Why do you love the American flag

15 reasons we love the United States so much

The American Dream, the White House, the flag, Hollywood, the free world, New York, Barack Obama, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, the Kardashians ... The US has created so many legendary things that we ourselves all feel connected to "American culture" in some way. Could it be that we sometimes lose sight of something that really makes the United States of America such an extraordinary country?

In this blog post we have summarized for you why the USA is so incredibly popular - apart from their enormous economic power and political presence around the world. So here are 15 reasons why we love the USA - the order is completely random (anything else would be just impossible):

The multicultural character

Much of the US population has its roots in Europe, Asia and Latin America - so multicultural diversity is an integral part of the country's DNA! Most Americans celebrate this diversity and stand by the cultural heritage that has made the United States what it is today.

The nature parks

The USA is so huge that you can find every natural landscape there is on earth - from the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon to the majestic Rocky Mountains to the never-ending coasts. All of these breathtaking natural treasures are spread across 58 national parks, in which they are also protected and preserved for future generations.

Simply unbelievable, these coasts ...

We've already mentioned the US coasts briefly, but they're just so great that they deserve a little more space here. So: Do ​​you like chic beach parties and sun-kissed skin? Then Miami Beach is your place to be. Would you like to watch whales? You can do that especially well on the California coast. Or is surfing your thing? The best waves in the world can be found in Hawaii. Do you love seafood & fish? In Maine you can spoil yourself with fresh lobster and Co. Versatile and beautiful: the US coasts are simply unbeatable!

And how can you best explore the USA? On a road trip, of course ...

Experience the exciting contrasts of this gigantic country together with friends on board a vintage convertible, your hair in the wind, your eyes wide open!

The friendliness

Whether in the queue in the mall, having a burger in your favorite restaurant or on the subway: Here you can always quickly get into conversation with native speakers.

The festivals

From the trendy Coachella with its high number of celebrities to the venerable Jazz Fest in Louisiana to the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert - the perfect backdrop for wildly creative productions and self-expression: In the USA there are festivals for every taste!

And of course the music ...

from now and then: Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Kanye West ... The Spotify playlists are full of songs by American musicians of all times and genres.

American high school

A year of high school in the US is a unique experience and a very popular option among high school students. The sports teams, the clubs, the cheerleaders and the prom night ... For many, these are the symbol of typical American values ​​such as community and teamwork.


Americans love to cheer on their favorite sports teams - whether in football (with Super Bowl Sunday as one of the absolute highlights), baseball, hockey or basketball. Sport and sports events definitely have their place in everyday American life - and the enthusiasm and sense of community that you can experience here are simply incomparable.


Does the Christmas countdown start for you every year in September? For us too! That's why we love Thanksgiving so much: Because we can celebrate and feast a little earlier in the year - and all without the stress of Christmas presents.


What would the film world be without Hollywood? With its talents and pioneers in film technology and special effects, the United States has contributed a lot to the global success and fame of the film industry.

Everything XXL

Not everyone “tastes” the XXL mentality of the USA, but one thing is certain: As the inventor of the Big Mac, the super-size donuts and the 2-liter soda, the USA is definitely the perfect place if you are very hungry or thirsty .

Female politicians and role models

There are strong women all over the world - and always have. Some of our favorite power women come from the USA: Congresswoman and activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; feminist icon and former Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who sadly passed away in 2020); and Kamala Harris, the first woman and black woman to serve as US Vice President.

American television

The Bachelor, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, FRIENDS, Stranger Things ... Whether reality shows, talk shows, sitcoms or thrillers: We are absolutely sure that there is more than just one American production on your Netflix watchlist!

Education & Profession

For students as well as for young professionals and experienced entrepreneurs: With its booming economy and top universities, the USA offers a variety of opportunities for professional development.

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