What do Tomahawk missiles do

A less precise US precision strike against Syrian base?

Pentagon reports success, Russian Defense Ministry reports that only 23 of the 59 cruise missiles have reached their target

Differences in the assessment of the attacks on the Syrian air base make it clear that there are always alternative facts in wars. According to its own statements, the United States fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles in a precision attack on the Syrian air force base Shairat and, as usual, took extraordinary measures to ensure that no civilians were endangered. At the remote air force base in the desert, that wasn't too much of a danger. Some Syrian soldiers were killed. The Pentagon must have known that there were no Russian soldiers on the base, Russia had been informed of the planned attack.

The attack was also financially, not just politically, by no means cheap. A Tomahawk missile costs around $ 1.6 million. So, considering the cost of the rockets alone, it was worth around 100 million US dollars to Trump to send out a signal that is fatally reminiscent of Bill Clinton's signal. Back then, he was in the middle of the Lewinsky affair when the al-Qaida attacks on US embassies in Africa took place. He didn't want to go to war either, so Tomahawk rockets were fired into Sudan at an alleged chemical weapons factory (!) And camp in Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden was supposed to be. The result was devastating, suspicion arose that Clinton was trying to divert attention from his problems with it (The US Strike Back - Wag the Dog?).

The Pentagon declared the attack on the air base a success. The attack "severely damaged or destroyed" aircraft and infrastructure, reducing the ability to use chemical weapons. But that was only a preliminary assessment, there has not yet been a new one. An anonymous Pentagon official told CNN that 58 of the 59 missiles hit their target.

However, Moscow expresses itself a little gleefully at the alleged success, certainly also a return coach, after often malicious remarks from the USA about Russian weapon technology. The Russian Defense Ministry said only 23 of the missiles reached their target. Six Mig fighter planes that were in hangars for repairs and a radar system were destroyed, as well as a depot, a building and a canteen. The runway and the other aircraft are undamaged. This is commented on with the malicious words: "The combat effectiveness of the massive rocket attack on the Syrian air force base is extremely low." But the Syrian air defense will be improved, Russia has relocated an S-400 missile defense system to Syria to protect its air force base.

Russian state media relay the statement by the Governor of Homs that 14 people were killed in the US attack, including 9 civilians. 13 children and women were injured in the neighboring village of Shayrat. The Syrian news agency previously reported that a rocket had hit the village of Al-Hamrat, 4 km from the base, killing four civilians. (Florian Rötzer)

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