How short is a haircut number 4

4 Hairstyle Mistakes Little Women Should Avoid - Plus The Best Haircuts and Styling Tricks

"Better small and jagged than big and 'dappig'!" There is a saying in Bavaria, where 'dappig' means something like clumsy. Conversely, being small is often associated with dexterity, plus the fact that one is often valued younger. So if you are small, you have many advantages. Nevertheless: women often do not want to appear even smaller under any circumstances. Which is why it's worth avoiding these hairstyle mistakes.

Hairstyle mistake number 1: Hair that is way too long

Sure, we love long hair. However, with smaller women they have the disadvantage that they compress the body when worn open and thus make them appear smaller. If two-thirds of the body's length is surrounded by hair, the rest automatically appears shorter.

The solution:

A shorter haircut can help elongate the body visually. These include, for example, short hairstyles such as the lob, the bob or the pixie cut. It is best to end the hair between your chin and collarbone. An asymmetrical cut can optically add a few centimeters to the size

Hairstyle mistake number 2: low ponytail

Deep buns and ponytails are handy because they're done quickly. But they also make small women look smaller and even more delicate, as they point downwards and do not run upwards.

The solution:

Small women are best with a high, voluminous ponytail. It visually chugs a few centimeters upwards. The same applies to the currently popular halfie hair and bun.

Hairstyle mistake number 3: straight, flat hair

Sounds banal, but flat, smooth hair actually visually shortens us by a few centimeters - because it lacks volume that would visually enlarge us.

The solution:

Small women are best to use this old trick: tease the hair on the back of the head well. This is how it works: Spray on hairspray, place a handle comb at the base and brush against the direction of growth in short, fast movements so that the hair is roughened and optically straightened. But waves in the hair also add volume.

Hairstyle mistake number 4: Accurate cuts

A mistake that steals inches, especially from small women, is hair that is trimmed too accurately. Where a real hard cut is made, a cut is made optically.

The solution:

The best are cuts with delicate steps, such as the classic step cut. Even with classics with a bob, you can add gentle gradations to loosen up the small size optically. This works great with the shattered bob, but the French bob with its steps and the undone character also cheats you a few inches taller if you want that.