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Problems with MCZ pellet stove: tips and solutions!

October 15, 2020Betty Schneider

An MCZ pellet stove is a technical device with which users can run into problems every now and then over the years and then look for a solution. In this post, we address issues that, in our experience, users have every now and then. We also explain how you can use pellet stoves Solve the problem with the MCZ pellet stove yourself could. In principle, however, the following applies: All functions that the operator needs to know are described in the operating instructions! What is not in the operating instructions is not intended for the operator.

It is understandable that a user who no longer has a guarantee on his stove anyway should first try to help himself before calling in the expensive customer service of the manufacturer MCZ to solve the problem with the pellet stove. To what extent everyone trusts their own technical skills, everyone has to know for themselves and this article is definitely not a recommendation to forego customer service and to lend a hand. If there are many electronic defects, the MCZ pellet stoves can be operated like a conventional device continue to operate in the emergency program until repair. Nevertheless, we would like to share and pass on the experiences that other users have made with problems with their MCZ pellet stove, because people learn through experience and from the experiences of others, the individual!

There is a problem with the MCZ pellet stove? - Small guide through various construction sites:

  1. No connection between smartphone and MCZ pellet stove
  2. The control panel or remote control does not work with the MCZ pellet stove
  3. A06 Error message - insufficient combustion air
  4. Error A10 even if the furnace has not started
  5. Pellet stove does not feed pellets
  6. Combustion air problems with the MCZ pellet stove
  7. The pellet stove does not switch off after the target temperature has been reached
  8. Strange smell when operating the new MCZ pellet stove
  9. Deposits on the pane / viewing glass soot on the pellet stove
  10. MCZ oven makes noises

No connection between smartphone and MCZ pellet stove (anymore) possible

MCZ pellet stove users who have just become fresh and have decided on a Maestro model often have problems connecting the stove with their smartphone, let alone with the home internet. This is mostly due to the fact that the MCZ pellet stoves use the 2.4 GHz broadband and the home WLAN router, however, often uses a frequency of 5 GHz. Here is the simple solution Set the router to a frequency of 2.4 GHzto connect to the internet. In addition, it should be checked whether there is sufficient WLAN reception at the installation site.

The control panel or remote control does not work with the MCZ pellet stove

This problem occurs when different Maestro versions are preinstalled on the respective devices. Especially when buying a remote control or control panel for the MCZ pellet stove that has been around for some time, it is often the case that the younger generation remote controls or control panels are only compatible with a newer version of MCZ Maestro. This means that the pellet stove has to be equipped with a new Maestro version in order to solve this problem. For this you need the MCZ Maestro APP, which with your own Google account can be obtained free of charge from the Playstore.

Tip: If you have problems with your smartphone, the MCZ Maestro pellet stove can also be controlled with a control panel directly on the stove, which is why retrofitting makes sense and we strongly recommend it!

MCZ pellet stove Maestro control panel for flush wall mounting

MCZ Maestro pellet stove control panel for surface wall mounting

A06 Error message - insufficient combustion air

Depending on the desired heating output of the pellet stove, the specific amount of combustion air is supplied via a speed control of the fan. This is done by means of an induced draft fan, which is built into the flue gas side of the pellet stove, which sucks the required combustion air into the combustion chamber and sucks exhaust gases into the chimney. If the fan speed is too high or too low no optimal combustion air flow can produce more, the error A06 is triggered in the MCZ pellet stove. This happens when the air flow meter measures values ​​that are outside the target values. The following problems that trigger error A06 can be the cause:

  1. Cause: Dirty furnace structure

Thoroughly clean everything once down to the flue

  1. Cause: Measurement error in the air flow meter due to lint and dust

Clean the air flow meter. To do this, remove it and dust it off with a brush.

  1. Cause: Leaky furnace structure

Check whether the glass pane, oven door or cleaning openings are leaking, replace seals if necessary.

  1. Cause: Holes in the brazier have grown over

Clean the burner pot and pierce the dirty holes so that they are open again.

  1. Cause: Weather conditions and downdrafts have a negative impact on draft behavior

Unfavorable pressure conditions lead to measured air volume values ​​that trigger the error. Chimney tops can help if this phenomenon occurs regularly

  1. Cause: The air flow meter values ​​are frozen at a fixed value

This is a rare software bug. It helps to reboot the active operating system with the power switch or to play new software on the motherboard

  1. Cause: Defective air flow meter or defective Active board

This error occurs preferably when the device is operated without overvoltage protection.

Other problems can certainly also be the cause, we have listed the most common reasons. A correct handling In terms of good combustion, it is essential to achieve a clean burn and not to challenge the air flow meter to trigger error A05 or A06 on the basis of measured values ​​outside the tolerance range. (A05 error is almost identical to A06, only it occurs before the start phase during the safety check if the air flow meter does not achieve the required safety values)

In general it can be said that user experiences show that the pellet stove draws better than the pellet stove in automatic stop mode running. This also eliminates manual operating errors. Because often an A06 error also arises simply because the pellet stove manually to low power is operated and thus quickly becomes dirty.

User experience: “At the beginning I also had problems with errors A05, A06 etc. Now the Philo only runs in AUTO-STOP mode. That means, set temp. 24 ° C, at 22 ° on and off at 24 °, and the whole thing, after the start-up phase, at maximum output. Since then no more error messages. "

Error A10 even if the furnace has not started

In our customer example, the customer received the error message A10 even though the furnace had not started. Since the error A10 stands for defects in the spark plug, the customer removed the ignition cartridge, installed a new one and installed the old one Spark plug for testing on the electricity connected. This obviously worked and wasn't the problem. You have to know that before starting the electronics (that's when the problem already appeared) the resistance of the ignition rod and thus also the Contact resistance of cables and plugs checks. As a result, there could be a problem with already oxidized plugs or terminals. Sometimes it's such little things. Another possibility is that the board is no longer working properly. In the case we have described, it actually was the board is the causal problem and fixed with the exchange. The customer entered the code 01 when teaching and the pellet stove has been working again since then.

Pellet stove does not feed pellets

If the pellet stove is not being supplied with pellets, this may be because the pellet screw conveyor has slipped off the motor. The result: the motor turns, but no pellets are conveyed because the auger does not turn with it.

A customer whose warranty had already expired tried to solve the problem of missing pellets as follows:

  • Everything unscrewed and the motor unflanged
  • Finding: Snail jams, but does not loosen it
  • The pellet container is emptied and the rest of the auger is sucked with the vacuum cleaner à to do this, turn the pellet stove upside down or remove the protective grille
  • Visible as a pellet screw conveyor, the gear motor and screw were turned. (The motor can be turned by almost 180 degrees in order to be able to release blockages that are caused, for example, by pieces of wood between the pellets)
  • In the case of the customer, a piece of aluminum that jammed the screw, which was probably in the pellet bag à use high-quality pellets!
Note: Inferior pellets always involve a risk due to their composition alone. Therefore you should pay attention to a good pellet quality when choosing the pellets! But don't worry, an MCZ is so massive that nothing will bend so quickly due to foreign parts, or the bearings, gears and windings of the motor will be damaged.

Combustion problems with the MCZ pellet stove

There have been customers who have experienced combustion problems with their pellet stove. These expressed themselves in such a way that noticeably more ash accrued and the window dirty much faster. The flame image as such was no longer an eccentric welding flame, but rather broadly diversified and very restless - to all sides and no longer upwards as before. It seems as if the flame is no longer getting any proper draft.

Checklist for combustion problems:

  • Are all pipes clear from the intake to the burner?
  • Distorted burner pot? à Burner pot exchanged, problem was solved
  • Door seal and window seal OK?
  • Inspection flap under the ash compartment opened and cleaned
  • Seal to the blower compartment replaced if already opened (required every time it is opened)
  • Fan cleaned?
  • All plug connections and cables checked? These can accidentally loosen while cleaning.
  • Checked by hand whether the induced draft fan turns absolutely smoothly?

If you have gone through the checklist, there is a high probability that the smoke fan is defective, or its Encoder wrong values passes on, or else the Motherboard wrong values read. If so, it is advisable to replace the entire fan - which is the most stressed part either way - or just the encoder. Since his guarantee had already expired and the costs of these components would only have covered the journey and unpacking of the customer service, one customer decided to order the fan, first to exchange the encoder and to keep the fan as a spare part, if the encoder actually was the cause would be.

Furthermore, the motor / magnet could be exchanged and if that doesn't help that complete flue gas blower to be renewed. Most of the time, it is a question of overvoltage damage to the speed controls on the motherboard if the devices are operated on poor house networks without 500 volt overvoltage protection.

The pellet stove does not switch off after the target temperature has been reached

Sometimes there is the problem that the stove is in the program setting "ECO" or "Timer ECO" after reaching the target temperature no longer switches off. Actually, the pellet stove regulates itself down to the lowest output when the target temperature is reached. If the target temperature reached does not change after 20 minutes, the MCZ pellet stove will then work automatically to standby mode. The pellet stove starts again when the temperature falls below the target temperature by 2 degrees. Often the only problem here is that the commands are not passed on to the furnace, or the furnace cannot receive them. This is also noticeable in the fact that the Remote control operation sometimes does not lead to the desired goal and the oven does not respond. Since, according to the mechanic, changing a defective receiver part is cheaper than replacing the motherboard, it makes sense to do that first Exchange the receiving part. Often that already brings the solution and the replacement of the motherboard is not necessary

Tip: MCZ Air models are controlled with a 440Mhz remote control. In households with a high radio frequency, reception interference can occur. The remote control unit with room sensor should therefore not be more than 5 meters from the stove. A room sensor with a cable connection is an alternative for households with high levels of radio exposure.

Strange smell when operating the new MCZ pellet stove

When switched on for the first time, the paintwork burns in due to the high temperatures. After a few startups, the problem should resolve itself. The smell is harmless and disappears by ventilating the living space without causing any further damage. MCZ recommends the oven the first hours of high performance to allow the paint to bake faster. Customers also reported that too little distance from the wall was the cause of unpleasant smells. The stench disappeared after the stove was moved away from the wall, which caused a better air circulation given is. In addition, the distance should not be too small either way so that the pellet stove can suck in air better.

Deposits on the pane / viewing glass soot on the pellet stove

In general, according to the manufacturer MCZ, there should be no heavy deposits on the lens. If so, the service technician in your area should be called in. But often they are already User or application errors in manual operationthat turn the glass of the MCZ pellet stove black after just a few hours. In the event of such problems with the MCZ pellet stove, insufficient operating performance is often responsible. The pellet stove should therefore run most of the time at a reasonable output (2/3 of the maximum output) and only be turned down to the lowest level when the Room temperature almost reached is. At the lowest level, wait a maximum of 30 minutes to see whether there are still requests from the room and then switch off if necessary. This is the only way for the pellet stove to achieve clean combustion with low deposits.

If you don't understand combustion, you should use your device continuously in automatic mode let run. In this way, optimal combustion with the least possible sooting and sooting can be guaranteed. So sit back and enjoy that the pellet stove can regulate itself!

As a fitter used to say casually: "Every furnace gets sooty when it bounces in front of it."

MCZ oven makes noises

In general, the MCZ pellet stoves are considered to be the quietest pellet stoves at all. Nevertheless, “Air” devices with ready-made air blowers are actually not for sensitive ears. A water-based pellet stove from MCZ is definitely quieter, and a pellet-powered boiler in the basement is even quieter. So far only very few pellet stoves and then only very weak pellet stoves have been designed for pure thermal convection. A pellet stove with a fan simply has to be used for rapid heating of the living space. The MCZ pellet stoves offer the solution here: Pellet stoves with a blower that can be switched off. These MCZ pellet stoves also offer the convenience of activating the "No Air" function and thus switching off the noise-generating fan. On the one hand, this enables the living space to be heated up quickly and, on the other hand, also enables quiet operation. Nevertheless, there are of course completely normal operating noises, which can, however, be reduced, if not completely eliminated, with small tricks:

Noise cause 1: Pellets are jammed under the screw conveyor

A loud noise can occur for 30 to 40 seconds if the pellets jam and the screw conveyor works against it. You can definitely do that here Minimize risk and reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon by buying pellets no longer than 30 mm. Smaller pellets do not tilt in the pellet feed as easily as large, rigid specimens.

Noise cause 2: Glass pane makes cracking noises

Cracking noises that attract attention during operation often come from the glass pane when the borosilicate pane expands when heated. In principle, this is something that defines a fireplace or pellet stove and gives it all its charm. Still, there are people with sensitive ears who are not in vain for one MCZ pellet stove with "No Air function" have decided. The cause of the noise, which is often described as a ticking or cracking, is that the guide plate 5b presses the disc on the left and right against the outer disc seal. The metallic contact points of the guide plate those that press against the pane lead to cracking noises on some devices. A customer solved this problem with the MCZ pellet stove as follows:

  • Unscrew the pressure strip with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Put a little high-temperature lubricant underneath on the two metal surfaces that press the pane on the left and right and the sound described as a ticking or cracking sound subsides.
Danger: The bar has vertical slots that can be moved to adjust the secondary air for the afterburning. Make a note of how this was set beforehand.

Another MCZ customer wrote thanks to this user tip: “Thank you very much for the tip with the guide plate !!! So far no cracking or ticking anymore! "

On the subject of glass, we would like to mention that we already had a customer who had the experience that the rear ventilation caused an annoying chirping when starting and switching off the pellet stove. The customer simply has that here Cast edge of the oven door, through which the air for the rear ventilation or for the secondary afterburning flows in, simply rounded off with a file or an angle grinder. The The problem was thus resolved.

Noise cause 3: The lower axial hot air fan makes grinding noises

When the problem that the warm air fan makes noises, a service technician recommended the to a customer Shaft or the bearing with silicone spray to wet. The MCZ customer reported that he did this with a brush to really only wet the intended components. With this procedure he was able to fix the problem of the rattling bearing for a certain time.

If that's not enough for you, you still have the option of replacing the existing bearing with a better bearing with smaller tolerances, and at best with integrated rubber seals to be replaced if they are available in the same size. The rule here is that fans with plain bearings are louder in comparison than fans with ball bearings. But even with the ball bearings there are different qualities, which would lead too far at this point. Based on customer experience, it can be assumed that the warehouse renewed approx. every 4 years must be, although this is of course individually dependent on the operating hours and the quality.

To the Ball bearings on the hot air blower It takes some manual skill to swap for the ductwork. The front bearing can be replaced more easily than the 2nd bearing.

Important note: If the noises come from the front fan, depending on the model, it may well be possible that the bearing cannot be replaced because the front fan cannot be dismantled. Only the complete fan can then be replaced here.

In addition, the information can be given that the fan or motor shaft should not be able to be moved axially without returning to the starting position. The correct spring tension. The installation of better fans can also help with annoying noises from the hot air fan on the pellet stove. Here are the Fan blades extra aerodynamically shaped. However, this is costly. On the other hand, these fans run for years and even with a little dust imbalance, hardly any noise develops. Such fans are not even installed by the manufacturers in the most expensive pellet stoves. So it's like the bike market. There is always a problem at some point. If the circuit fits, there is a lack of brakes and vice versa. Those who find it difficult to live with disadvantages and are reluctant to make compromises have to lend a hand themselves and optimize some components, but that is also one of them Investment in the next many years.

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