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Monday, May 24, 2021

TREFFPUNKT KINO for the 25th anniversary in a new outfit

In January 2010 the free cinema foyer magazine TREFFPUNKT KINO from Entertainment Media Verlag, Dornach / Munich, celebrates its 25th anniversary and presents itself with a new concept and design.

The revised layout in high-quality optics relies on more magazine quality through more emotional photo series. More attention should be drawn through the use of a more modern and clearer typology. The optimized structure is also tailored to the interests of the nearly 1.7 million cinema and film lovers of the big players such as CinemaxX, Cinestar and Kinopolis: film, scene and VIP news as well as the most important film releases of the month.

“TREFFPUNKT KINO is based on the spirit of the times and the wishes of the cinema-goers in terms of content and appearance. It is glamorous and opulent, like the films and stars it reports on, and offers far more than you would expect from a free customer magazine, ”says Peider Bach, Managing Director of Entertainment Media Verlag.

The monthly magazine has a circulation of 700,340 copies (IVW III / 2009). A 1/1 page 4c costs 29,380 euros. Further information from Stefan Lessmeier, Advertising Director, Tel. 089 / 45114-330 or email [email protected]

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