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Sony Ericsson W595 - 40MB - Black Lava (Without Simlock)

w595 - my new companion

== HELLO YOUR LOVED ONES == oOo _ COMMENTS ON THE CAMERA_ oOo Since I am a user of a Nikon D60 and an HP 525, I am not necessarily dependent on a handycam, even if it was always nice with my K800i. I was aware of this because the cam of the w595 disappoints me very much. Since there is no flash and no focus, all photos blur and nothing can be done in the dark. Class! That is disappointing when you consider that the cell phone costs free from 200 euros! Well, the W series specializes in music. oOo _KLANG_ oOo I used my K700i the days before signing the contract and once called a friend - now I use the w595 and the difference is exaggerated. The people on the other side sound real :) I find that extremely important and also distinguishes the quality of the cell phone. But it would also be embarrassing if that can't do that with a cell phone that specializes in music enjoyment :) oOo _INSTATION ON THE SLIDER_ oOo I've always had normal cell phones and now I wanted a slider and I'm very satisfied with it. I think the w595 lies very well in the hand! It can be postponed wonderfully with just one hand. It doesn't take much force. oOo _FUR ME NEW THINGS_ oOo What I think is really cool is typing text messages, for example. Longer than a message is that the cell phone then briefly becomes darker and you have not only an auditory but also a visual stimulus that draws your attention. I haven't tried Shake Control yet because I don't use my mobile phone to listen to music. oOo _ COMMENTS ON w585 GENERAL_ oOo The cell phone sits comfortably in the hand, which is very important. Since I'm only used to normal cell phones so far, it is a small change to type on such a flat screen. I find the shape of the phone very comfortable and that was the reason why I bought it. I still had something in my eye on the 7, but there was such a knobbly ledge at the end of the keyboard, which I found uncomfortable and ugly. I also think it's nice that the phone is slightly rounded at the corners and doesn't look so angular. '' 'Best of all' '' I think that the w595 no longer has a joystick. That was one of the reasons why I bought the other two cell phones at the time, but after a while they are simply worn out (from the paintwork and from the controls) and that's no longer fun. This was not done here and I welcome that very much. '' 'What I don't like is the battery cover' '' because it's just ridiculous. You have to "crack" it - and if you are not careful enough, then that's it. With all other cell phones that I have had so far, you could slide open the covers and that wasn't a problem. In contrast to my K800i, I think it's good that I don't have to remove the battery when I want to exchange the memory card. This is because it is placed next to the battery and not under the. The button operation may be a bit strange at first, but you get used to it very quickly, because SE actually always stays true to its structure in terms of structure (at least the ones I know). oOo_ SUMMARY PRO w595_ oOo Design handling Menu navigation Perfect for music lovers Sufficiently large buttons No joystick oOo_ SUMMARY CONTRA w595_ oOo Camera battery cover tends to break No cover for the camera lens With o2 there were no correct instructions Read full review