What is a photo cutout service

Select the correct section of the picture

There can be a number of reasons for cropping your photo. Factors of the aesthetics play a role, but sometimes there is not enough space in the photo book and therefore the picture has to be cropped.

Basically, it never hurts to experiment with image sections. This will prevent every page of your photo book from looking the same. Instead, you take care of ongoing variety. You can consider the following when choosing your image section:

  • Especially at Landscape format photo books it makes sense large panoramas to stretch over a complete double page. You can also try working with narrow, side-by-side trims.
  • Or you can use an unconventional format for portraits: panoramas not only provide an interesting look for landscape shots. Also wide house fronts or a group photo can create a great perspective as a panorama photo and provide an eye-catcher in your photo book.
  • Maybe you've shot the perfect family portrait, but only afterwards do you notice that a car or a littered area in the background is bothering you. However, that shouldn't be a problem for you. Because also around remove unwanted motifs from the picture, cutting can be a simple and effective solution.
  • You can give your photo book more creativity by using different image sections. Choose for example several image sections from a single photo showing various details of the shot. In this way, individual motifs are not lost in a complex picture.