What is a hybrid energy system

Off-grid energy solution

Providing a reliable, cost-effective off-grid power supply

  • Save money and reduce emissions
  • Benefit from a reliable, uninterruptible power supply
  • A reliable and scalable off-grid solution

Are you looking for an inexpensive off-grid energy solution?

Panasonic offers off-grid and hybrid energy solutions that are capable of supplying remote areas with power without a grid connection or that can act as a reserve for an existing power source. Our solutions can be implemented quickly on site and offer companies such as rail vehicle operators and energy suppliers a reliable, efficient and modern power supply.

Reliable power supply at low cost

Our solutions are perfect for companies with systems in areas that are not or only very poorly connected to the national power grid. Most of the companies that e.g. B. operate GSM-R masts in remote locations, use diesel-powered power generators, which cause high operating and maintenance costs. The hybrid energy systems from Panasonic provide the required power much cheaper and offer your company a reliable source of energy. Panasonic's hybrid solutions combine state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries with renewable energy sources to create an off-grid power source with unparalleled efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, storage and costs. The combination of optimized generators and renewable energies massively reduces diesel consumption and the associated costs for transport and maintenance, so that OPEX savings of up to 80% are not uncommon.

How do Panasonic hybrid energy systems benefit your company?

  • Operating cost savings thanks to a high-performance hybrid energy system
  • Manageable, controllable and measurable energy savings on site
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs thanks to real-time software tools with remote management functions
  • Efficient intelligent remote management with automatic fault localization, also for diesel generators and batteries
  • Providing a cleaner and quieter operating environment

Panasonic hybrid power solutions - specific applications

  • Transport - e.g. B. GSM-R masts along the rail network
  • Telecommunications base stations
  • Remote oil, gas, and utility locations
  • Industrial or agricultural operations

Our hybrid power solutions are designed to draw maximum power from the solar and storage system and to minimize generator use. They are custom-made and specifically set up where the electricity is needed.

Worries about network access, fuel deliveries or generator maintenance are a thing of the past.

If you are interested in further information about the advantages of off-grid energy, the Panasonic Business Solutions team will be happy to answer your questions.

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