of a 'grandma' myself, namely with the almost nine-year-old Aeneas and his four-year-old brother Damian, because we handed our house over to the Talmon family eight years ago. (Om Shanti Om, dear Bärbel, Beat, Aeneas and Damian!)

My main job has been around 80% of my main job as a French teacher at a grammar school in Bern since 1984 and therefore dependent on fixed time structures. (Om Namah Shivaya, all my dear fellow players on the stage of life, especially you, dear Dietlind and Gina, dear Heinz, Markus, Kurt, Paul, Martin, Urs and of course Hans, and Om Shanti OM!) I bow I am also grateful to all the students who have ever been entrusted to me, as they are often the best teachers in the subject of self-knowledge! In addition to the cultural languages, may you also speak our true mother tongue, that is, the language of love and the heart, in your life. (Vous vous rappelez Saint-Exupéry, mes 'grands': “On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur… l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux….” Om Shanti Om!).

At the beginning of the nineties, after an inspiring encounter with the multicultural shaman Emahò from Santa Cruz, who comes from Mexico, (from heart to heart, dear Emahò, and Om Shanti OM!), My 'Divine Parents' entered my life in quick succession , Amma through her biography (Om Amriteshvaryai Namaha, dear Mr. Weyermann, and Om Shanti Om!), On the inner level, but also physically, because since 1993 I have been experiencing her darshan and her loving embrace every year when she is on her European tour in the Switzerland is staying. (At the beginning, when the flow of visitors was even easier to cope with, I was able to experience Amma's presence a few times on the beautiful Schweibenalp.) Baba also called me through books and blessed me in dreams with his moving darshan. Words cannot express the gratitude and delighted astonishment I feel for the existence of these avatars on our planet and in my life.

And now recently, almost as if in a dream, the Atelier Chrysalide together with the (still to be expanded!) Website was created, my "Room for Information and Transformation" ... A room for me, which I myself in the 'Chrysalide state' , that is, in the butterfly pupal or transformation stage, but also for all those who will find access to it in some way. Baba recently gave me the idea and the courage for the dedication through a dream. I would hardly have dared to take this step on my own terms. Baba knows what it costs me to overcome my shy nature and to turn my insides outwards in order to share the blessings I have received with the often incomprehensible and hurtful world sleeping in nightmares ... The specific reason for the creation of the studio was mine Training as an Advanced Tachyon Practitioner, the catalyst for its official foundation was Maya Christina, the daughter of a cousin of Hans, for practical and legal reasons. She left her young body on March 7th of this year after a long illness. (Om Namah Shivaya, dear Maya Christina, and Om Shanti Om!)

If someone asks me how I got the Tachyon energy, I answer: through inner guidance, intuitively, and then tell the following story. It sounds like a hymn to the Internet: A good two years ago I started Bill Harris' Holosync program, which I heard about through an article in Esotera magazine. In the manual, Bill describes methods that can help when the mental 'garbage' and unpleasant physical symptoms that often arise in the deep state of meditation threaten to overwhelm you temporarily. He also mentions Dr. Eugene Gendlin. Since the standard book on Focusing given there was considered out of print and I wasn't working with the Internet at the time, I let the whole thing rest for now. A year later I reread Bill's manual and, out of sheer curiosity, entered the term I was looking for in a meta search engine. In doing so, I found my home in Gürbetal via America and Germany: Pastor Anton Wildi from Toffen and Véronique Botteron, kinesiologist in Bern, hold regular seminars together in their focusing workshop (Om Christave Namaha, dear Véronique, dear Anton, and Om Shanti OM!).

Last spring I attended a trial day, then the Focusing I weekend course in two parts. After an exercise in the first part, I suddenly felt the spontaneous need for a headband. In the evening at home I looked for the German term 'headband', again using a meta search engine, and came across pages for horse harnesses as well as a German website from Advanced Tachyon Technologies, because there are also tachyonized headbands ... C'est ça. It didn't take long until I found Tachyon - Switzerland, this time by phone.

During the summer and autumn holidays I took courses with Kurt Inderbitzin in Emmenbrücke, (Thank you, dear Doris, dear Kurt, and OM Shanti OM!), Including the one designed by David Wagner (the inventor of the tachyonization process and founder of Advanced Tachyon Technologies) and seminar held by Herbert Parameshwara Hoffmann on Lake Sarnen, 'Quality of One', Level I (Jai Sai Ram, dear Herbert, and Om Shanti OM!). Inadvertently, my unpaid vacation between the summer and fall holidays helped me calmly process it and make plans. Only after my return from the 'Green River' to Switzerland was I able to gradually start realizing my ideas. So after I had long since managed to do this with Juanito with my tachyon craze, I turned our apartment upside down, among other things. I'm sorry, Hans-Schätzeli; the destructive energy of SHIVA, which is outdated, is unstoppable and gradually becomes a rousing current. Throw yourself in and let him carry you into the ocean of light !!!)

Further courses will follow, for example the Practitioner Seminar II in June, where the use of organ-specific tachyon products is taught under the direction of a doctor. Perhaps I will also attend mantra courses with Herbert Parameshwara Hoffmann in Germany in the fall. Herbert has been a student of Swami Kaleshwar, a devotee of Sai Baba from Shirdi, for two years, which closes the circle again ... Since I rarely have to take any high school exams this year, I have a little more air for all that is new my life.

In autumn 1981, when I attended a workshop by the North American shaman Don Perrote in Basel, he concluded a confidential conversation about me and my future with something that filled me with great joy: 'You are going to help people all the time.' May his vision become manifested reality! (May all the star-, earth-, animal-, vegetal- and mineral-people be happy, dear Don Perrote, and Om Shanti Om!).

To round off this very personal side for the time being - but doesn't PERSONA mean 'mask', the unreal ?! - It urges me to share Babaji's beautiful, powerful and encouraging message with all those who want to be touched by it. Doesn't it sound very familiar?

Babaji's message:

"Love all humanity.
Help all living beings.
Be happy. Be polite.
Be a source of inexhaustible joy.
Know God and the good in every face.
No saint is without a past
no sinner without a future.
Say good things about everyone.
Can't you find praise for someone
so let him go out of your life.
Be original, be inventive.
Be brave. Take courage - over and over again.
Do not imitate. Be strong. Be sincere.
Don't lean on other people's crutches.
Think with your own head. Be yourself.
All the perfection and virtue of God
Are hidden in you - reveal them.
Wisdom is also already in you - give it to the world.
Allow the grace of God to set you free.
Let your life be that of a rose
- she speaks the language of the fragrance in silence. "

Shri Babaji, February 1984

In April 2000
From heart to heart

Almost two years have now passed. The planned mantra seminar with Herbert Parameshwara in autumn 2000 did not materialize, instead Babaji took me to a Sanskrit seminar with Aja, a well-known, well-known friend, at the end of November in Kiental. It seems that part of the crew from our scout ship of the Ashtar command fleet is gradually finding itself again.

The magazine ELRAANIS got a new name and a new concept, not quite on my line anymore. However, I will always be grateful to the editors for introducing me to Ilona Focali, a wonderful lightworker, and her Babaji energy plates. In addition to Ramtha, Kryon, Sananda, P'taah and many others, one of my favorite readings is now the LichtForum by Reindjen Anselmi from the Swiss publishing house Assunta.

My Atelier Chrysalide is very present, but more as an ideal than as a concrete space. Advanced Tachyon has been pushed a bit into the background: on the one hand, my unchanged obligations from the last millennium are taking a lot of strain on me, on the other hand, product distribution is quite complicated for us Swiss who live on an island in Europe. However, I myself enjoy the powerful tools that are available to me as a practitioner.

Shiva Paramatma, this time is wonderful, sometimes also terrible. Your cleaning institute is often ruthlessly thorough, efficient and uplifting.
Om Namah Shivaya!

Lovesong to Shiva

All ways wind
So powerful I am
Dwelling in the cavern of light

Like the snake evoked by Murali charm
I awaken

Spiral dance around your soul

A passionate caress
Rushing through your heart



Sweet note in your ear

so ham


In March 2002
from heart to heart

And again it has become spring, again a year has passed apparently without any noteworthy external changes. We are still traveling back and forth between Gürbe, Aare and Ain and have been grappling with the new import and re-export conditions for our dear protected cockatoo Alba for two years.As always, my husband is eagerly devoted to his plants, orchids and model sport, be it as a member of the Aeroclub de France in Bourg-en-Bresse, or, especially in winter, with friends in Switzerland, always striving to get the best of to give yourself.

A number of changes of general interest have taken place in the area of ​​my favorite magazines: Reinjen Anselmi has handed over the relay to the former Elraanis and Integrales editor Herbert Reinig, who now continues the magazine LichtForum under the name Lichtfokus in a slightly different form.

A spontaneous encounter before the summer vacation refreshed my contact with Carmen and Hans-Rudolf Frey and their Skylight Center in Steffisburg. In addition, a few butterflies flew from the Atelier Chrysalide in the form of German translations of the writings of Aja: Mantra, the Power of Sound and Gayatri Mantra, the Sound of Divine Light. And last but not least, for the sheer joy of assembling books, the colorful, small in-house production PrOMesia, i.e. Prosa, Poesia, Promes (se), OM.

Om - and again and again Om, Shiva, Sanatana Dharma! A few months ago I got to know, like and appreciate Brit Morf. Your deep relationship with Babaji connects us, your book Countdown 2012 is fascinating and helpful in my life situation. So it is not surprising that I am now taking part in her monthly workshop in Thun and that I am looking forward to future events with Babaji together with her.

Yes, and since yesterday, i.e. a week before Easter, new and beautiful things are also happening in my Tachyon world. I rejoice deeply about what I heard from Karar (Tachyon Institute Germany) at Ananta in Ersigen, namely that Sri Sathya Sai Baba, my rose heart Baba, expressly blesses the work of and with Advanced Tachyon Technologies ™. I am delighted and grateful for the fact that we now have a new distribution system called T-com_ for Advanced Tachyon ™ products, a system that is apparently in flux with the new energy on our planet.
Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
May all beings be happy

Om Shanti Om

in April 2003

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