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Nothing drives a career as an auto mechanic more than an apprenticeship in automotive engineering. With a degree in automotive engineering, an aspiring technician is hired for a long and successful career in the automotive field. Mechanics with automotive technology degrees are more desirable to employers, move faster in careers, and earn much more than those who jump straight into entry-level jobs without formal training. And while online automotive training has grown in popularity, there is no substitute for a classroom, instructor, and most importantly, hands-on experience with modern vehicles and equipment.

Choosing a college is never easy, no matter what your field of study is. However, when it comes to automotive technology there are a number of schools that stand out from the crowd and are sure to be great options for most aspiring mechanics. If you are considering going to school to earn your automotive degree then you will be able to find the perfect school for you on our list of the top 100 automotive technology degrees in the nation.


University of Alaska Anchorage (Anchorage)

The University of Alaska Anchorage has a highly refined automotive program that is inspired by corporate training programs. Students learn in-depth knowledge in class and can apply and apply their knowledge in a variety of vehicles in the school's best laboratories. Associate degrees are offered in both automotive engineering and diesel power technology, and past graduate students can choose between the General Automotive option and the General Motors Automotive Student Education Program (ASEP) option. The GM ASEP program is not offered in very many schools, and it offers Anchorage students at the University of Alaska the opportunity to earn a specialized degree with excellent career prospects through the manufacturer. All graduates are in great demand with automotive employers.

Learn more about the University of Alaska's Anchorage Programs.


Arizona Western College (Yuma)

Arizona Western College offers several options for aspiring technicians. The school has two associate degrees: Automotive Technology and Automotive Technology MINT (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus. For those who want a faster automotive education, the school has five professional certificates available: Brakes and Chassis, Automotive Computer Fundamentals Engine Performance and Diagnostics, Automotive Electrical and Air Conditioning Systems, Automotive Powertrains, and Automotive Technology. Arizona Western College students are typically able to find technician jobs immediately upon graduation.

Learn more about the Arizona Western College Programs.

Yavapai College (Prescott)

Yavapai College is one of the best schools in the American Southwest for automotive mechanic training. The school offers associate degrees in both automotive engineering and diesel engineering, while it also awards certificates in automotive engineering, master mechanic, body and collision, and diesel technician. In addition to theory and laboratory practice, Yavapai College has a strong focus on the business skills that accompany many auto mechanic areas. This means that the graduates are well prepared for a variety of different areas in the automotive sector.

Learn more about the Yavapai College Programs.


Arkansas College (De Queen) Cossatot Community College

The Cossatot Community College offers many opportunities for aspiring technicians thanks to its facilities and staff. The school offers a general technology associate degree that allows students to work with their professors to tailor the degree to their career goals and areas of interest. This makes an excellent, well-rounded associate's degree for anyone pursuing a career in mechanics. Cossatot Community College also offers technical certificates in Automotive Service Technology, as well as Collision Repair. Certificates of proficiency are also offered for numerous automotive areas.

Learn more about the College of Arkansas Programs Cossatot Community College.


Allan Hancock College (Santa Maria)

Allan Hancock College offers a high profile and automotive program with excellent teachers and resources. At Allan Hancock College, students can choose between an associate's degree in Auto Service Management, Auto Tuning and Diagnostics, Auto Engine Rebuilding, and Automotive Chassis. High-Tech General Mechanic Certificates are also available for tune-up emission control specialists and engine and powertrain specialists. One of the great things about Allan Hancock College is the numerous evening classes that help students who are on tight schedules due to work commitments.

Learn more about the Allan Hancock College Programs.

American River College (Sacramento)

American River College (ARC) offers a variety of different programs to help aspiring mechanics find their dream subject. ARC offers five associate degrees in the fields of Vehicle Analysis, Automotive Component Service Technician, Automotive Technology, Vehicle Collision Technology, and Diesel Technology. The school also offers numerous ASE, I-CAR, and NTEF certifications. The school is highly respected for helping its graduates find work, as ARC has dozens of industry partnerships and an active career center and job placement program. ARC also offers a flexible schedule.

Learn more about the ARC programs.

Bakersfield College (Bakersfield)

Bakersfield College offers a bit of something for anyone interested in an automotive education. The prestigious school offers Certificates of Achievement in Auto Braking and Wheel Alignment, Auto Engine Overhaul, Auto Tune-Up and Emission Systems, and Automotive Power Trains, in addition to Job Skills Certificates in Automotive Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Automotive Management and Basic and Advanced Clean Air Car Course. For those who want a deeper option, Bakersfield College also has an Associate's Degree in Industrial Technology, Automotive Option. Whether you want extensive automotive training or training in a specific mechanical field, Bakersfield College probably has a great option for you.

Learn more about the Bakersfield College Programs.

Butte College (Oroville)

Butte College is an excellent school for anyone looking to jump straight into a career as an automotive technician. The school is equipped with great facilities and always up-to-date equipment and tools and is NTEF certified. At Butte College, students can earn an Associate's Degree or Certificate of Achievement in Automotive Technology with an emphasis on Comprehensive Technician or Honda PACT (Professional Automotive Career Training). Butte also offers an impressive 20: 1 student-to-teacher ratio for their automotive courses, and laboratory teams only have two students, which guarantees plenty of hands-on experience.

Learn more about the Butte College programs.

Cerritos Adult Education Center (Norwalk)

The Cerritos Community College is an excellent school for budding technicians who want to enter the automotive world directly. The school offers associate degrees in Automotive Technology and Automotive Collision Repair, and also offers numerous different certificates for students. In addition to these comprehensive degrees and certificates, Cerritos Community College has partnered with Chrysler, Ford and GM to offer automotive service education programs for anyone who wishes to specialize in mechanical service for any of these automotive manufacturers.

Learn more about the Cerritos Community College Programs

Chabot College (Hayward)

Chabot College is a community college that offers numerous automotive education opportunities, including a Certificate of Achievement in BMW Manufacture Training for those specifically interested in BMW work. In addition to seven other certificates, the school has two associate courses: Automotive Technology and Automotive Technology with a focus on BMW Training Training. Chabot College has excellent professors and provides hands-on training for their programs.

Learn more about the Chabot College Programs.

Citrus School (Glendora)

Citrus College is highly valued by the automotive industry and offers one of the best programs available. Students at Citrus College can earn an Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology and also have six certificates and proficiency awards. One of the greatest strengths that Citrus College offers is the ability to work with customer vehicles in the Citrus College Shop or to have a job at one of the many car dealerships or dealers that are partners with the school. For those interested in specific manufacturers, Citrus College offers a Certificate in Automotive Service Diagnostic Repair - Toyota Lexus Scion Technician.

Learn more about the Citrus College Programs.

City College of San Francisco (San Francisco)

The City College of San Francisco has a unique but extremely effective automotive program. The school offers an Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology Training, but they have an innovative approach to the degree. The program is divided into five sections called "Mini-Achievement Categories" so that all students have the opportunity to both gain a holistic understanding of automotive technology as well as undertake a thorough study of any areas of interest that interest them. The five sections are: Brakes and Chassis, Engine Repair, Transmission, Automotive Diagnostics, and Automotive Hybrid and EV Technology. After completing each section, students receive certificates (a certificate is also awarded to General Automotive Technician). In addition to the Automotive Technology program, the City College of San Francisco also has an Auto Body Program and a Motorcycle Program.

Learn more about the City College of San Francisco programs.

Alameda College (Alameda)

The College of Alameda's automotive program is designed to kick off aspiring mechanics. The school does not offer degrees or certificates, but rather has an Automotive Technology program that aims to prepare students for associate or bachelor’s degrees, or for mechanic positions. This does not mean that the College of Alameda does not have an excellent program; The school is ASE certified and recognized by the Industry Planning Council of the Motor Vehicles Manufacturer's Association as one of the best automotive training programs in the state. For a comprehensive foundation of technical knowledge, practical application, and commercial ethics, the College of Alameda offers an outstanding program.

Learn more about the College of Alameda program.

College of the Gorges (Santa Clarita)

The College of the Canyons offers a comprehensive, practice-oriented automotive program and provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to enter the world of work as a highly qualified technician. The College of the Canyons offers both a Certificate of Achievement and an Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology, with both programs requiring internship or work experience for students to ensure they receive a full learning experience. The College of the Canyons strikes a great balance between classroom learning and the practical application of skills and knowledge.

Learn more about the College of the Canyons programs.

Marin College (Kentfield)

The College of Marin is a very prestigious school and their automotive program is no exception, making it a worthwhile option for aspiring mechanics and repair specialists. Students at the College of Marin can choose between two associate degrees: Automotive Engineering: Chassis Repair and Master Collision Repair. Certificates of achievement are also available for these programs. The programs are ATTS certified, and college of Marin graduates are in great demand after their education.

Learn more about the College of Marin programs.

Contra Costa College (San Pablo)

Contra Costa College is a respected community college and prides itself on having highly qualified teachers and excellent facilities and equipment. The school offers numerous certificates and two associate degrees: Auto Technology and Automotive Collision Repair Technology. Contra Costa College's programs have been evaluated and rated top marks by the National Automotive Technician's Education Foundation, and the school's graduates regularly find work in a wide variety of automotive fields.

Learn more about the Contra Costa College Programs.

Cosumnes River College (Sacramento)

Cosumnes River College has one of the best hands-on education stores in the state. This shop and equipment, combined with ASE certified instructors and a great student to instructor ratio, make Cosumnes River College an excellent choice for any budding mechanic. The school also has a number of different educational programs available, with an Associate in Automotive Mechanics Technology, Credentials in Automotive Engine Performance and Automotive Mechanics Technology, and Qualifications in 16 areas. Cosumnes River College also partnered with Ford to create the automotive student apprenticeship program that went into the associate's degree and many of the certificates.

Learn more about the Cosumnes River College Programs.

Cypress school (cypress)

Cypress College is an excellent choice for anyone wanting extensive mechanic or collision training. The school has excellent facilities, ASE certified teachers and an NTEF certified program. Students can choose from two associate degrees: automotive engineering and automotive collision repair. The college has also partnered with Toyota to join the Toyota Training and Education Network. Students who graduate from Cypress College have great success in hiring quality mechanic jobs.

Learn more about the Cypress College Programs.

De Anza College (Cupertino)

De Anza College is a popular choice for many students who want a great basic automotive degree so they can jump straight into a career as a mechanic. De Anza offers Automotive Technology Associate degrees in Engine Repair, Chassis / Powertrain, and Engine Performance. Various certificates are also available for those who do not wish to take the three-year course for an associate's degree. De Anza also offers night classes for students who need to balance school with their current job. Night programs are offered in six and twelve week formats, although students must take the day courses if they are to graduate. De Anza has excellent facilities covering more than 12,000 square feet for their Automotive Technology program.

Find out more about the De Anza programs.

East Los Angeles College (Monterey Park)

East Los Angeles College prides itself on its exceptional facilities and modern equipment and tools. All of their trainers are certified master mechanics with many years of professional experience as practicing technicians. The school offers an associate's degree in automotive engineering and also offers numerous certifications. The school emphasizes keeping up with the ever-evolving technical side of automobile repair, so computer-aided repair is a major focus of the program. East Los Angeles College graduates generally have no problem finding employment, especially if they stay in the automobile-dependent city of Los Angeles.

Learn more about the East Los Angeles College Programs.

Educational Cultural Complex (San Diego)

The Educational Cultural Complex is a great city college that offers high quality automotive programs. At the Educational Cultural Complex, students can earn a certificate program (lasting approximately 900 hours) in two areas: Auto Technician and Auto Body and Paint. For the latter program, students can choose to specialize in bodywork, paintwork, or both. The Auto Technician program is based on the NTEF industry standards, while the Auto Body and Paint program is inspired by I-CAR industry standards. Both programs have a strong balance between face-to-face lectures and practical workshop experience.

Learn more about the programs of the Educational Cultural Complex.

Evergreen Valley College (San Jose)

Evergreen Valley College is a great resource for any aspiring mechanic. The school is sponsored by the American Honda Corporation, which gives students access to facilities, equipment and vehicles that many other schools cannot offer.Evergreen Valley College has two Automotive Technology Associate degrees in Drivetrain and Chassis and Electrical Engine Performance. The school also offers certificates for these two programs, as well as for Advanced Automotive Training, Basic Skills Entry-Level Employment, Smog Specialist, and the American Honda program, which offers an internship at a local Honda dealer. Evergreen Valley College is a great option for people looking to jump straight into a job as a mechanic or move on to a four-year university.

Learn more about the Evergreen Valley College Programs

Fresno City College (Fresno)

Fresno City College is one of California's premier community colleges. The school offers three excellent auto certificates: Auto Collision Repair, Engine Repair, and Engine Performance / Electrical / Heating and Air Conditioning. All three programs give students the opportunity to improve their skills on actual customers' vehicles. Fresno City College has exceptional facilities and highly regarded teachers.

Learn more about the Fresno City College Programs.

Fullerton College (Fullerton)

Fullerton College offers a comprehensive automotive program where students study in both the classroom and the laboratory. Quality facilities and equipment, small class sizes, and experienced instructors help build a strong educational environment. Students at Fullerton College can earn certificates in 11 different fields and earn an associate's degree in automotive technology. Fullerton College is well respected, and graduates of the Automotive Technology program are usually able to jump straight into successful mechanic careers.

Learn more about the Fullerton College Programs.

Golden West College (Huntington Beach)

Golden West College is a popular choice for aspiring technicians, and for good reason. The school is NTEF certified, has instructors who are all ASE certified, and has excellent equipment and laboratories. Students attending Golden West College can earn associate degrees in chassis and powertrain specialists and engine performance and emissions specialists. Certificates are also available in these disciplines. One thing that sets Golden West College apart from the crowd is the fact that they encourage working mechanics to take their courses to gain further knowledge, move up the corporate ladder, and meet licensing requirements.

Learn more about the Golden West College programs.

Saddleback College (Mission Viejo)

Saddleback College is a highly respected community college and graduates from its automotive program are highly sought after by local dealers, car dealerships and specialists. The school offers an associate's degree in automotive engineering as well as program certificates in Alternative Fuel Specialist, Automotive Engine Performance Specialist, Automotive Engine Service Specialist, Automotive Chassis Specialist, and General Automotive Technician. Saddleback College employs highly experienced instructors who combine in-class study with in-shop practice.

Learn more about the Saddleback College Programs.

Santa Rosa Junior College (Santa Rosa)

Santa Rosa Junior College has a very strong automotive program that provides theory and understanding, hands-on repair and diagnosis, and schematic and informative interpretation. The school offers an Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology and numerous Certificates of Achievement. Students have the option to take a course called the Clean Air Car Course Basic and Enhanced, which in conjunction with their graduation will act as a licensed smog technician. Santa Rosa Junior College's automotive program is designed to ensure that all graduates pass their standard ASE tests.

Learn more about the Santa Rosa Junior College Programs.

Silicon Valley Careers Technical Education (San Jose)

Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) is a very unique school. Unlike the other options on this list, SVCTE is a school for students who are currently in high school. These students can choose to attend SVCTE mid-term for excellent technical education while returning to their home school for the remainder of the time. At the end of the semester or year, students receive a certificate and also transferable high school credits. SVCTE offers programs and certificates in Automotive Services, Auto Body Repair and Auto Body Refinishing and has world class facilities and equipment. The school teaches in-depth safety protocol as well as practical skills and textbook knowledge.

Learn more about the SVCTE programs here.

Skyline College (San Bruno)

Skyline College is able to provide its students with numerous late model vehicles to work on and excellent facilities, thanks to the support of several automakers. The school offers nine certificate programs and two associate degrees in automotive engineering and automotive engineering: Technician. Skyline College really has something for everyone as it also offers basic courses for beginners. They are also an NTEF certified school.

Find out more about the Skyline College programs.

Universal Technical Institute (campuses in Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga and Sacramento and in nine other cities nationwide)

12 campuses in eight states speak for how popular the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is. UTI has eight different programs that students can study: Automotive, Collision Repair, Diesel, Marine, Motorcycle, NASCAR, CNC Machining, and Welding. Within these eight programs, UTI also offers advanced studies to guarantee a thorough and successful education.

Learn more about the UTI programs.


Lincoln College of Technology (West Palm Beach, with 28 other campuses nationwide)

Lincoln Tech is one of the most popular and respected technical schools in the country with a total of 29 campuses. The school has ASE-certified teachers, large, modern facilities and countless hours of hands-on experience. Lincoln Tech has many different certificates and diplomas, depending on the campus, and includes not only automotive engineering, but diesel technology and bodywork as well. Associate degrees are also available in Automotive Technology and Automotive Service Management. Lincoln Tech graduates are in great demand with employers.

Learn more about the Lincoln Tech Programs.


Columbus Technical College (Columbus)

Columbus Technical College has an automotive program that provides students with a thorough and comprehensive education that prepares them for immediate entry into the field of automotive mechanics. Columbus Technical College students can earn an Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology, as well as earn certificates and diplomas in more than a dozen specialized automotive areas. Columbus Technical College combines theory with application to create an education that provides aspiring technicians with both the mental and physical tools necessary to excel in the automotive field.

Learn more about the programs at Columbus Technical College.

Gwinnett Technical College (Lawrenceville)

Gwinnett Technical College is an excellent school for automotive studies, in part because of its partnerships with Nissan and Mopar, which offer their students many unique opportunities and world-class equipment and facilities. Three associate degrees are available at Gwinnett Technical College: Automotive Engineering, Nissan Authorizer Technician Training Program (NDTTP), and Mopar College Automotive Program (CAP). A diploma in Automotive Fundamentals is available as well as 10 different certificates. Gwinnett Technical College offers excellent educational opportunities for students and good job prospects for graduates.

Learn more about the programs at Gwinnett Technical College.

Lanier Technical College (Oakwood)

Lanier Technical College is a popular choice for aspiring mechanics considering a career in motorsport because of their excellent motorsport program. Whether you are into motorsports or not, Lanier Technical College has an automotive program that will get any student excited about success in the automotive world. Associate's degrees, diplomas and certificates are offered in Automotive Technology and Motorsports Vehicle Technology, while diplomas and certificates are available in Automotive Collision Repair. Lanier Technical College graduates are well prepared to start a job as a mechanic and become ASE certified.

Learn more about the programs at Lanier Technical College.

Southern Crescent Technical College (Griffin)

Southern Crescent Technical College is a great option for any student who wants an education they can set up for a career as a mechanic. The school offers an Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology and a wide variety of certificates and diplomas in areas of specialization, from diesel equipment to collision repair to refinishing. The program is equal parts theory theory and auto shop application. Upon graduation, Southern Crescent Technical College students are usually able to find great mechanic jobs right away.

Learn more about the programs at Southern Crescent Technical College.


Idaho State University (Pocatello)

Idaho State University is a very prestigious academic institution and their automotive program is top notch. The school offers associate degrees in both Automotive Technology, and Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing. Both programs have highly experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and hundreds of hours of hands-on experience applying and practicing theory and techniques on real vehicles. Graduates of the program are in demand and mostly able to have long and successful automotive careers.

Learn more about Idaho State University programs.


John A. Logan College (Carterville)

John A. Logan College has a very prestigious Applied Technologies program with professional facilities and excellent teachers. Two associate degrees are offered to students: Automotive Services Technology and Automotive Collision Technology. John A. Logan College encourages students to consider a 2 + 2 program in which they continue their education at a four-year school for a bachelor's degree. Graduates from John A. Logan College are well prepared to continue their education or jump straight into a career as a technician or collision expert.

Learn more about the John A. Logan College Programs.


Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (Indianapolis)

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is considered by many to be the best automotive degree school in the country, especially for students interested in motorsport. IUPUI has one of the best engineering programs in the country, so automotive students are taught by some of the most respected professors. The school offers four programs across different levels of education: Bachelor's Degree in Motorsports Engineering Technology and Motorsport Studies, a Bachelor's Degree in Motorsports Engineering, and a Diploma Certificate in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology. IUPUI graduates are in great demand after graduating in the automotive field.

Learn more about the IUPUI programs.


Des Moines Area Community College (Des Moines)

Des Moines Area Community College's Automotive program is an excellent job of preparing students to not only be successful, but to distinguish themselves in their careers. The school can do this in part because of its partnership with GM and Ford, who have helped provide Des Moines Area Community College with state-of-the-art resources, facilities and equipment. Des Moines Area Community College students are able to find the perfect area of ​​study for their interests as associate's degrees in Automotive Mechanical Engineering, Auto Collision Engineering, Ford ASSET (Automotive Student Service Educational Training), GM ASEP (Automotive Service Educational) program) and diesel technology. Each program offers a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on vehicle work. The GM ASEP degree also provides paid work experience with a local dealer. In addition to the Associate's degrees, numerous certificates and diplomas are also available.

Learn more about the Des Moines Area Community College Programs.


Dodge City Community College (Dodge City)

Dodge City Community College is a prestigious community college with a great automotive program. Associate's degrees and certificates are offered in both Automotive Mechanics Technology and Diesel Engine Mechanic and Repairer. The programs offer both lectures and hands-on experience, and graduates are usually able to jump straight into a full-time mechanic position. Dodge City Community College also offers relatively small class sizes so students can get plenty of one-on-one classes.

Learn more about the Dodge City Community College Programs.

Flint Hills Technical College (Emporia)

Flint Hills Technical College offers great options for students seeking a year, two, or four years of education. The highly regarded school offers both a certificate and an associate's degree in automotive technology that prepares for ASE certifications and a career as an auto mechanic. The school also has a unique program in which they have partnered with another Kansas school, Pittsburg State University. Flint Hills Technical College associate graduates can continue their education at Pittsburg State University for a bachelor's degree in automotive technology. Teachers at Flint Hills Technical College are ASE certified and each student receives hundreds of hours of hands-on experience.

Learn more about the Flint Hills Technical College program.

Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg)

For future mechanics, Pittsburg State University has something for everyone. Students who are new to the university can earn an associate's degree in Automotive Service Technology, while students transferring an associate's degree from another institution are eligible to complete a bachelor's degree in Automotive Technology. Within these degrees, students can earn a major in the various categories, from Management and Marketing, Collision Repair, and Insurance Management. This customization, along with state-of-the-art facilities as well

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