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Ivy 02/16/2021[…] Scene from "Wonder Woman 1984 "(Warner) Patty Jenkins' new"Wonder Woman"-Film is now only coming onto the market in Germany via stream. FAZ critic Dietmar Dath has his doubts as to whether this film with emancipation set in the eighties is still too far away:" Is that pop feminism? At the time this film is set, American film heroines were called 'Silkwood' (Meryl […] (Meryl Streep against the nuclear industry, 1983) or 'Norma Rae' (Sally Field as a textile worker and trade unionist, 1979), Wonder Woman has little to do with what was called 'progressive' at the time, only Gal Gadot in the main role is convincing in terms of gender equality. "In the FAZ, Edo Reents observes the #actout campaign, which promotes greater visibility of sexually diverse life plans […]Ivy 06/01/2021[…] In the world, Alan Posener is annoyed that occasional votes cast Cleopatra with the Israeli actress Gal Gadot ("Wonder Woman") criticize as whitewashing. That doesn't even work according to its own logic, he says, after all the Arabs living in Egypt only came into the country in the seventh century AD." The problem is of course the Jewess. ... […]Ivy 12/29/2020[…] . "The Netflix documentary" Zimmer 2806 "about Dominique Strauss-Kahn (SZ), the new Pixar animated film" Soul "(ZeitOnline), the series" El Cid "(press) and Patty Jenkins' new" will be discussed.Wonder Woman"Movie (world). […]Ivy 12/28/2020[…]Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot At Christmas Warner posed with Patty Jenkins' "Wonder Woman 1984 "His first blockbuster parallel to the (very manageable) theatrical release in the USA on the group's own streaming service HBO Max online - many more are to follow. Hardly anyone in the industry believes that this controversial corona strategy will be limited to 2021," writes Verena Hatches […] than fifty dollars. An HBO Max subscription (only available to American customers) costs fifteen dollars a month. For the customer, it seems an easy calculation. But for AT&T? 'Wonder Woman'Has a production budget of close to two hundred million dollars. How can such costs be amortized over fifteen-dollar subscriptions? "This is what Hanns-Georg Rodek thinks in his for the […] acute cinema crisis would now avenge the fact that the big cinema chains in the last few decades "increasingly relied on fewer and fewer horses, sometimes 19 out of 20 screens on the latest 'Harry Potter' or 'Wonder Woman'have left. This was a short-sighted, an addictive policy that relied on a single pillar, "which is now breaking away. Rodek also opposes that of the film historian […]Ivy 11/21/2020[…] 80s excess in home cinema instead of on the big screen: "Wonder Woman 1984 "Warner becomes his long-standing blockbuster"Wonder Woman 1984 "at least in the USA at Christmas now definitely in the (a few still open) cinemas, but also offer them on digital platforms at the same time - and thus de facto the time window that cinemas are usually allowed to exploit […] the SZ. "Basically, it is a dream of the big studios that they can test the scenario of total freedom of choice: whoever prepares for a trip to the movie theater together to see Gal Gadot as'Wonder Woman'seen in the Cold War of the 1980s - and who prefers to subscribe to HBO-Max to watch the whole thing on the sofa at home? From the answers, they are distorted by fear of viruses and so […]Ivy 11/20/2020[…] published the Italian thriller cinema of the 60s and 70s. The news that Warner has released his new superhero blockbuster is causing quite a stir on social media.Wonder Woman 1984 "I definitely want to bring it to the cinema at Christmas, but also want to evaluate it online almost at the same time. Andres Veiel's" Ökozid "(Artechock, more on this already here) and David E. Talberts are discussed […]Ivy 05.10.2019[…] Carolin Ströbele summarizes the results of a new study on women in film for ZeitOnline, which again leads to a sad result: Despite outliers such as "Wonder Woman“There is therefore neither in front of nor behind the camera a reasonably balanced relationship between the sexes.” What is actually changing, however, the study shows, is the attitude of the people […]Ivy 04/06/2019[…] Blockbuster - up to a surprising warning. Because for the title page of a special edition limited to 250 copies, the artist Carla Cohen Ocasio-Cortez had unmistakably as Wonder Woman painted. ... DC Comics unequivocally called for a sale stop and the crushing of the special edition. Fox News got wind of the story and raised it to national awareness […]9punkt 07/03/2018[…] fails, but also catapults himself into the end that he is now the irrational-emotional - that should encourage all young women to say: Angela Merkel is cooler than Wonder Woman. She is an idol. "Bartosz T. Wieliński from Gazeta Wyborcza in Die Welt finds hard words for Poland's judicial reform and calls on the EU to finally respond:" Poland will not do more than […]Magazinrundschau 12.06.2018[…] could be. Conversely, a female-cast 'Ocean's' movie can be a good idea because it has a story all of its own. Female (super) heroes are okay if they like 'Wonder Woman'Have a story of their own, a female James Bond but need you as badly as a male version of' Buffy the Vampire Slayer '... Hollywood is not politically correct, Hollywood […]Ivy 03/22/2018[…] "adds a new facet to the dance of female (anti) heroines: their malevolence is neither pleasurable nor treatable. There is no alternative. She forms her own genre woman. Eat this, Wonder Woman! "In Die Welt, Jan Küveler brings some background to the fact that Margot Robbie, a few years ago in Martin Scorsese's" Wolf of Wall Street ", was still the trophy wife for Leonardo di Caprio […]Ivy 02/11/2017[…] with Lars Eidinger (a "Schmonzette" that is not worth the fuss, judges Bernhard Schulz in the Tagesspiegel), "Professor Marston & The Wonder Women", who created the comic superhero Wonder Woman told from the spirit of a triangular relationship (Tagesspiegel, SZ), William Oldroyd's "Lady Macbeth" (SZ), Mariano Cohns and Gastón Duprat's "The Nobel Prize Winner" (taz) and Fernando Pérez '"Últimos […]Ivy 06/24/2017[…] Dunja Bialas is convinced that the Munich Film Festival has evaporated a large part of its press screenings this year. The new "Transformers" film (FR), Patty Jenkins' "will be discussedWonder Woman"(Friday, our review here), the documentary" Life, Animated "(ZeitOnline, our review here) and the Netflix series" Glow "about female wrestlers (SZ). […]Ivy 06/19/2017[…] Backdrops around Laura Poitras' documentary "Risk" about Wikileaks figurehead Julian Assange. Ulrich Lössl speaks to Robin Wright in the Berliner Zeitung, who is currently in the superhero film "Wonder Woman"is seen in a supporting role. Sarah Khan also writes on Friday about the problems she has with the new season of" House of Cards ". […]Ivy 06/16/2017[…] Paul Jandl (NZZ) and Willi Winkler (SZ) congratulate Hanns Zischler on his seventieth. Patty Jenkins' will be discussed "Wonder Woman"(Standard, our review here), Jeff Nichols'" Loving "(Tagesspiegel), Jonathan Levine's" Mädelstrip "(SZ, our review here) and Greg McLean's" Das Belko-Experiment "(FAZ). […]