Why do we use paid templates

Where can you find high quality, free WordPress templates?

The choice is huge

Of course, you can find and install a suitable design template directly via the Wordpress dashboard. However, it can happen that nothing here suits you. Although the paid design templates have undeniable advantages (e.g. high functionality and support from their developers), you do not necessarily have to use them, because they can cost up to a few hundred euros. With a little research, you can get hold of a high quality design template completely free of charge.

TIP: If you're thinking of having a bespoke design template made for you, first see if you can find a suitable premium theme or a free design template. Then you can optically adapt this design template with a few plugins or hire a programmer to do it and you have a unique website online.

Where are the best templates hidden?

The first port of call is always that WordPress portalIts sophisticated search system enables you to filter the internal design templates according to user preferences and popularity, which makes the selection of high-quality design templates much easier. There are currently over 5,000 different design templates here for every purpose.

Outside of Wordpress, you should only look for free Wordpress templates from well-known premium template developers. And always be skeptical if you discover a free template outside of WordPress.org.

For example, the developers of Breath. You will find a brief description of the functions for each responsive design template on your web portal. All design templates are basically free of charge. However, premium templates with additional functions can be purchased for a fee. The purchase of these additional functions is always voluntary, you are not obliged to do so.

Offers a service similar to that of Athemes Colorlib at. It contains more than 50 free design templates for a wide range of users - including templates that have been specially developed for the healthcare sector.

You can find more Wordpress templates (in English "Themes" or "Templates") both via the search engine and the specialized websites that refer to them. However, the design quality cannot always be guaranteed here.

TIP: Look for overseas articles that review the latest and greatest WordPress templates. This way you can be sure that the presented design templates are up to date and will last longer. Search for terms such as “Best free WordPress templates” or “Best free themes for Wordpress” and add the current year after them. You will be surprised how many suggestions you will find.

Free Premium Templates? Directly from the developers of the paid templates

Browse the websites of professional web design studios that specialize in selling WordPress templates. The MyThemeShop studio, for example, which even operates its own sales portal, offers 18 professional templates completely free of charge. In addition, it also sells a number of fee-based templates that could be used to build large web projects and representative websites at a cost of around 40 EUR.

TIP: Take a look around the ThemeForest marketplace, pick out some attractive web templates and visit the websites of their developers. It is entirely possible that they will be offering at least one of their WordPress templates for free. Thus, you get a high quality and reliable template completely free of charge.

Beware of crooks

If you do your own research, beware of high-quality, chargeable Wordpress templates that are made available for download on various "black" web portals. Sometimes you don't even have to realize it, but as the saying goes - ignorance is no excuse. Because of this, you could face (legal) problems in the future.

In any case, you should avoid dubious looking websites or suspicious download offers, as they could hide annoying malware. Fortunately, there are more legitimate websites out there than rogue ones and this will save you most of the unnecessary trouble.