Body language is also important in romance

Women, watch out - the importance of body language when flirting

Do you know that? You are facing THE dream man, but you don't want to be successful in flirting? Maybe it's because of your body signals. Because body language is the most important factor in flirting.

Correct behavior when flirting

First of all: in order to be successful in flirting, you have to feel good about yourself. "Disguised" women not only stand out immediately, but also through. And with the dream man. Treat yourself to your favorite outfit and the shoes that suit you best and plunge into your flirtatious mood. The rest will come almost by itself.

But it is not that simple: it is not only your outfit that determines your appearance, but also your body language has the scepter in hand when flirting. If you feel good, you have already taken the first step towards a good body feeling, the rest is "craft". Pay attention to the following:

  • Smile often and a lot! This makes you appear open and friendly at first glance.
  • Make eye contact! If he reacts, he signals interest.
  • Show yourself openly! Crossed arms and half turned away positions are taboo when flirting. If possible, stand in front of the object of desire and signal with your posture: "I am open to our encounter!"

And for everyone who prefers to meet them for the first time on the Internet, here are a few tips on how to flirt convincingly online.

Interpreting the other person's body language

With some behaviors you can quickly see whether the other person is interested or not.

Here are some observations on body language when flirting by professional Stefan Verra:

And if the flirtation was successful, you will find the right underwear from here for romantic hours for two. After all, a dream man shouldn't be conquered just for one night.

Try yourself out

If you have not yet found your "role" as a flirt partner: give yourself a try! Do you want to appear lascivious? Or rather mysterious? Your body language when flirting determines which woman you are. But always pay attention to one thing: stay natural. Because nobody wants to greet someone completely different the morning after than the one they found so attractive the night before.

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