Has Osho died a peaceful death

Osho - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh - The climax of life - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh On Death (1985, 161 p., Text)

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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

about death
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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

The sword of love and death 8

Prepare for Death 46
The Great Journey 51
The mustard seed 52
The Art of Dying 55
The art of living 67
Sannyas or Suicide 81
Life is a woman 92
Soap Bubbles 96
Use Life - Use Death 99
What have you got to lose 107
Head games 111
The real climax 120
You can tell me 123
The biggest joke there is 124
Like a snowflake in clear air 127
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow 133
The essential and the inessential 136
An ancient story:

Jesus, son of Mary, once met an old man
who lived in the open on a mountain without any protection from
Rain and cold. Jesus asked him why he didn't get a house
have built.
"Ah, Spirit of God!" Said the old man. "Prophets
before you predicted that I would only be seven hundred
Would live for years. It's not worth the effort to never-
derzulassen. "from the series:" Book of Wisdom ", Volume 2
The darkness of the night rushes so fast
and the shadows of love
enclose body and mind.
Open the window to the west and leave
in your inner space.
In the center of your chest is an open flower.
Drink the nectar that surrounds this flower.
Waves roll in:
There is such a glory near the ocean
Listen - the sound of giant seashells! Sound of bells!

Kabir says: "Friend, listen,

this is what i have to say:
The guest I love is inside of me.

Friend, hope in the guest while you are still alive.

Immerse yourself in experience while you are still alive.
Remember, don't forget while you're still alive.
What you call "salvation"
belongs to the time before your death.
If you don't loosen the shackles now
do you think the ghosts
do it for you - after your death?
To think that the soul unites with ecstasy
just because the body rots -
all of this is imagination.
What you find now, you will find then.

If you don't find anything now, you just end up

in an accommodation in the city of death.
But if you lovingly embrace the divine now
then you have in the next life
the face of satisfied desire.

So dive into the truth.

Find the teacher
believe in the great sound!

Kabir says this:

If you are looking for the guest
is it the passion of your desire
that does all the work.
Look at me...

And you see a slave to that passion.

The sword of love and death

The greatest mystery in life is not life

itself, but death. Death is the culmination of the
Life, the ultimate prime of life. In death it will
whole lives summarized, in death you arrive. The
Life is a pilgrimage to death. Comes from the start
the death. From the moment of birth the begins
Death to come to you, do you begin to face death
And the greatest misfortune that human
what happened is that he is against death. If you
against death you are missing the greatest secret. And
to be against death also means that life itself
goes - because they are deeply interwoven. you are not
Cut. Life grows, death is its prime. The
The journey and the destination are not separate - the journey ends in
Death must be understood as the crescendo. Then
another point of view emerges. Then you avoid that
Not death, then you are not against death - then you will
gripped by the mystery of death, and you begin to believe it
enjoy and think about it and meditate on it
And death comes in many ways. When you die,
then it's just a form of death. If your mother
dies, then that's a death for you too - because the mother is in
was contained in you, she has a large part of your being
taken. And now the mother has died - this one
Part of you has died. Your father will die, your brother
who, your sister, your friend. Even if your enemy
dies, something in you will die, because the enemy was part too
from you. You miss something, you are missing something, you will never again-
be the same.
So death doesn't just come when you die; the death
comes in many ways. Death always comes. If
your childhood is over and you are a young man or a
have become a young woman, you cannot see that death
happened? Childhood is no longer there, childhood
died, this door is locked. You can not
go back, you can't catch her again; she is for
always on: You died as a child. And then, one
Day, the young man moves towards old age: again
he died. There are a thousand and one deaths.
If you look deep and haunted, you will actually-
let’s see that you’re dying any moment because you’re every
Change moment - something slips away from your being, and
something enters your being. Every moment is a birth
and a death. You flow between these two banks
Birth and death. The flow of your life is only through
Birth and death are possible - and that happens in everyone
It happens very quietly. You can take his steps
not hear. It doesn't make a sound. It happens all the time.
And it happens all the time so you don't see it
it's so obvious. The obvious is forgotten
it becomes part of your life. You just notice something that
suddenly happens, you just notice something that suddenly happens
comes. And death happens all the time, that's why you take it
not at all aware of it.
And those are not the only forms of death; it
are even more subtle forms of death. If you
love, you die. Love is death-death in its purest form.
And only those who are ready to die will be able to love.
If you are afraid to die, you will be afraid too
love. That is why there is no love in the world. The
People think about love all the time - they fantasize about it-
over but they don't go in. Because love is death. And
death scares you.
Lovers die, one in the other. And only those who
willing to die in the other become lovers.
The others are just playing one game. The game "love" is not
real love, it's spurious And millions of people
continue to be dishonest - because they are afraid of death
to have. That is why they are also afraid of love. And
Love always brings death with it. Love is a door for
death, and death is a door to love.
Or if you meditate, you die too. Therefore
people are afraid to go deep into meditation. Everyone
One day someone comes to me: “Bhagwan, now it's happening. And
I'm afraid. I'm afraid to my deepest
camp. Meditation happens; i feel some kind of
dwindle. Now protect me. "He really wanted to meditate
ren - when it didn't happen, he was very worried. Happens now
it; that scares you. And I know why - because when he was over
Meditation read, and heard of meditation he became greedy
afterwards, without realizing that they are in a deep
Death leads into it.
Or you surrender to a master. This is one of the
deepest forms of death: the ego dies and disappears-
det. All of this is death, and death always happens.
You must have these famous lines from John
Donne heard: “Every human death diminishes me because
I am included in humanity; and therefore try
never to find out who the bell is ringing - her
beats for you. "
Whenever someone dies somewhere, he knocks
Death at your door too. And not just a human; a dog
dies, a crow dies, or a leaf fades, dies and
falls from the tree - you die. Because we are together
bound, we are parts of each other, we are parts of one
Body. Man is not an island; we all stop
kind of together. And death happens any moment
in millions of ways around the world. The existence
lives through death, existence renews itself through death
Death. Death is the greatest secret - more mysterious than
life, because life is only a pilgrimage to death.
And only those who love death can know what
Life is. People don't live - they can't
live because they are so afraid of death.

I heard the following story: Ludwig Wittgen-

Stein, a great philosopher, visited another famous
ten philosopher, Bertrand Russell. One night ran
Wittgenstein paced up and down incessantly and held Russell with it
awake. Russell asked why. Wittgenstein said he
couldn't decide whether to commit suicide
should or not. Russell replied, “Well then, hurry up
but with the decision, because I want a little more
Get some sleep. "

Russell made a joke of it, but missed that

Essential. He was a very rational person, realistic,
pragmatic, logical. Wittgenstein was also a great one
Logician, taller than Bertrand Russell, but he knew
also about the limits of logic. He knew that there was something
on the side of logic and he knew that life was his
Secrets revealed only in death. His whole life
he was fascinated by death - he kept thinking about
whether or not he should commit suicide. With "self-
murder "he didn't mean an ordinary suicide - he
The question arose whether he should go or not.

And you can disappear in two ways. A
of it, the usual way, the normal way of dying is to
struggle to fight back. The other possibility
is relaxing, rejoicing, and being ecstatic. The
he meant by suicide. Voluntarily, dancing in the evening
expensive to go in - that's what he calls suicide. Suicide
means to be ready of your own accord to face death
and hug him.
That's one of the most important decisions anyone can make
individual has to meet. Don't die an ordinary death -
reluctant, full of struggle, angry, angry, clinging
tend, greedy for life. Die lovingly. Only then will you
be able to understand these sutras of Kabir - they are from
incredible worth and fortune.

The darkness of the night is approaching so quickly

and the shadows of love
enclose body and mind.

A very strange statement.

Tinvir sanz ka gahira avai
chhavai prem tan-man men.

The night is falling fast, it's getting darker and darker

all light disappears. Life drowns in death, who
Death comes like a flood - chhavai prem tan-man men. But
Kabir says: I am amazed that my body and
Mind are both so full of love. Death is approaching - so should
actually not be it.
Usually it isn't. When death approaches,
your love disappears completely. You get as dry as
a desert, everything green disappears in you. How can you
love when death is near? How can you think of love

when death knocks on your door How can you take it
need to think of love when death is so near? The
Love is a luxury - when death is a long way off, you can
you allow yourself.
In fact, lovers think they will never die
ben. Lovers tend to forget about death - them
begin to feel that love is forever, always and forever.
Love is only possible, ordinary love, I mean if
you think, imagine that there is no death. Only then there
there is enough time and space to show love, love grow too
let reap love. When death approaches ...
Just imagine: you are sitting by the side of your loved one
ten, you hold her hand, and suddenly a messenger comes and
tells you that you will die in five minutes.
The beloved will go away, she won't at all
be there more. Your hand may still be in your hand
rest a woman, but your hand won't feel anything.
Your hand will be a dead hand. You will get cold
all warmth will disappear.
Death is coming. Who can think of love there?
That is why only young people can afford to
loves to be - death seems so far away, in further
Distance. Should he ever come, it will be a long way off
there is no cause for concern. When you get older
loving becomes difficult, for death is approaching many
different types. Your hair turns gray, your face
becomes wrinkled, your body becomes weak. Something wrong
you every day. And whatever slips away, you can
not retrieve. You die. As you get older, appear
love almost impossible. And if old people
see young people as fools, then they have a reason
to. The reason is that they now love the folly
can recognize.
In the face of death, love appears as folly, is
Love absurd. When death isn't there, then love is possible-
Lich, then love is beautiful. If there is death, what
should love then? It's just a hallucination of sorts. Much-
easily love is a natural drug that your body
it is chemical.
The old person begins to think - to the extent that
as his source of life runs dry and he begins to go to the desert
at the same time he becomes very wise and begins that
To see love as something foolish, stupid. Just
young people are so stupid as to think of love - because
what is it about it all? He has nowhere to go
see more beauty. He's starting to see people as skeletons too
see he's starting to see people as rotten bodies,
than dirty things. How can you turn yourself into a skeleton
Imagine your lover as a skeleton. And
hug the skeleton. Just think about the bones ... No you
need youth to be fooled - that is
it what the old man is starting to think. He dies. And
when death enters through one door, it disappears
Love through the other.
So I say Kabir's statement is strange and from
tremendous value. He says:

The darkness of the night rushes so fast

and the shadows of love
enclose body and mind.

Chhavai prem tan-man men.

"My body and mind are flooded with love."
This is how one should die. When death destroys your love
then you have not experienced true love; you were in
caught in a delusion - this love was not a real one

Love. Then you don't have your lover yet
found, then you do not have God in your beloved yet
seen. Because otherwise, when you are near death, you will
come, be full of love, flooded, overflowing.
Why? Because as a separate individual you are now fully
come will disappear in the beloved. Then there is death
no more death, but God. And that's the miracle of
Meditation - it turns death into God. And if
Meditation can transform death into God, what can it do
then do with life? She turns life into
a great ecstasy.
One should learn how to live and how to die. The
is the right way to die - full of love, full of prayer,
ready for the adventure called death. The body is
dwindle, you, as a separate individual, become as a whole
rise up. But that is the longing of love - love
wants to dissolve, love wants to die, love
would like to become one with the whole. she does not want to
stay separate.
This longing to become one with the whole is
Remember when death reminds you of love
nert, then you are on the right track. If the love
be reminded of death, then you are on the right
gen track. When your love is only possible by you
deny death, then your love is fake. And
when the very idea of ​​death disrupts your ability to love
bothers, then you have not yet found out what love is
Love and death occur together, they are two
Aspects of the same energy. When death is the fulfillment
your love is and when your love is ready to die
makes - if they have the same taste and the same
Have a scent - then you’re about that for the first time
Becoming aware of the secrets of life, love and death.
Open the window to the west
and disappear into your inner space.

"Open the window to the west ..." This is a meta

pher. The east embodies the rising sun, the
Birth. And the West embodies the sinking
Sun, death. Kabir says: Open the window to the west.
Get ready, open the window to the west, the sun
go under. Hurry up, open the window to the west,
don't fit the beauty of the sunset. You have the
Seen the beauty of a rising sun, now join the dance
the setting sun. You lived your life now
live your death.
Open the window to the west
and disappear into your inner space.
The original is: Dubaha prem-gagan men - Ver
fade on the inner horizon of love. Open to death
open the door and disappear on the inner horizon of love.
Let life and death meet, let life and death
to become one. And then you will know what God is.
The point where love and death meet is this
Experience of God. And you keep asking what God is
and you ask about God as if that question from someone
Theologians or philosophers could be answered. It
is an experience and only accessible to the bravest - because
it is the meeting of death and love.

Open the window to the west

and disappear into your inner space.
Then you will know what God is. God is love on the

one side and death on the other. And there are two
religious tendencies in the world - religions that
have picked up and emphasized the end of God, and reli-
regions that took up and emphasized the death side of God
to have. Christianity has chosen the loving side
parted, Buddha for the side of death.
Kabir goes beyond the two sides. He says: it is
no need to make a choice. Let both be there - why
choose? Let love and death meet.

Open the window to the west

and disappear into your inner space.

Dubahu prem-gagan men.

"Drown in love and death." Kabir has a very deep
going insight. Jesus says: "God is love" - ​​that is it
positive side of God. Buddha chooses the negative side of God
tes - his way is the way of the negative, via negativa. Chri-
stus says yes, Buddha says no. And God is both yes / no.
God is both and yet beyond both - yes and no
both are not enough to encompass him. Buddha says nir-
vana to it. Nirvana means death - literally it means:
"To put out a lamp". Nirvana means: "a flame
extinguish ". In the same way you disappear in death.
For Buddha, death is God. That's the reason why
Buddha chose the yellow robe for his monks - yellow is
the color of death. The leaves turn yellow before they die.
ben, man turns yellow before he dies. His face will
bloodless. Yellow is the color of death.
Kabir is both Buddha and Christ. He says, “Why
choose? God is both! "But why did Christ and
Buddha chosen only one side? The reason is when you yourself
do not decide for one side, then you look very unlo-

gisch. God should be both - love and death? That looks
absurd - it doesn't fit into our mindset. God is
both darkness and light? God, Creator and Destroyer
rer? God as the good and the bad? That doesn't go together-
men. And because it doesn't go together, we have the
create fel.
Christians created the devil. Because if
God is love, then who is hate? And there is hatred
it; actually more than love. Hatred seems to be the greatest
the greater power to be the stronger force with more influence on
the human mind as love has it.
Can't you see this happening everywhere When a
Country goes to war, it unites. Without the war im
There is no unity of land. If your family is with a
other family quarrel, stick together, show great
Love for all family members. But if there isn't
There is a fight, no hatred, no war, then you start
to fight among themselves.
That happened in India. For many centuries
Hindus and Mohammedans lived here together. To-
when India was liberated, it became a problem-they find-
start killing each other. And the only one
The solution was to split the country in two. The hope
was there when the Mohammedans had their own country -
Pakistan, and the Hindus a country of their own - Hindustan, has-
that the problems would be solved and they in peace
would live. But that didn't happen. Mohammeda-
ner and Hindus no longer fight against each other, because
they live in separate countries, they are no longer together
men. But Pakistan began to struggle with itself;
Mohammedans began to fight Mohammedans
and Bangladesh emerged from it. And the Hindus caught
to fight among themselves.
India is a big country. The Hindi-speaking
Population fights the non-Hindi-speaking population
kerung, the Gujaratis are fighting the Maharathis, the south
fights with the north - thousands of fights. A
The fight ends and a thousand and one fights begin. As
the Hindus fought against the Mohammedans, ruled
unity among the Hindus and unity among the Mohammedans
also. And that's the story of the whole story
of humanity.
People are not together for love, but because
they have a common enemy. The common enemy
connects them. Adolf Hitler said in his autobiography:
"Whether there is an enemy or not, you have to keep training
that the country is in danger. "That way it stays
Country united; if there is no real enemy, then create
a wrong one. But a country can only stay united
when an enemy is there - whether real or fake does not matter
People only stick together when there is hatred.
Hatred is the stronger passion in the world. Creative
People are rare, they only exist once in a while. A
Painter, poet, dancer, singer - they are very
few, one for a million people. And the rest of the
Humanity - is destructive.
And the destruction shows up in many different ways
Species. Maybe you won't be able to see this because
you got used to it. When a person, for example
always feels like eating; constantly stuffed, then he is
simply destructive. He enjoys destroying food
ten. Ask the psychologists, he's just a destructive one
Human. No creative person will ever overeat - that
he can't at all. Your teeth used to be yours
Weapons. Man was just an animal like everyone else
Animals, he had no bayonets, no swords, teeth
were his weapons against violence. Now you can
you don't just bite someone, that way you can get yours
No longer use teeth; that would look very brutal and
Sometimes it happens, people bite - especially
the so-called lovers - huh? What love is
the? Those who pursue the deeper secrets of love
say a kiss is just a fake bite.
You want to bite, but your culture, your civilization
hinder you. So you only go that far. And if two love
go too far with kissing, it comes to
eat. If you get carried away, you call it one
Love bite. What has love got to do with biting?
In one of the oldest writings on love, the
Kamasutra of Vatsayana, the beauty of love
bit described. And there are so many kinds of love to
ses how there are types of kissing - french and this and
that. The love bite has its own method, technique and
Your teeth are your clenched hostility. If
not being allowed to use them is the only way out for one
civilized people, keep eating, keep eating
continue to cram. A creative person is never one
Wolverine. And when someone comes to me and says, “How
can i stop eating? How can i stop - because
the body becomes ugly, it puts on too much fat, what should I do?
do about it? "then my suggestion is: before you don't
get creative, you can't stop doing it. Stick to diet
ten will not help; sooner or later you will find yourself again
to avenge it by eating. As long as your energy isn't crea-
becomes active, you will continue to stuff yourself. That's how you like it up to now-
have not seen before: The people are destructive
Where does this destructiveness come from? For your sake must-
the Christians invented the devil. The devil is only one
Scapegoat to exonerate God, so that God is the pure
Love and the devil can remain pure hatred. But in
Life is nothing pure, everything is mixed up. Life and death are
mixed, love and hate are mixed, creativity and
Destruction rage are mixed up, war and peace are
mixes, men and women are mixed up. It's a big one
Mixing polar opposites.
Christ's choice for love is a positive choice
Mind. Christ is very positive; his religion is positive
tiv. Buddha's choice is for the negative, he is a negative
Understanding. But both have made a choice - and if they did
you choose, then you always exclude something.
Kabir is brave enough to be absurd. He says, “God is
both: love and death. "
Open the window to the west and leave
in your inner space.
In the center of your chest is an open flower.
Chet-kamal-dal ras piyo re.

Right in the very core of your being is a lotus

flower of awareness, full of the juice of immortality.
In the center of your chest is an open flower.

But you can only experience this flower if you

Have experienced love and death together - otherwise not. These
Flower only blossoms when love gives it nourishment and
death wets them like rain. When love and death
penetrate the flower together, then it opens hers
Leaves - not sooner. The perfect blooming of one
human consciousness is that of love and death.
In the center of your chest is an open flower.
Drink the nectar that surrounds this flower.

The original is beautiful: Chet-kamal-dal ras piyo
re - "Become aware of the flower that you have been
carry things in you. Let yourself be awakened by death and let go
love enriching your awakening with ecstasy. "Both
are necessary - you need the shock of death for your
Awakening, you also need the nourishment of love.
When there is only the shock of death, you lapse into one
Coma. If there is only the nourishment of love, you decay
in hallucinations.
The shock of death will not allow you to
to fall for an inner LSD trip
walk. And love and its nourishment help you to
face of death not to wither. You stay green because they
Love is there and awake because death is there.
Did you watch that Whenever you are in danger
your vigilance is increased. That's the reason why
some people love danger. When you drive a car
there is a need to drive faster and faster. If you
drive a hundred and sixty kilometers per hour, are you light-
awake. All thoughts disappear - when you have two hundred
Driving kilometers per hour, how can you think? The
Mind stops. The mind cannot afford it
to think it's too dangerous - the thought can get you
distract, and then there is death. You must be absolutely awake-
be sam, on guard.
That's why people go mountaineering, it helps
to be aware. Perhaps they are not even consciously looking for it
of alertness; but those who know say that man
seeks danger because he is fascinated by this alertness.
Whenever death is near you become conscious. And
whenever you love, you flourish.
By itself, love will hallucinate you
send in dreams, fantasies. For himself alone he will
Death make you aware, but also frighten you so much that you
shrink, so that your inner source dries up. Both together
men are necessary. And that is Kabir's method, and
that is my method too.
The work we do here prepares you, and

Open the window to the west and leave

on the inner horizon of your love.

In the center of your chest is an open flower.

Drink the nectar that surrounds this flower.
Waves roll in ...

If you allow these two things - if you allow this

Paradox admit if you admit this absurdity that life
and death both flow in you, hand in hand with each other
zen - then, only then will you experience ...

Waves roll in ...

The original is far better: Laha lehu ya tan man
men - "Let the divine pass over this, this very body-
flood. "This body the Buddha. You don't have to
go somewhere; you don't need an angelic body, you
don't have to become an angel. In this very body, this one
ordinary body, the extraordinary happens.
Just allow love and death together and the waves
roll in, waves from beyond.

Lahar lehu ya tan man men.

And this body becomes a dance, a swing
movement, a flow of energy, a pulsation. He
breathes in the divine, he is in harmony with the divine

chen. Then that body is transformed. Then this is it
Body of the buddha.

Waves roll in:

it is such a glory near the ocean.

If you allow both love and death, you will come to the

first time of infinity, the oceanic expanse of the
Existence closer. And waves will come and overtake you
flood. In this perishing you will find yourself.
By disappearing you will be for the first time. Yes,
as a separate individual you no longer exist; you
lose your definition, you will no longer become this or that
be. But you will be everything

Listen - the sound of giant seashells!

Kabir says: “If you have followed me until now and if
you opened the window to the west when you ready
are to disappear in love then ...

Listen - the sound of giant shells! Sound of bells!

Kabir says: "Friend, listen,
this is what i have to say:
The guest I love is inside me! "
The host is the guest himself. When love and
Encounter death in you, then you recognize guest and host
about as one. The guest is not separated from you. You have
Waiting for him unnecessarily, he will never come
he is already inside you. He can't come at all.
He's already there; from the beginning it was already in yours
Interior. He is you; the seeker is what is sought; the ob-
eighth is the observed; the meditator is what

he meditates on. But the separation between the media
animal and the object of his meditation, the seeker
and the wanted, the knower and the knowing, the
Host and guest.
Why this separation? The separation comes from the
inner and far deeper separation, the separation between
Love and death. When this demarcation disappears,
all borders are disappearing. Let me repeat that: there is
only one separation in life, and that is the separation between
love and death. All other separations are only
Marginal phenomena of it. If this basic separation
once is no longer there, then all dividing
statements by themselves; they lose their foundation.

Kabir says: "Friend, listen,

this is what i have to say:
The guest I love is inside me! "

He is me It's me.

Friend, hope in the guest while you are still alive.

Sadho bhai, jivat hi karo asha.

Kabir says people postpone everything, they live
in constant procrastination. The people live in the morning -
they say, “Yes, when death comes we try
it. "But you won't be able to when death
comes; you won't be prepared for it. And death
comes so suddenly. Death is always an accident because he
comes without informing you, without warning. If
he comes, then he is there - suddenly, and everything is over
Your whole life has been no preparation for it, you will
miss it; as long as your life wasn't learning about it

how to die as long as you haven't seized every opportunity
have to die in love, in friendship, in trust,
in surrender, you will miss it.
Your mother dies: don't miss the opportunity.
When a sannyasin comes to me and says, “My mother
is dying. My father is dying. "Then I tell him:
“Go there, be with your dying father and find out about him
Death. "One disappears. One would like to take part in the certainty
The motto is: "My father is dying, I am not."
“The death of every human diminishes me because I am
contained in humanity; and therefore never try to
to find out who the bell strikes - it strikes for
Even in the death of a stranger, you die with them. When
death is always there, come closer, let yourself go
allow it, let it happen to you. If your father
dies when his breath gets heavy, feel it, feel for him
With. Feel what he feels, become he, and leave death too
happen to you. You will gain an incredible amount
nen. You will be grateful to your father for his life
and for his death as well - he gave you much than he did
still lived; he gave you even more when he died.
If your wife dies, if your husband dies, be
close to them. Feel the heartbeat of the dying friend
of the Beloved, the Beloved - close this experience
your experience. And little by little when you're in death
know its manifold forms, you will find it as one
Recognize friend, no more than an enemy; than a deep one
Rest and relaxation. He's not against life. Just
life becomes possible through death. Would be without death
life not possible.
When the rose dies in the evening, when its blossoming
Fall leaves, sit down and meditate. Feel like
a flower whose leaves are falling. Early morning if
the sun rises and the stars fade, imagine you
fades with the stars. And when the sun comes up
is gone and the dew drops evaporate on the grass,
then feel how you evaporate with the drops of dew. Feel
death in as many ways as possible. Become one
great connoisseur of death.
And you have to do the same with love.
Not only experience your love, also experience the love of
other. Two lovers walk by, they are hand in
Hand, in a deep communion; let it move you.
Usually people get jealous and are
on the other hand. Lovers are not allowed. When two love
hugging in the street, the police are sure to come
zei and takes them with you. In developed countries progresses
maybe nobody does it anymore, but nobody likes it. The
People feel bothered by it.
Why does love bother you? Love should be a blessing
be. Whenever two people love each other, you should
feel nourished. Love happens, a flower has blossomed, and
do you feel bothered? Don't miss an opportunity. When
whenever love happens, great energy is released. God
is present.
But did you watch it? People feel
disturbed. And when someone gets too close to the lovers
do you feel harassed. If someone stops and responds to the
Lovers delighted, they feel disturbed. - What do you do
there? You're only allowed to watch for a few seconds
anything else is rude. Then you have to go on, you
Don't even get to look back. You may the lovers
don't come too close and thank you for their deep love
ken. You don't go to the lovers to hold their hand
express your gratitude in silence. No you
just go a little faster. You avoid them. You
start looking elsewhere, looking at something else-
watch; you pretend you haven't seen her at all.
What nonsense is that? You have an opportunity
lost. It's like a lotus has blossomed, and you
look elsewhere. How can you get a blooming lotus
look at? - It's so rude. It's like that
The moon is in the sky and you mustn't look at it
because your culture forbids you.
Love is the greatest blossom on this earth. Not a rose
can ever be as beautiful as the energy between two loved ones
the. You need eyes to see them, and yours
Heart to feel it. The moon is nothing against the light
that shines between two lovers.
Give yourself nourishment through all kinds of experiences
Love. Love and death must both be experienced then
you will be rich. Then you will become peaks of joy
experience. Only then will you be able to recognize God - because
God is the experience of love and death, of both
together in a single instant.
Kabir says:

Sadho bhai, jivat hi karo asha.

Hope while you live. Do something while you live!

Freud, hope in the guest while you are still alive.

Don't postpone it. People keep postponing
dig - they say: “Yes, yes, when the time comes, we'll do it
yes, we will pray, we will meditate. And me
I'm still young, death is still a long way off. "Whole Philo-
sophies have been developed. People have more
Interest in what happens after death rather than what
happens before death. Hundreds of books are in all
Changed the secrets all over the world

written to death. People are very
People come to me, write me letters about it:
"Tell us what happens after death?" And I tell them:
“First find out what happens before death!” That
"Afterwards" is not an essential question. You are alive: look
first of all, what is happening. But here and now
are they not interested; her mind is already weaving on that
Future around. The mind is a distraction from that

Friend, hope in the guest while you are still alive.

Immerse yourself in experience while you are still alive.
Remember, don't forget while you're still alive.

Kabir shocked the so-called religious people

very. All really religious people disturb the so-called
called religious people - they are not politicians, they are not