Who got fired from Buzzfeed

12 people to be fired and 12 to be hired immediately

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Thread of patience = broken.

1. Fires the person who thought toilets weren't made to sit down:

BuzzFeed.de © anavic.maria / Via instagram.com

But give this artist permanent leave:

BuzzFeed.de © Hivloger / Via imgur.com

2. This is just damn sloppy and I won't have it:

BuzzFeed.de © vinerz / Via reddit.com

But this takes real dedication:

BuzzFeed.de © -sUBzERoo- / Via reddit.com

3. The sight of it makes me feel up.

BuzzFeed.de © C0R3YM4N / Via reddit.com

Fortunately, there are still employees who care about the sanity of others:

BuzzFeed.de © Tiny_Fox / Via reddit.com

4. Whoever thought this was a good idea is obviously bothered:

BuzzFeed.de © Eilbeck / Via giphy.com

Now erase the sink from your memory and pay tribute to the inventor of this fantastic sprayer for pizza sauce:

BuzzFeed.de © zafferous / Via gfycat.com

5. Which came first, the post or the parking space? Anyway, it sucks either way:

BuzzFeed.de © pringlepingel / Via reddit.com

But do you know what doesn't suck? Whichever genius invented this reassuring display:

BuzzFeed.de © FuckanatorV2 / Via imgur.com

6. There is no privacy here:

BuzzFeed.de © imgur.com

Speaking of sausages: just look at this masterpiece:

BuzzFeed.de © 420bit / Via reddit.com

7. Whoever deleted this probably hates me, and so do I:

BuzzFeed.de © TheWorstKorea / Via reddit.com

However, I would definitely buy a car from this guy:

BuzzFeed.de © Obito_GF / Via i.imgur.com

8. These tiles scream inside:

BuzzFeed.de © d4niellehamilton / Via reddit.com

But these tiles know they're damn sexy:

BuzzFeed.de © DrFloyd5 / Via i.imgur.com

9. The illustrator of this book thought it was cute to rebel:

BuzzFeed.de © UltraLaser23 / Via reddit.com

But why count bananas when you can let this photo calm you down:

BuzzFeed.de © ExtraSoup / Via reddit.com

10. Don't get too excited by these uneven hand dryers:

BuzzFeed.de © Gizman105 / Via reddit.com

But marvel at the calligraphy skills of this barista:

BuzzFeed.de © imgur.com

11. And the head of this company will hear from my lawyers very soon:

BuzzFeed.de © poojokes / Via reddit.com

So please, stare with me at the fine workmanship of these boxes while I wait for them to call back:

BuzzFeed.de © NHK World / Via giant.gfycat.com

12. Whoever put these bars up was clearly drunk:

BuzzFeed.de © BeefTeaser / Via i.imgur.com

So please designate the person who designed this masterpiece for all future projects:

BuzzFeed.de © ImmunosuppressivePip / Via reddit.com

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