What is money in business management

Financial management planning, controlling, reporting

Companies are faced with a steadily growing need for information from lenders and lenders. In order to be able to cover the demand at any time in accordance with the needs and interests of the stakeholder groups, the company must have a professional planning, controlling and reporting system in terms of quality, time and quantity. GMB Suter has extensive experience in organizational consulting in connection with the evaluation and implementation of financial software that meets internal and external requirements.

As a specialist in the field of financial management, GMB Suter provides small and medium-sized companies with tried and tested instruments and tools for simple, secure and successful planning, control, management and reporting of liquidity, costs, profitability and productivity. GMB Suter processes and solves your concerns competently, pragmatically, efficiently and cost-consciously.

In the area of ​​planning, we offer professional and comprehensive support and accompaniment:
  • Liquidity planning to ensure the willingness to pay at all times
  • Planning / management of working capital (NUV) to increase liquidity
  • Budgeting (annual planning in the company)
  • Financial planning for companies (over two to five years)
  • Investment and project planning
  • Business plans related to corporate transactions

In the areas of controlling, reporting and financial reporting, we are your contact for
  • Financial controlling (budgeting, medium and long-term planning, ad-hoc planning)
  • Financial information system and reporting (management information system, function-, sector-, process- and investment-related controlling)
  • Internal reporting to support the operational and strategic management and control of the company
  • External reporting to donors and capital providers (banks, shareholders) and other stakeholders

The quality of the company's financial management is an essential element for building trust and reliability vis-à-vis lenders and lenders. The resulting increase in creditworthiness has a positive effect on the calculation of the interest rate and in dealing with extraordinary situations.