How are NBA players drafted

How are European players drafted into the NBA?

European basketball players can apply for a draft just like any other player in the world (US colleague or high school player). Most of them are already being discovered by some teams.

All NBA teams take part in the draft lottery. It is decided in which order which team will select the players. The NBA team with the worst record last season has the greatest chance of winning the right to pick players first.

When teams know what choices they have, they focus on that talent group. If the team has a choice in the middle (e.g. 15th), it will try to estimate which group of players will be left by then. A week before the draft of the night, training camps are held for all players to be drafted, and each team focuses on a specific group of players. They evaluate their abilities, advantages and disadvantages, scout and evaluate them.

At Draft Night, each team selects the player from the selection of players remaining in the order established by the Draft Lottery.

At that point, European players were treated the same as any other player. He was in training camp, the teams had time to meet, see and evaluate him. If you choose him, you only get the exclusive right to offer him a contract. But if he already has a good contract in Europe, he probably won't play in the NBA for another 3 years.

The reason for this is that the player has to buy out his existing contract. Since he's kept to the rookie minimum for the first three years, the NBA team is giving him enough money to buy his euro contact. After 3 years, NBA allows bigger contracts and this is probably the right time for Eurostars to get into the NBA.

A good example of this is Real Madrid's Nikola Mirotić. Bulls picked him (21st overall) in the 2011 NBA draft, but they won't even try to offer him a contract until 2014, when he's no longer limited to the rookie minimum.


Ah, that clears up a lot; Thanks. In Abrines' case, too, it makes sense for him to see his deal for Barça and then possibly sign one with Oklahoma.