Flowering palm plants

Knight star plants driven forward are offered in nurseries in November and December. The pure onion is also available in cardboard boxes in some supermarkets. If exposed to light, the bulbs will sprout - even without being planted. "Everything a knight's star needs to form flowers is already in the onion. Then, however, the flower stem remains short," says the agricultural economist Beate Walther.

Half of the onion of the knight's star is placed in soil and watered moderately. Then the flower stem and gradually the flowers develop, which bloom one after the other for up to two months. If you don't have that much space and would rather have a flower with a short stem, water less or not at all, advises Beate Walther. The pot is turned from time to time so that the flower stalk grows straight. The first flowers can be expected after five to eight weeks. The flowering time is extended if the knight's star is then placed in a cooler place.

But the expert has another tip on how several plants can be nicely arranged at the same time. She puts several onions in a bowl with moist cuttings. In this way, the roots draw water without the bulbs getting wet. The bulbs are covered with moss and can open the flowers. Nothing more needs to be done until they have faded. Only when the moss begins to dry out should it be lightly sprayed with water.

Care plan for the knight star