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One-Hit-Wonder: "One Punch Man"

"One Punch Man"

Heroism can be so dreary when every opponent falls over immediately. No matter how big, strong or fast a monster is, Saitama can do it with just one hit. What is a blessing in the world of superheroes turns out to be for the protagonist of the anime One Punch Man as a curse. Saitama is bored to death by the fights, and they are over so quickly that nobody notices. So there is no fame and honor either. Instead, Saitama is ridiculed. With his bald head, goofy facial expression and yellow wetsuit, the lanky hero looks more like a caricature than a classic hero. Only the cyborg Genos sees him in action and becomes his pupil - or forces himself on him as such.

And so Genos accompanies his new master day after day to reveal the secret of his power. The only stupid thing is that Saitama's everyday life is almost ridiculously normal. When he's not killing monsters, he's reading supermarket brochures or watching TV. This is extremely exciting for Genos, which is why he records everything in his notebook - even the length of time he goes to the toilet. Perhaps the reason Saitama's strength is his healthy bowel movements? Saitama reacts annoyed accordingly, but Genos ignores his master's tirades of hate as well as his desperate attempts to get him out of the apartment.

The anime, which is based on the manga by artist ONE, skilfully parodies all heroic clichés. For example, neither a radioactive substance nor a spider bite is responsible for Saitama's strength, but a fitness program: 100 push-ups, sit-ups and squats each day and then run ten kilometers. For comic book legends like Stan Lee that would be a slap in the face. And Genos can throw his notes in the bin.
(Tim Kröplin)

The twelve episodes of the first season of "One Punch Man" run on Netflix.


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