What is the essence of spirituality

What is Spirituality?

The question of spirituality is a question that has preoccupied mankind from the beginning.

There are negative and positive forces in the world. Negative forces are: impurity, lovelessness, horror, fear, lack of clarity, destruction. The positive force is purity.

Spirituality means purity, becoming pure. Purity applies not only to the body, but also to the mind, the thoughts. Spiritual impurity is by far the most dangerous kind of impurity.

Spirituality comes from spirit Atma. It is the mind that tries to approach the divine self. The spirit is like light, it can be strong, bright and pure or it can be weak, veiled and defiled.

Spirituality is where there is pure love. Love can be expressed in many ways. But selfish love is not spirituality. We humans make the big mistake of always thinking about our own species. A spiritual person also includes other living beings and nature with his feelings.

Plants are also alive, but animals and people have an individual soul, Jivatma. The Vedanta philosophy, which deals with non-dualism, therefore says: ATMA SO PARAMATMA, Every Atma is a form of God himself. The Atma lives in every form, in every living being. In India every wise man and sadhu, whether he wears orange, white or black clothes, is called Mahatma - great soul.

What is that supposed to mean? Is one soul small and another large? This means the development of spirituality in a person. He who is highly developed in consciousness and spirituality is a great soul.

Spirituality is purity. To develop from our current state to a higher consciousness, we need purity in material and spiritual terms, that is, pure food and pure thoughts. A spiritual person feels love in the heart for all beings, helps without argument, understands, forgives and empathizes.

There is a very memorable saying in the Ramayan of Tulsidas: DAYA DHARMA KA MUL HE - PAP MUL ABHIMAN.

The root of spirituality lies in Daya - Kindness, love, forgiveness, the root of sin in ego, pride, greed, hate, passion and envy.

Just be good. Not just to the people. When a child dies, the mother suffers most because she developed the child out of her own body and gave birth to it. But not only the human mother suffers, animals also suffer! God created life by his will - by destroying life we ​​destroy God's will! Then what do you think our prayer to God is worth? Every living being is God's child. God created everything. There is no life without his will. He is the father of everyone - and he loves all of his children equally!

We humans are very clever, learned, highly developed beings, but we are not very good beings. We don't think about the others. We're very, very selfish. For our benefit, for a few hundred dollars, we do a great deal of injustice to others. The earth rests on the Dharma (Law, religion, duty); when the Dharma is destroyed, the earth is also destroyed.

Righteousness and justice can only develop through kindness, forgiveness, and understanding. It is not easy to forgive. If we followed Christian teaching, there would be no wars and there would be no borders between countries. The Bible says: You should not kill! If we followed this commandment, we would not be making weapons. But if someone hits us, we by no means show the second cheek, but pull out the knife ...

Spirituality is not just about praying and repeating God's name. This is of no value if we negate God's will and God's words at the same time. Above all, we shouldn't be selfish. What you like, others want to have too. So don't be greedy and take it all for yourself. Learn to give up, to do without and also treat others to something!

Giving up and foregoing does not mean rejecting something with hatred and anger, but letting go with love, understanding, forgiveness and naturally.

Negative deeds darken our inner space, good deeds light it up. The best path to God is help. Do not be an obstacle to others, do not cause pain to others. Then your light will shine brighter and purer and you will approach the divine wisdom, Atma Gyana.

Be there for everyone, let love radiate from your whole being.
Practice forgiveness and understanding.
This makes you spiritual.

We not only achieve spirituality through prayer, but above all it is measured by how open our heart is to others. A spiritual person has love in his mind and feeling for all of God's creatures. He tries to free everyone from their pain because the best way to God is to help others.

Be there for everyone. In India we say that a tree is like a saint. Anyone who comes to a saint can listen to him and everyone will receive gifts. It is the same with a tree. Every living being can sit in its shade, enjoy its fruit, absorb its scent or use its wood.

Learn from a tree: high up on a peak, exposed to wind and weather, stands a single tree. He thinks, “Oh God, I am alone, no one is with me. Alone I have to fight against the bad weather and all difficulties. "Nevertheless, it is also a destination for many people. They hike to the summit, rest in the shade of the tree and enjoy its beauty. The tree knows the hardship of its existence, it knows but also that his difficult existence is of great help to many living beings. Be there like a tree. Be there like a river that holds its water for everyone. Be there like the rain, not only for people, not only for the plants are falling. Be there for everyone, exude love and practice forgiveness - this will purify your mind and make you a spiritual person.