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ChatRoulette is the name of an Internet video chat portal that was founded in November 2009 by Andrei Ternowski, a student from Moscow.

Chatroulette became an internet hype in early 2010. The portal gained a lot of attention due to the excessive reporting. The Alexa Traffic Rank of 2,506 worldwide and 703 in the USA indicates a high level of popularity (March 14, 2010).[1]

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1 Registration and functionality

1.1 General Terms and Conditions

The minimum age is 16 years. In the terms and conditions, the transmission of offensive, obscene and pornographic content is prohibited.

1.2 How it works

Every visitor can use the video chat function on any computer with web access and webcam without downloading and installing, registering or paying. Technically speaking, it is a mixture of the Skype and Chat service. With Chatroulette, users are randomly connected to other foreign users from all over the world via video chat. Each of these participants connected in this way can end the chat at any time with the F2 key in order to be connected to the next participant or stranger immediately via a random generator. If the connection is removed with the F2 key, the likelihood of meeting again is extremely low.

Premium account

In order to be able to target users from certain countries, you need a special one Token code for the premium account. For a payment of 10 dollars, 100 premium connections are possible. You can then select up to three countries with which you only want to be connected.

2 popularity

Lately, some clones or comparable sites have been created, which, however, cannot achieve the same level of popularity at the moment. [2]

3 YouTube

There are some notable chat videos being posted on YouTube right now. The YouTube video "Eye Vagina" shows a girl's eye in chat that looks like a vagina when closed. Another video shows BanterDude, a masturbating rag doll that makes other chat participants laugh.[3]Also known is the piano man who plays something on the piano for his chat partners.[4][5]

4 anonymity

Contrary to what many users seem to believe, anonymity is not guaranteed with Chatroulette either. It is now said to be websites like Chat roulette maps who can save photos from chat films - and assign the user's location on a Google map.

5 criticism

The transmission of offensive, obscene and pornographic content cannot currently be completely ruled out, although it is not permitted under the terms and conditions. Similar to the early days of the Internet, there is no moderation at Chatroulette. Some users also complain about the excess of men and the fact that people can often be clicked away because of their appearance or gender - this state is often referred to as "getting nexted", with the majority of users seeming to keep their fingers over the F2 key. Creativity is apparently required to keep your chat partner on the line for as long as possible. You could possibly be offended in the chat (for example because of your origin) and you might see disgusting and shocking content and exhibitionists. On Bild.de it is mentioned that chatroulette is mutating into a penis TV. [6] People are also said to have been seen sitting in front of swastika flags.

6 lock

To counteract this, the inventor integrated a reporting function into Chatroulette. Three users complain about a person on the network (Report spam), it is automatically blocked.[7]Chatroulette has been working for some time with special software that automatically identifies nudity. If you show too much skin, you can be automatically blocked. Women like to use the reporting function if they dislike a male body. Usually you are then blocked for 12-24 hours. If you want to be activated early, you have to do "charitable work" at Chatroulette. For example, to support the software, one has to use several picture galleries to identify 200 (sometimes 400) different users who present nudity.

7 Others

Chatroulette is currently operated on seven servers in Frankfurt am Main. The network protocol "User Datagram Protocol" (UDP) should be switched off.

8 alternatives

9 individual proofs

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