Can you execute Legilimenz in a memory

Legilimens, Imperio and Ignis interiis

Susan watched her classmates enter the classroom and quite a few eyed her confused. But she was not deterred by that. Not even from the three curses, of which she still didn't know what they would do.

Amycus Carrow stood next to her and had a terrible grin on his face. Susan never got into debt and has so far unscrupulously tackled every task - without protest. Today he would test how ruthless the Hufflepuff would be.
He looked at the seventh graders, who quickly took their seats. Nobody felt like putting a torture curse on themselves in the morning.

"Good morning class.", He greeted the students and Susan next to him answered in chorus with the others.
“Today we are going to take three curses, you will have to remember one curse. These would be the Legilimens, the Imperio and the Ignis interiis. Do any of you know what those curses do? "

Oh yes, Susan knew of every curse what it did. In order to defend against the Legilimens, one must master Occlumency, i.e. be able to close one's mind so that the opponent cannot look into the other's head.
The Imperio was known as one of the Three Unforgivable and from teaching the fake Mad-Eye Moody. A curse that submitted to the will of anyone unless the person had enough willpower to shake off the spell.
The Ignis interiis was the curse that was rather unknown and was considered the brother of Cruciatus. This curse made the person think that the body and blood were burning inside the body. So an inner fire.

"Miss Bones, since you are about to endure and perform the spells, do you know what the spells do?" The hated Death Eater turned to the student. The Hufflepuff thought feverishly. If she answered everything in detail now, the man could Becoming suspicious of her, as well as her classmates, especially since the Ignis interiis was unknown.
“The Legilimens is one of the dueling curses. It allows the executing magician to look into the enemy's head. The Imperio is one of the three unforgivable and submits the enemy wizard to the will of the executor. The Ignis interiis doesn't tell me anything, Professor. "

Susan would pretend to admit that she knew and could perform all spells. It would also remain her secret that she mastered Occlumency. That was her trump card, her ace up her sleeve as muggles would put it.
"Very good, the Ignis interiis is an unknown curse that comes close to the Cruciatus.", The Death Eater explained shortly before he turned his spell on his pupil. The Hufflepuff thought feverishly before she smiled inwardly. She would have memories with hers Show father and aunt to the Death Eater.
"Miss Bones, I'm going to use the Legilimens now," Amcyus pointed out before he apparently cast this spell in silence.

Susan sat in the living room between her aunt and her father. Her mother was visiting her parents.
"Susan, take a look. These are your father, your uncle and me when we were younger. ", Said Amelia Bones and pointed to a photo on which you could see three children playing around.
“Amelia, you still have the photo? I think all the others were destroyed. ", Said her father Mortimer Bones astonished and looked at the photo with a slight smile:" I think that was immediately before Edgar met his wife. Those were times. "
Susan, who was a cute eight years old at the time, looked up at her father and aunt. Both had a sad glow in their eyes.
"Father? Aunt amy? Why are you sad? Who is Edgar? "Asked the child at the time, while she looked more closely at the photo.
“Edgar was our brother, he was killed by bad men. But he was very brave. I'm sure you two would have got on well. ", Amelia said to her now only niece.
Susan giggled slightly and looked at other pictures with the two bones, about which there were always interesting and sometimes amusing stories to tell.

Susan had to take a deep breath when Amycus finally stepped out of her memory and had a slightly thoughtful look. Did he wonder if Edgar Bones and Amelia Bones were the Bones who were killed by his comrades in the name of the one whose name was not mentioned?

“Well, now the Imperio. Miss Bones, try to defend yourself against the curse. ", The professor of dark arts instructed the Hufflepuff, before he even pronounced the curse:" Imperio. "
Susan stood relaxed in the room, her eyes blank.

Turn in a circle.
The Hufflepuff did, but frowned inwardly. Why was she turning?
And now get on the table and jump down headfirst.
Susan climbed onto the staff table and was about to jump off when she paused. She didn't want to do that. She would hurt herself. And anyway, who would think of jumping upside down from a table?
Now jump!
The red-blonde witch screwed up her eyes and shook her head: "No."
She was relieved to see the spell being removed from her and she quickly got off the table.

“Very well, now you are going to test a spell on one of your comrades. The Ignis interiis should be better used on wizards of the same age to practice than on younger ones. ", The Carrow ordered and grinned broadly as the whole class looked at them fearfully.

Susan thought feverishly. Who would it do the least harm? She looked at her classmates. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. She would never harm a Hufflepuff, the Hufflepuffs were her second family. Her gaze fell on Parvati Patil and her gaze became apologetic. Her colleague from the DA only nodded briefly and, swallowing lightly, stood up to come forward.

“Ah, Miss Patil. Very good. Miss Bones, you point your wand at Miss Patil's stomach and say 'Ignis interiis' loud and clear. You hold your staff still without any movement. "
Susan nodded and looked apologetically at her classmate before she calmly pointed the wand at Padma's stomach and said the two words: "Ignis interiis."
Fortunately - or should it be more worrying? - she mastered the spell, after all she had practiced it. Secretly and without getting caught in order to be able to protect yourself. She purposely kept the pain as low as possible, but painful enough that Amycus Carrow would be satisfied.

After about three minutes, Amycus gestured to Susan to stop, which she loved to do and to support her companion, as Padma staggered slightly. "Is it okay?", The Hufflepuff wanted to know quietly, which her friend reluctantly nodded.
“Good, for once you can leave earlier today. In the next hour I will have each of you show me the curses and I will question you. ", Amycus said then unexpectedly, before he - his right hand cramped and trying not to keep his left forearm - quickly left. Susan was able to move think what was going on.
Master seemed to be calling, she thought mockingly.

Later on, Potions and Charms seemed to be very relaxed compared to morning classes. In Potions Susan silently delivered her - admittedly mediocre - potion and in Charms she performed the spells she had already practiced during the holidays. Nothing particularly difficult.

However, she was able to spy on Malfoy and Zabini when the blonde confided to his friend that he, Snape, the Carrows and himself should go to the Dark Lord two days later that evening. It would probably be a long matter.
Inwardly, Susan grinned more than satisfied, but she didn't show anything outwardly.

Now she had an appointment when her setback to the Death Eaters would take place.

Note: The Ignis interiis was thought up by myself;)