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Video Games - The History of Gaming in Japan

Video games are a living element of Japanese popular culture. The video game industry has started to dominate Japan since the 1978s and has dominated the world market for a long time. In this article, we're going to talk a little about the influence of gaming in Japan.

Nintendo and Sony

The two Japanese companies dominated the world market for games. Nintendo has been at the forefront for many years but lost the war abroad by maintaining traditionalism and Japanese culture. Sony did just the opposite, surrendering to western culture and launching games with a more realistic or war theme.

Nintendo specializes in creating and developing its own exclusive games and usually creates consoles with gameplay in mind. Meanwhile, Sony has the help of millions of western companies launching games on their platform because it has more robust hardware that focuses on realistic graphics.

The Microsoft company was not very successful in either games or computers in Japan. Some prefer the Apple operating system, which is very popular in Japan.

The real war between Sony and Microsoft can be seen on portable consoles. Nintendo is winning this war with its 3DS, which is very popular around the world. While Sony's PSVita has the highest popularity in Japan due to its numerous visual novel games and anime-based games.

Game centers

The famous arcades are very popular in Japan. While they are dying in the west, in Japan she has a crazier machine than another. A very well known company focused on introducing arcade games for Game Center It's bandai. To talk more about Game Center, which is a very broad topic, I'm going to leave a video of Velberan. If you follow his channel you will know a lot about the Japanese games. See your other channel Japan through different eyes.


Another very popular game in Japan is this Pachinko, a form of the Japanese casino. There are pachinko salons all over the country. Pachinko is big business in Japan - the best part is that people don't bet for money, just play for fun or exchange prizes. Also worth mentioning is another slot machine that is very popular in game Center, catching animals with their claws.

Visual novel

Visual novels are very popular games in Japan. Everyone should know that the Japanese like to read. There are tons of books, mangas and novels. This also happens in video games. Visual novels are text games in which you interact within a story and make your own decisions. Most of these games are usually novels, while others are even erotic games. There are thousands of visual novels out there, many becoming anime and some based on an anime.

Manga and anime influence in the games

Thousands of manga and anime games are produced every year, most of which are visual novels. It is still possible to find good adventure, fighting and strategy games. Most of these games are released on notebooks, mainly on Sony's.

There are also thousands of good games that have adapted for anime or manga and even live action movies. We have the example of the famous Pokémon and a very popular visual novel called Stone; Gate, which had a great adaptation, and the latest anime God Eater.

Talking about games in Japan is quite complicated, it was not possible to cover even 1% of what is being talked about. This was just a small summary. Is that you? What is your opinion on the games in Japan? What is your favorite style Do you have anything to say Leave your comment!

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