What is the biggest city in Bhutan

Thimphu - capital of Bhutan

In Bhutan only about 35% of the population live in cities, over 60% earn their livelihood from agriculture. Over 80,000 Bhutanese live in the largest city, Thimphu. This city in the west of the country is the capital of Bhutan and is only around 90 minutes away from the only international airport. The fact that growth has arrived in the capital of Bhutan can be seen not only in the more modern buildings, but also in the first four-lane expressway, which brings incoming visitors over two impressive bridges to the center of Thimphu.

Once you have arrived here, you will find historical architecture and traditionally dressed Bhutanese residents as well as a lot of sights. So it's no wonder that Thimphu has the highest hotel density. Thimphu is still the only capital in the world without traffic lights. How long this will stay with the current positive development in Bhutan will be seen.

The capital of the land of the fire dragon is also the seat of government. The ministers meet regularly in a fortress-like monastery complex. The King of Bhutan also has a study here. The actual main palace of the kings and their families is about 7 km north of Thimphu.

Many visitors come to the capital of Bhutan not only for the nationally popular monastery festival in autumn, the national library and the museum for traditional textile handicrafts also attract many people. Also worth a trip are the memorial chortens for King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, the state emporium for handicrafts or the Trashichho Dzong. And if you are already out and about in the capital of Bhutan, you should not miss the atmospheric weekly market, where you can buy local products and handicrafts. The highlight of a visit to Thimphu is definitely a visit to the Buddha statue, which is one of the largest in the world with a height of 51 m.


Phuentsholing - twin city on the border

In the south lies the second largest city after the capital of Bhutan: Phuentsholing. Located right on the border with India, you can not only buy products from neighboring countries from various retailers. The city, with the twin city of Jaigaon on the Indian side, is lively and is mainly determined by trade and border crossing.

For non-Indian tourists, this border town is a way to enter Bhutan on a national level. Particularly worth seeing here, in addition to the attractive border gate, is the Karbandi monastery with a wonderful view. The Buddhist Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang Temple in the center of the city and, for animal lovers, a crocodile breeding station on the river are also worth a visit.


Gelephu - trading center and resort

Gelephu is the third largest city in the Kingdom of Bhutan with only 10,000 inhabitants. The border town in the south of the country is particularly impressive as a trading center. Located at the border crossing to the Indian state of Assam, there is a brisk trade and the opportunity to enter the country. In addition to Paro International Airport near the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu, there is an airport here in Gelephu. So far, however, this has only been used for rare national flights within Bhutan. However, there are plans to open it for aircraft approaching from outside.

In addition to a park and sports facilities, there are hot springs near Gelephu, which are very popular with the residents of Bhutan, especially in winter. Some healing powers are ascribed to the water and a treatment called "Menchu". Give it a try! Another variant of relaxation can be found in the nearby national park "Royal Manas National Park", where you can experience a great variety of animals and untouched nature.