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Bruce Springsteen, The Boss, is a musical one-of-a-kind. He has been at the forefront of rock'n'roll food for almost fifty yearssChain. His way of writing music and, above all, of performing it, his distinctive, unmistakable voice and his style, which cannot be replicated, make him one of the greatest artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. In honor of his 70th birthday, we have our top 10 greatest songs by the exceptional musician for you.

Since his big breakthrough With the album Born to Run in 1975, Springsteen has become an indispensable part of international rock music. With 20 albums, countless hits, tireless live performances and even his own show on Broadway, Bruce Springsteen has spoiled us for the past fifty years. Doing so relies The boss not on a single, tried and tested recipe for success. Although you always listen to his songs to see who is at work, he understands everything - from stadium hymns to ballads to narrative, almost poem-like songs - in his to forge very own style.

Bruce Springsteen Top-10: His best songs

The Boss is a force on the stage even at 70. (c) Danny Clinch

Springsteen's 70th birthday gave us the opportunity to dive into his discography again. Of course, many of our editors have been running up and down his songs for decades. With such a large selection as Bruce Springsteen offers, it was not easy to narrow down. You can read in ours which songs are at the top of our personal boss charts and why Bruce Springsteen top 10. There are also great background stories about the creation and history of the songs:

Rank 10: The Ghost of Tom Joad

A jewel that sanded for a long time had to be until it really shone. The Ghost of Tom Joad should actually be included as a bonus on Springsteen's Greatest Hits album 1995. Unfortunately the result was unsatisfactory and it was canceled. A few months later the song came out as an acoustic version, and it took another 19 years to do it The Ghost of Tom Joad in its original rock shape on the album High hopes appeared. The song tells of a character from the novel the fruits of anger, who stands for the cohesion and cooperation of the community.

Album:The Ghost of Tom Joad. Published:1995

9th place: Blinded By The Light

The first song on Bruce Springsteens Debut album Greeting from Asbury Park, NJ and his first single also flopped when it was released in 1973. In later years the song was even more successful when it was in the cover version of Manfred Mann 1977 reached number 1 in the charts. Springsteen actually hated that version of his song, but it didn't make a bad profit. The song is full of allusions to people Springsteen knew himself or met on boardwalks. Today is Blinded By The Light a classic and it perfectly embodies most archetypal styles in Springsteen's work.

Album:Greeting from Asbury Park, NJ.Published:1973

Rank 8: Streets of Philadelphia

This song opened the Oscar-winning filmPhiladelphia, for which Tom Hanks received his first Academy Award for Best Actor in 1994. And the song also won an award that evening, as expected for the best original film song. Streets of Philadelphia triumphed over Neil Young, whose song Philadelphia was also written specifically for the same film. Bruce Springsteen recorded the song in his private studio at home and the version heard in the film is that very first demo version of the song. What Streets of Philadelphia is the authenticity of the sound. Raw and not overproduced, it seems like the emotional self-talk of a sufferer who wanders the streets alone.

Album:Philadelphia official soundtrack.Published:1994

7th place: Last To Die

Last To Die from the 2007 album Magic is probably the one most personal pick in our list of all the best Bruce Springsteen songs. It was this song that, even though I was already a Springsteen fan, drew me deeper into his work. The string melody with its ambivalent, at the same time hopeful and melancholy mood and the story that the song tells,touched me then most notably. The song is based on a quote from the then US MP John Kerry when he spoke out against the Vietnam War. He then asked how one could ask a man to be the last to lose his life in this war.

Album:Magic. Published:2007

6th place: Darkness on the Edge of Town

In Darkness on the Edge of Town return characters from Springsteens Born to Run Album as more adult people with more life experience back. You struggle with new problems and reflect more deeply than before. The song speaks of the idea that one can often only improve oneself in a state of greatest despair. Not only the characters but also the songwriting are with this song grown up. As with many, Springsteen came up with the name before he wrote the song, and because the title struck him as powerful, it was particularly important to him to compose something that deserved the title.

Album:Darkness on the Edge of Town.Published:1978

5th place: Badlands

The same applies to Badlands. From the same album as Darkness on the Edge of Town the characters sweep here too Born to Run back. The song was that second single of the album and was considered as the theme song. That honor came after all Darkness on the Edge of Town to. Badlands is a fast, driven song. Right from the start a piano melody rushes ahead, which, just like the Springsteens refrain, conveys a mix of opposing emotions. Always hopeful, but without difficulty displacing. Therefore rank 5 in our Bruce Springsteen Top-10.

Album:Darkness on the Edge of Town.Published:1978

4th place: Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark is a song with very more interesting and ironic History. At the time Springsteen wrote the song, he was having a hard time writing commercially successful hits. His albums were successful, but the singles failed to get high in the charts. In the text he refers, among other things, to clichés in the music industry. The irony is that this song is for Mega hit has been. The song reached number 1 on the charts, and it more than deserved it. With us it's enough for a strong fourth place in our Bruce Springsteen Top-10. Friends fans know, of course, which acting star comes to him on stage in the video.

Album:Born in the U.S.A.Published:1984

3rd place: Born to Run

Back to big breakthrough. The title track of what is arguably the most important album in Springsteen's career was the first song that Springsteen, when he wrote it, conceived not only for a live performance but also for production in the studio. Still struck Born to Run also fully live. The newspaper Real paper wrote of a song on a show: "I've seen the future of rock 'n' roll - and her name is Bruce Springsteen." Born to Run is also the Springsteen song that has changed the most over the years. It was played and recorded with a large ensemble, guitar alone, and in many other ways to the trademark.

Album:Born to Run.Published: 1975

2nd place: Born in the U.S.A.

Everyone knows this songwhether you are a real Springsteen fan or not. Originally the title would have Vietnam and the song is about the problems faced by the veterans of this traumatic war on their return. Born in the U.S.A.is a very often misunderstood song. If you listen to the song inattentively, you might think, because of the simple chorus, that it is a patriotic homage. The chorus is actually meant ironically, and the entire song is a thoroughly socially critical work that addresses the bad treatment of Vietnam returnees. Today as well one should still listen carefully and don't forget that music is often more than it seems at first glance.

Album:Born in the U.S.A.Published: 1984

1st place: The River

The River is Springsteens greatest work of art. No other song conveys so much feeling, so much energy and such a range of emotions. The quiet beginning, in which the basic melody hesitantly resonates into the iconic refrain of the escape down to the river, where the listener can hear it The protagonists' sense of freedom can experience. The story the song tells is so effective because it embodies the reality and at the same time the fears of many young people and manages to wrest so much hope from fate.

The life of a young man who, against his will, follows an all too normal path and who longs for a breakout. The verses build up so much power until the chorus leaves everything free. The song was written after Springsteen's conversation with his brother-in-law, who told him about his life. No other Springsteen song combines its essence and style with such perfection. That's why we ranked first in our Bruce Springsteen Top-10!

Album:The River.Published:1980

11th to 20th place: Even more hits from the rock legend

Of course, there are still so many great Bruce Springsteen songs that didn't make our list. Because these songs too deserve a mention, here our places 11 to 20:

11.  Thunder Road
12. Atlantic City
13. The rising
14. Devils and Dust
15. Glory Days
16. Racing in the streets
17. Hungry Heart
18. If I Should Fall Behind
19. My City in Ruins
20. Radio Nowhere

Hero's tip! Of course, Springsteen has also had his great band over the years. Including his saxophonist Clarence Clemons,who died 8 years ago. There is a great biography of the Big Man - you can read details here in our book review. (ph)

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