What is a medical vacation

The medical zeitgeist is called medical wellness

Today's health guest is demanding, well informed and also knows what to look out for. For him, certificates and quality seals are the guide in the health labyrinth. In Germany, certification with the Medical Wellness Stars guarantees a medical-therapeutic health holiday. For Austria, the Austria quality mark Health Tourism - Best Health Austria is the only state-recognized certificate that is binding. Medical wellness is the umbrella term for health trips that are offered with medical expertise. A medical check is always included, and documentation must also be ensured, because in the best case scenario, the guest does not come only once. Under certain conditions, reimbursement of costs by the health insurance is often possible.

Health instead of wellness

What criteria does a health hotel have to meet in order to be able to offer the much-cited medical wellness? The mandatory presence of a doctor and various therapists is mandatory; modern equipment must be available for diagnostics and treatments. Dr. Wolfgang Foisner, Co-Speaker of the Austrian Medical Chamber Department for Spa Medicine and Wellness and Chairman of the Association of Austrian Spa Doctors: »The term Medical Wellness is used to distinguish between pure relaxation-related wellness wellness. It always includes medical knowledge and guidance, nothing works without a doctor. "

Where is the journey going?

The wishes of the guests vary, but their demands are generally high. The effect should be quick, the ambience should be elevated and the health care offer should be professional. Money only plays a subordinate role in this segment, because guests who book a health holiday know that they have to dig deeper into their wallets. Where is the focus now on health vacations? Andreas Eggensberger, manager at the Allgäu Biohotel Eggensberger knows: "It's the classic complaints such as back problems and weight loss, supplemented by news such as stress prophylaxis."

While some are still looking for their special health topic, others have long since positioned themselves successfully. Just like Andreas Eggensberger, who has attached a therapy center to his organic hotel. There doctors and therapists put together the entire package against back problems. Lectures, exercises and instructions for targeted movement units are easier if you then relax in a luxurious ambience. As the first TÜV-certified medical wellness company in Germany, Eggensberger sees the criteria specified by Medical Wellness Stars confirmed. Conventional medicine, medical expertise and the entire Allgäu health concept are the guarantee of success that Eggensberger's guests keep in the house for up to ten days. Andreas Eggensberger: »The medical wellness facility ensures that an initial medical examination is offered. It is the basis for creating individual application plans! «

Medical wellness includes medical knowledge and leadership

Dr. Wolfgang Foisner, Co-Speaker of the Österr. Doctors Chamber

Pioneer in medical wellness

The pioneer in the field of medical wellness is the LANS Med Concept, which was developed in the Tyrolean Lanserhof and now has three locations with the clinics in Hamburg and at Tegernsee. The LANS Med Concept with its symbiosis of modern medicine and scientifically based naturopathic methods is considered one of the most successful methods for prevention and regeneration, the DNA of medical wellness. It is based on the six pillars of the classic F.X. Mayr cure and has been further developed by over 70 doctors and experts over the past 30 years. As everywhere else, individuality is the key to success. The LANS Med Concept forms the basis in all hospitals, each clinic also has a further focus, at Tegernsee the focus is on sport and exercise, and Cellgym is also included.

Concepts are what count

In the Schüle’s health resort, also located in the Allgäu, guests are happy to book the "Medical Wellness all inclusive" package. In addition to the medical consultation, the fixed price includes all medical therapy prescriptions, massages and physiotherapy. The guests appreciate the individual therapies and the fixed price, there are no additional costs. Schüle’s specializes in cardiovascular diagnostics. Owner and managing director Karl-Arnold Schüle: »The guests are looking for the mix between carefree holiday flair and health expertise. It is important to them to use the vacation days for health care and relaxation «.

Find the stability again

Precisely tailored to the individual and holistic. This is the trend in medical wellness, and psychological well-being is also part of it. Because concepts that include this area have a much higher chance of success. Burn-out is almost inevitable in permanent stand-by mode, and more and more providers are reacting to this with preventive offers such as stress management. But here in particular, it is important to take a closer look, because a three-day burn-out prophylaxis can at best be a determination of the situation. It takes more time to make effective change.

The offer in the Lebens.Resort Ottenschlag, a house of the Waldviertel Xundheitswelt in Lower Austria, stands on competent legs. With talk therapy, specialist analysis, occupational therapy and training, the balance for mind and soul should be restored. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are high on the schedule. Health psychologists, nutritionists and medical specialists work hand in hand to restore the right life balance. The goal is clearly a long-term change in lifestyle so as not to fall into the burn-out trap. Experts warn that the proportion of burn-out guests has risen from ten to 40 percent in recent years.

Old rolls for health

For over 100 years, the F.X. Mayr cure has been the key to health as a successful method for intestinal cleansing. Because supposedly it sits in the intestine. What used to be known as the “Semmelkur” appears today in a modern guise and in combination with a tailor-made therapy program.

In the three VIVAMAYR stores in Austria, the tried and tested cure has been given a new look and they are talking about modern Mayr medicine as a symbiosis of tradition and innovation. Diagnostics are combined with applied kinesiology, special laboratory diagnostics and functional stress diagnostics. Old natural methods and classical medicine here too, as well as the focus on the individual approach. An essential tool, because medical wellness does not work with the watering can principle, individuality distinguishes it from state services. F.X.-Mayr doctor Sepp Fegerl in Altaussee works on the special therapy for each guest: "With the development of VIVAMAYR, the vision of a connection between modern Mayr medicine, modern medicine and complementary medicine has been realized."

From patient to customer

Since medical wellness always requires the presence of a doctor, private medical practices are increasingly being connected to existing hotels. The doctor often develops the hotel's own health concepts. The Artemacur philosophy is what it says in the cloister courtyard in Bayerisch Gmain, it is offered as concept medicine and stands for prevention with the integration of existing findings. Like many of the German health hotels, the Klosterhof is also a
Premium Hotel & Health Resort.

The focus of the LANS Med Concept is among other things on the rehabilitation of the gastrointestinal system

Dr. Elke Benedetto-Reisch, Medical Director Lanserhof Tegernsee

Back to the roots

In the meantime, the trend towards the renaissance of old remedies is unmistakable; Anyone who succeeds in combining specialist medical competence with ancient healing knowledge can be sure of increasing demand. F.X. Mayr, Hildegard von Bingen and Pastor Kneipp. They are all being tried harder and included in modern prevention. The Sisters of Mary of the Carmel have specialized in exactly this combination in their spa houses. With Traditional European Medicine, ancient healing knowledge from the European cultural area is interpreted with the most modern knowledge in the 1st TEM center in Bad Kreuzen (Upper Austria). All therapies are based on the Kneipp principle, individual therapy is preceded by a type determination according to Hippocrates. "The TEM in connection with the spirituality of the Sisters of Mary from Carmel is unique in the world," says Fritz Kaindlstorfer, operations manager of the TEM center in Bad Kreuzen.

Competence is the key

Health hotels would do well to concentrate on a few topics, because quality often falls by the wayside with a tray full of offers. Specialization brings success. Individual trends, such as the currently exploding beauty sector with minimally invasive methods, on the other hand, are subject to lifestyle focuses.

The direction is clear. It's always about making a long-term lifestyle change. The advantage of health hotels compared to health resorts is obvious: The health program in a feel-good atmosphere is more fun than in a sober clinical environment. Advice sounds different than rules, the guest does not feel compelled, just well advised. As everyone knows, this concept brings more success. So the wellness industry and medicine are growing together.

Medical wellness - potential for the future

  • For Germany, experts are forecasting an increase in health-related trips from 1.7 million in 2007 to 3.3 million in 2020 (source: Institute for Leisure Time Management). The pure medical wellness vacation will double by then.
  • In Austria, the market size for health travel is around 1.2 billion euros, with high potential for medical wellness.

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