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IServ is running stable - Hanover is promoting its own platform

Status: 01/13/2021 2:25 p.m.

The start of the video lesson in Lower Saxony was bumpy. On the third day after the holidays, digital learning via the IServ education server works better, according to the company.

"It looks good, the video conferences are stable," said IServ managing director Jörg Ludwig on Wednesday. The Braunschweig company said there were only problems with around two to three percent of schools. The reasons for these problems are outdated local servers at the schools, according to Ludwig. The platform had massive problems on Monday and Tuesday, as reported by NDR 1 Lower Saxony. As early as Monday, the education server was not accessible at all in some regions of Lower Saxony because too many users had registered at the same time. According to the company, around 2,000 schools across the country work with IServ.

94 percent in scenario C

With a view to the ongoing distance learning, Ludwig was optimistic. The schools distribute access better and there are still reserves with regard to the conferences. "In an emergency, we can still make adjustments," said the IServ managing director. After the Christmas holidays, according to the Ministry of Culture, around 94 percent of the students started in the so-called scenario C, distance learning.

Hanover has an IServ alternative

The city of Hanover is not planning to expand the capacities of the IServ school servers. With the platform there is an offer in the data center that meets data protection requirements and at the same time is technically powerful and expandable. "We therefore invite schools to use this platform for homeschooling," said Education Department Head Rita Maria Rzyski. The offer does not cause any further costs in the short term and is stable.

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